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Key to landing an NBA gig: hope someone finds you begging on the street

If you haven't heard of Ted Williams by now, he's this guy:

Ted williams 

Wait…. wait…. no… sorry.  It's actually this guy:

Ted williams

He's a homeless, recovering drug addict who has one amazing talent:  He's got one of those movie-commercial announcer guy kind of voices.  So somehow, word got out that this guy existed and he became an internet superstar.  Oh… and he's no longer homless


Yep, the Cleveland Cavaliers are giving this guy a job AND they're paying for his house.  But what this sucker doesn't know is that he's going to have to live in CLEVELAND… so is he REALLY better off?

Oh, and for those of you who might be out of work… scraping by to make your mortgage payments to keep your house… and blasting your resume to every known job opening that you might remotely be qualified for… 

… well… it's your own fault for taking that approach.  Next time, blow it all and shoot for internet stardom.  It's a much quicker avenue.

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  • javagoogle

    That’s ONE way to add depth to the bench.
    Just saying.

  • John for writing that you derserve a Pulitzer Prize. I don’t know maybe it’s because I live in ohio but that is FUNNY

  • What a great story!

  • Goceltics

    Wow. Great post.

  • Lee in Oregon

    This is actually an amazing story, I hope this man gets back on his feet.

  • This story is really great , i have read it and it was very interesting to read me so thanks for share it.

  • trytryagain

    The sarcasm in this post was pointless. Give the dude a break.

  • The sarcasm isn’t directed at him. The sarcasm is directed at the culture that goes overboard in stories like this.
    Hey, good for him. It’s good that he got a job now. But he’s also the guy who blew it in the first place by getting into drugs and booze. You don’t see people so loudly applauded for staying clean and paying their bills.
    So I’m not taking a shot at him. I’m taking a shot at the people that push hard working folks who struggle to keep themselves afloat aside so they can be part of “the story”.