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Enemy Chatter: Everybody basically sucked

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I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose of 'enemy chatter' from San Antonio.

“Everybody basically sucked,’’ said the man who has been coach of the Spurs since 1996-97.


Gregg Popovich on Ray Allen: “Ray needs to work on his shooting. He only hit 13 out of 16. If it was practice, and you did pin-downs and came off of that, I don’t know if anyone in the league would hit 13 out of 16. He does it in a game. That’s pretty good.”

48 Minutes of Hell

How can you not love Gregg Popovich?

On Page 2, some bitterness towards Ray and Paul.

Ray Allen got his groove going early and shot incredibly well the whole game. I would say "as always", but I am still bitter about his choke job in the Finals against the Lakers.

Pierce also had a good game, but honestly I don't care for him so I'll just ignore that. They keep calling him the franchise player, but remember that they were losers before Garnett became the leader there, and the leadership torch is passing from Garnett to Rondo, not Pierce. But the man can play, I have to give him that.

Pounding the Rock

When I think back to the Finals, I don't think of Ray as a choker. Despite the one lights out game, he struggled with his shooting… but I wouldn't say he choked.

As for the dig on Pierce, apparenlty this guy thinks Paul should have led Kedrick Brown, Joe Forte and Vitaly Potapenko to the title.

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  • kg

    Ray did not choke in the finals. I remember he was never the same after that play where Artest kneed him in the thigh. After that, his shot just stopped falling and appeared he could not get enough lift. It came out later that he was injured, but the story was an afterthought and didn’t get much attention.

  • Lee in Oregon

    What a classless dick. I guess losing 2 in a row isnt cool. Pop must have real bitter about the loss….he usually doesnt get into the blackboard digs.
    The funny thing is, without Duncan, Pop isnt shit. He had a great GM the whole time he’s been there. I’ll be interested to see how good they are once “Timmy” hangs it up. I seriously doubt Manu can flop them to the finals, even with Pock’s “genious”.
    And since he’s calling Ray a choke, I’ll add this…
    Charles Bukowski thinks Pop is an ugly MFer.

  • Danno

    Lots of people around the NBA sportswriting world don’t like Paul Pierce. He has a pretty distinct personality. Some people just don’t like it.
    but blaming him alone for not winning a title with the likes of Antoine Walker, Tony Battie, and Raef LaFrentz is fucking laghable. Nobody thought Ray was going to win a title in Seattle either, Shit most people were amazed KG took the T-Wolves to the Finals once too, and both of their teams were WAAAAAY better than any of the Pre-2007 Celtics squads.

  • Champ

    I see reading comprehension is one of your strengths!

  • Champ

    KG took his teams to the Finals? In what alternate reality?

  • Nora

    KG never went to the finals before being a Celtic and I think you need to actually take a look at some of the team KG had as a Timberwolf. None of his teams were that good. Which is why he did not get to the finals.

  • Stumptown Bud

    Meh….Sour grapes turned into whine.

  • Lakerhater

    That’s not Pop saying that its just a San Antonio blogger. Pop is a great coach and a worthy adversary. He gets alot out of unknown role players. He manages the clock and momentum better than most (including Doc). He makes great adjustments and calls great plays coming out of time outs. Lets face it, if Pierce doesn’t block it that little argentinian bastard would have beat us at the buzzer.
    If I had to hire a replacment for Doc he would be #1 on my list.

  • greenbeand

    the ref’s kept the spurs from being embarrassed by a depleted celtics. the loss had to sting a little extra as pops was blown out by the knicks the night before 10+
    fyi pops- it’s called getting old w/o depth, talk to your gm

  • CFH

    This. The most valuable thing Artest did for his team last year was bruise Ray’s thigh… Ray clearly could not get his legs under his shot for the rest of the series.
    It defies logic to claim that Ray could ever choke. He’s streaky and has bad games, sure. But choke? Never.

  • Lee in Oregon

    My bad, I thought it was Pop ragging on my boys. He’s a George Karl guy, and the history between PP and Karl kinda set me off. I do stand by my comment that Tim Duncan and Sam Presti are the reasons for all the championships down there. Pops is good with the X’s and O’s but none of that means shit if you dont have players.
    Thanks Champ

  • michael

    Stellar veteran D by Pierce.
    If Manu sinks it, the refs look at the replay and say:
    “Manu’s foot is clearly on the line, but I suspect the Leprechaun moved the arc out an inch or so during the last timeout. 3 points for the Spurs, ballgame”
    To which Tommy Heinsohn replies:
    “Which way to Gilbert Arenas’ locker???!!!”

  • Lee in Oregon

    Well said Nora. Before the C’s got him, the best players KG ever had in ‘Sota were Spree and Sam Cassell. Not exactly the Big 3, but they did take the Laker’s (Shaq in his prime and Kobe almost there) to 7 games in the conference finals one year.

  • jared

    “As for the dig on Pierce, apparenlty this guy thinks Paul should have led Kedrick Brown, Joe Forte and Vitaly Potapenko to the title.”

  • Brian

    Is KG the “leader” for the C’s? That guy from 48 minutes of hell has his facts twisted. I would agree that KG is our defensive leader, that’s it.

  • Awful funny how the spread in the ‘gambling’ world was 2 and 1/2 with Celts as favorites. That clearly explains why the officials called the game the was they did, especially in the last minute of the game!
    But oh no, the officiating’s not corrupted.. Gimme a break! Wonder how much Stern pocketed by betting against the Celtics last nite? In reality, at least 4 non calls happened in 40 seconds, that would’ve put Pierce, Rondo and Robinson at the line, and that’s not even considering the other non calls throughout the game.
    I’ve comes to terms though with the fact that the Celtics ALWAYS have to play 5 on 8 (opponent and 3 officials) and ya know what? It makes them an even better team having to do that nite in and night out, so maybe I should just say thank you to Stern and his rogue officials, though clearly their intentions are driven by hatred toward the Celtics. Just look on NBA.com, where you will see that last nite’s game isn’t even in the top 5 stories, betcha if they lost it would’ve been. But hey the officials made sure the spread was covered to bet against the Celtics, and we sure as hell don’t see Stern condoning it, but rather encourages it by doing nothing about it.
    But Thank you, for making our team the best their is, by making us have to play 5 against 8! As we can see it’s helped tremendously because the Celts still win.
    How could ya not know it was gonna happen though as soon as ya saw Bill Kennedy officiating ( doc’s best friend)
    What is clear to me is Donahey book is most likely very true, because it’s only gotten more corrupt since he left.