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When Ray’s on, the C’s are very hard to beat

I have been known to tweet "Ray=Butter" during Celtics games. It's my own way of expressing just how smooth I feel SugarRay is on the court. And this season, he has had quite a few clutch performances that have bailed the Celtics out.

After last night's win over the Spurs, the Celtics are now 11-0 when Ray Allen scores 20 or more points. It'd be 12-0 if we counted a 19 point performance in a win over OKC on 11/7/10.

Last season, right before the trade deadline, rumors were swirling that the 35 year old Allen would be sent packing for a younger shooting guard. Names like Kevin Martin were tossed around. But through all his slumps, fans crying he's too old, and occasional trouble with ball-handling, Danny Ainge has held on to the one known as "Jesus".

This season, Ray has started off markedly better than last-he's averaging 17.5 ppg where last season he was at a 15 ppg clip, and he's taken up the load on nights where injury or cold-shooting has hampered other key members of the C's. For example: early on in the season, Paul Pierce struggles against the Bulls. The Truth is just 4 of 14 for 10 points in 43 minutes. Ray is there to save the day: he goes for 25 points and buries 3 of 5 from downtown.

Then there was Dec. 22nd vs the Sixers at the Garden. KG and Truth combine for 8 of 25 from the field, and without Rondo, the C's 13-game win streak is in serious jeopardy. Ray comes through again: he tallies 22 points to go with 6 assists & 4 rebounds. His 2 free-throws with 5.6 seconds left seal the deal. 

Granted, I know that other players/factors contributed to these wins, but the point is, Ray=Butter. Without his clutch shooting, smooth moves without the ball and consistency at the charity-stripe, this team easily loses some of these games. Just one more reason C's fans believe Banner18 is within reach this season.

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  • FSantos33

    Kwapt, Have you wore “Perk is a beast” T-Shirt to the game? I was watching NBA TV “True NBA” and they were showing PP highlight and showed a C’s fan near court side wearing the shirt. Just reminded me of you. That would be funny if that’s you. LOL

  • Go Celtics!

    When Sugar Ray is on we can’t be beat. He just keeps the offense humming and the opponents dejected.
    Can we get another vote Rondo and KG post?? He’s only 12000 votes ahead. Bulls and Knicks fans must be stuffing the ballot. We need to support our boys.

  • Indeed I have FS. I have quite a few “Beast” shirts. It’s either myself or a friend of mine Justin that runs the “Beast” website. Here’s my favorite that I’ve worn to a few games this year:

  • Finally Red’s Army seems to be catching the Holy Ghost. One of the best shooting performances I have seen from ray and Rondo man he just runs the show. Great W.

  • PPsucks

    Ok? when Lamar is on the Lakers are very hard to beat…….whats your point?

  • So true. ray does not look like he has aged at all either. no wear and tear going on in his game

  • Goceltics

    Please do not compare Lamar as a shooter compared to Ray. The point is Ray needs more shot attempts,You knuckle head!

  • greenbeand

    lamar snapped his left elbow last night. i was watching and had to change games. bye bye lakers

  • Mileke

    Are you going to post GREENLIGHTS for the game last night? really need to see it!

  • C

    Don’t compare some bench player to the JesusShuttlesWorth got it Laker knuckle heads?

  • C’s fans believe Banner18 is within reach this season.

  • Greg dick

    Missing two important free throws at the tail end of a tight game against a tough team makes it abundantly clear how non-clutch ray allen is. He adds the fewest # of wins of any celts starter. Please stop blowing his cock; thats his wife shannon’s job.

  • Goceltics

    Hey Dick! Shit Happens. How do you know his wifes name? You must be the one doing all the blowing. And were did you pull fewest # of games won stat? Let me guess. Out of your ass!