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Nash becomes latest to sign with an overseas shoe company

LuYou guys LuYouWear
photos via SportsQQ says the rumors of Steve Nash leaving Nike for Chinese brand "LuYou" have now been confirmed. During a press conference in Beijing this morning the company's chairman announced the new partnership.

It will include of course a signature shoe, which a fan will "design" the logo for as part of an online contest that starts on 1/15, and a clothing line. Nash was quoted as calling LuYou a "steadily-growing" company.

Nash now joins amongst others Baron Davis, Luis Scola and of course the Celtics own Kevin Garnett as members of the NBA who have signed contracts with lesser-known, overseas sneaker companies. 

Garnett signed with Chinese-based Anta over the summer of 2010. So what do you folks think? Are Nike and Adidas just not making good quality footwear anymore? Or is it all about the dough….?

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  • KY Celts fan

    I think it’s more about individuality than money. How many players have a deal with Nike? Adidas? By signing win a foreign company, they have a chance to have a bigger signature. Though I’d wish they would go with a small, American company rather than a Chinese one. I guess that part is more about the money.

  • AP

    Mos Def the dough. To expand their brand into the humongous China market.

  • jared

    Hmm let me think….
    I wonder what motivates multimillionaires?
    Certainly remaining true to their creative roots. Right??

  • Doza

    Of course it’s about the money. However, the marketability of an older player is better in China rather than the States. Think of the most popular player’s jerseys in China – Yao, Kobe, LeBron & maybe KG. The first 3 are locked in by Reebok & Nike, but the latter recently signed w/ Anta. Look at the other players that rock Chinese kicks: Jason Kidd & Ron Artest w/ Peak, Baron Davis & Shaquille O’Neal w/ Li-Ning and now Steve Nash w/LuYou. All are 10+ year veterans. They are recognizable. Along w/ the Asian culture of respecting elders, the reasoning to pay a premium makes sense from a Chinese sneaker company’s perspective.

  • Schooley

    What a shock. Nash is a commie anyway. I’m more disappointed with Garnett.