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Your Morning Dump… Where Rondo gave the Spurs what they wanted

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"We watched film today while working out, but I was upstairs and I watched Rondo take shot after shot after shot after shot," Celtics coach Doc Rivers said. "You could see himself mentally getting ready for what he thought was going to happen, and it did. They went under [screens on the pick-and-roll] and he stepped up and made shots."

After handing out nine third-quarter assists to fuel Boston's feverish second-half shooting, Rondo was essentially challenged by the Spurs to make shots of his own. San Antonio apparently decided it had had enough of being burned by Rondo's ability to kick to an open man.

After putting up only five shots over the first three quarters, Rondo connected on 4-of-5 fourth-quarter shots, including a pair of mid-range jumpers as San Antonio tried to rally. He scored eight of his 12 points in the quarter, keying the Celtics in what amounted to a race to triple digits.

ESPN Boston – Rondo sticks it to Spurs

It's the same old story with Rajon Rondo. Teams are still daring him to shoot. You can't fault the strategy. Rondo's jump shooting is the weak spot in the league's most efficient offense. Opposing teams can't guard against everything.

On some nights, the jump shot (and confidence) will be better than others. Last night, the shots dropped at the most crucial of moments.

While I'm enjoying every moment of this Celtics team, part of me wants to fast forward three years to see how Rondo develops. The kid is going to be scary.

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On Page 2, Glen Davis wants Doc to pipe down.

“He has, he has worked with me,” Davis said after scoring a season-best 23 on 10-of-18 shooting from the field. “He’s given me the opportunity to show what I got. He is still hard on me. He’s still hard. It’s like a love hate thing. It’s like you love it but pipe it down sometimes.”

“For sure father son, like step-son,” Davis said of Rivers. “He loves me. But it’s like I still love you, but I’m hard on you. It is what it is.”

Davis and Rivers got into a heated argument on New Year’s Eve when the Celtics lost to the Hornets at the Garden, with Davis missing an ill-advised three-pointer to tie it late. Rivers afterward said Davis was guilty of playing too much “hero-ball.”

But then there was the loving part of their relationship, which Rivers clearly showed after Wednesday’s dramatic win, not possible, according to Rivers, without him.

“I’ve been saying it all year, he’s been terrific,” Rivers said. “Baby has his days but overall, he’s had very few of them. He’s been terrific all year. He’s had a tremendous team attitude in a contract year, which is very difficult. I don’t think he gets enough credit for that part of it. The only time he gets himself in trouble is when he forgets he’s Glen Davis, and I don’t know how you can forget something that big, personally.”


Glen Davis can drive me crazy at times, especially when he extends his range on the jump shots. But that aside, his evolution into a complete player has been fun to watch.

I just love the Big Baby fadeaway. He creates space with his wide frame, fades back (and usually to one side), and awkwardly kicks out his legs upon release. It ain't pretty… but it sure is becoming effective.

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  • Kvasek

    I have been saying it since the season started – when Rondo, Pierce, Allen, KG, and Shaq start, we have 5 future Hall of Famers in the line up.

  • paul

    I’ve long thought that one of the things that made Doug Flutie special was that he played quarterback like a basketball point guard. Now we have a basketball point guard who plays like an NFL quarterback.

  • alex

    woah! seriously!? smh…

  • alex


  • javagoogle

    + 1
    He was a QB in high school till his family ‘encouraged’ him to switch to Basketball due to his skinny frame.
    He also was a math and physics whiz.
    These things just SHOW in his game – his passes, his court vision, and everything.
    Yeah, he’s special 🙂

  • Classless

    When the C’s are healthy, I see no one but LA beating them. That is, if LA can make it that far.