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Old friend T.A. involved in fisticuffs


Yahoo Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting that former Celtic Tony Allen and Grizzlies guard OJ Mayo were involved in a fistfight of some sort Monday night. Mayo supposedly got the worst of it.

Woj reports that T.A. and Mayo were involved in some gambling/cards on the Grizzlies' charter flight on Monday. An "unpaid debt" and some running of the mouth by Mayo apparently fueled the fire and led to Tony cracking Mayo in the face.

Wojnarowski's full story is now up on Yahoo's NBA page, and CBS' Gary Parrish also has a brief post on the altercation.

Allen's been playing well of late for Memphis- he's averaged 8.5 points, 3.5 steals and 2 assists in his last 4 games.

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  • From the sounds of things – T.A. not only whooped O.J. in Bourre, but he was patient with him to a point!
    To quote the great Teddy KGB, “Pay heem his maaneey”

  • CFH

    Good veteran leadership, Tony!

  • Jesse

    Obiously TA would wreck Mayo. Dude looks like Mike Tyson.

  • Cant we appreciate the fact that there were no fire arms involved?

  • javagoogle

    Scene 1
    TA: Pay me!
    Mayo: blablabla
    TA: *Goes to bathroom and glugs some spinach*
    Scene 2
    TA: *Pow*
    Mayo: *Oww*
    TA: “Now make me a sandwich! Extra Mayo!”

  • DRJ

    Typical TA. Has a 19pt game – career high probably – including TWO 3s!!, a couple of assists and 3 steals…. and that night has a fight with one of the team’s star. Up, down, up, down… that’s our boy.

  • new england fan:

    i’m not surprised to hear that about tony.

  • javagoogle

    The facts:
    Two people play some ‘Boo Ray’.
    A wins.
    B welshes on the bet AND gets belligerent.
    B CONTINUES the ‘conversation’ and gets up in A’s face.
    A warns B to back off.
    B does not.
    A opens can of whupass.
    These are the accounts of those on the scene/know the facts.
    Yeah, B def deserved it.
    Good Tony!
    Extra points for not ‘going Arenas’ on the mofo.

  • Goceltics