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Meet the new Slam cover boy


As one of two alternate covers for an issue devoted to point guards, our very own Rajon Rondo gets a major feature in the latest Slam magazine.

Khalid Salaam has a blog post up about what it was like to cover the Celtics, reinforcing what we all know about their boisterous locker room (though it's funny to hear an outsider's perspective — he seems truly shocked that Glen Davis is funny), as well as a few outtake quotes from Rajon about the team's cohesiveness.

“I don’t think you have to have great camaraderie to win a championship but it helps a lot to get along. You don’t have to do these things but we go out to eat together, we go to the mall together, just little things we do off the court. Every different city we go places together. We play cards together, we don’t gamble though (again we both bu[rs]t out laughing after his gambling clarification. He says everything with sort of a deadpan delivery, so for a microsecond you’re not sure he’s joking but then he laughs so it’s obvious. I get the sense that Rondo is aware of his quiet rep and though it doesn’t bother him, he wants people to know that he can be funny when he wants to be), we just do fun things on the plane. We all understand each other and we come from similar backgrounds. Its like being with your brothers.”

It's interesting to hear Rajon weigh in on the issue of camaraderie. You always hear people talk about whether players get along matters toward the ultimately goal of winning. A friend of mine who played college baseball always scoffs at the notion of "clubhouse cancers," but there have been plenty of examples of guys across all sports who just couldn't get along — and couldn't win either.

It's clear, though, that this team's ability to get along plays a role in its success. And Rondo's surface quietness, combined with his ability to fit into the team's morale, is exactly what you need in a leader.

Rajon also discussed his high school days and his time at Kentucky in the blog post, and obviously you can expect much more in the full feature. Nice to see Rondo get his due nationally on a team with so many stars.

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  • greenbeand

    should have been cuffing it with a heisman pose

  • KY Celts fan

    awesome. truly, truly awesome.
    I’m really glad we don’t have a bunch of players who hate each other like the Grizzlies or the Lakers.
    Man, I love this team!

  • FINALLY! Rondo gets his SLAM cover!!

  • paul

    First of many. The football (Heisman) reference is a good one, since Rondo himself references football to explain his approach to being a point guard.

  • KY Celts fan

    Rondo was an excellent quarterback in high school, and pitcher. He just has a knack for leadership and putting the ball where it needs to be.