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Your Morning Dump… Where Wafer’s great game might be one of his last

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"Well, we give him a lot of [grief] about it because — and we still give him [grief] — I think on media day he said, 'You know, I'm an offensive player,'" Rivers said with a smile, knowing full well that being an offensive player doesn't mean a thing on his squads.

"That was his quote. But he's proven to us that he's more than that. I think a lot of players have that in them, they just don't know it sometimes. We're getting it out of him, and he's actually enjoying it. It's funny to watch him — he gets excited about defensive stops now. And that's great, because I get excited about that as well."

Wafer appears to be carving out a role in that defense-first mentality, aided by an almost frenzied approach to defense as he often hounds the opposing ball-handler. At one point Monday, Wafer's inspired defense on an in-bound play led to a five-second violation early in the fourth quarter.

The 10 points he contributed Monday were nice, but forcing that type of turnover is what will keep him on the floor.

"Everybody else [plays defense]," Wafer said. "I don't want to be the only guy who doesn't. I wouldn't be here if I didn't buy in."

ESPN Boston: Von Wafer's tenacity paying dividends

Von Wafer is THE reason the Celtics won last night.  Pierce's heroics don't happen… Ray's big 3 doesn't happen… if Von Wafer isn't in there to keep it close earlier in the game.  The Celtics were doing a ton of standing around on both ends of the court and Wafer was actually active and moving. 

That's the reason why he was able to grab so many rebounds.  Sure, some of it was some measure of getting the right bounce… but Von put himself into great positions by playing good defense and found himself in spots to get the ball.

Von is finally getting the hang of it.  Which makes this Globe story a little surprising

Wafer signed a nonguaranteed contract in August that becomes guaranteed for the rest of the season if he is on the roster Jan. 10. Wafer has improved defensively and has had his moments, such as scoring 10 points off the bench in a 96-93 victory over the Timberwolves last night, but the Celtics may waive him to increase roster flexibility. The Celtics have the maximum 15 players on their roster.

Teams are eligible to sign players to 10-day contracts starting tomorrow.

With all the Celtics injuries… with all the problems they've had… and with how he's played recently….

Are the Celtics REALLY going to waive Von Wafer now JUST so they might be able to sign someone at a different position later?

I understand that they're watching money.  But he's not even making a million bucks.  I don't see why a team that's been so hurt so far would just cut a healthy guy on the off chance they need to sign someone else later.  I'm sure Danny is keeping all options open… but I can't see Von going away in the next week.

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On Page 2: Delonte takes a huge step in his comeback

Calling it a big step, West had the hard cast protecting his healing right wrist removed on Monday, the first step of what he hopes could be a return on or shortly after the All-Star break. It was replaced with a brace to allow him some ability to start moving it for light rehab.

“It’s feels stiff but it’s not painful,” West said. “I got great news from doctors. They said maybe three weeks [then] rehabilitation. I’ve already started out conditioning, ball-handling. I’m left-handed anyway. Fortunately, I’m left handed anyway so I able to get shots on my left hand. It’s just a matter of time before I gain game strength in this one.

“Today is Day 1. I got a lot accomplished,” he said of Monday’s milestone in recovery.

As for watching the likes of Nate RobinsonVon WaferMarquis Daniels and even rookie Avery Bradleybeing forced to pick up the slack as Rajon Rondo‘s back-up, West admitted it’s been rough.

“I can’t wait to get back out there,” West said. “It’s killing me sitting back here and rooting from the sidelines but we all have a position to play and right now mine is getting healthy and getting ready to contribute.”

WEEI: Delonte gets some really good news about his right wrist

Allow me to state the obvious and say Delonte would make a HUGE impact on this second unit…. and maybe even on the first unit if we need Rajon Rondo to take a few games off in the next few months.  

When you think about the injuries… Delonte will be back in about a month.  Perk will be back at around that same time.  And KG will have played his way back into shape by then.  These guys can take some time to get back into the swing of things and the C's can have a couple of months playing at full strength right before the playoffs. 

Considering how bad things have been injury-wise… this is a pretty good scenario.

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  • DRJ

    Could they release Von then re-sign him immediately (to get around the guarantee that gets triggered Jan 10)? Is it even possible?
    And what about Bradley…?

  • Shamrock

    Shaquille carrying Rondo across the locker room LOL:

  • I remember that break through season he had in Houston, then he just disappeared bopuncing around in the league. Hopefully with all the recent injuries, he will have a chance to finally show off his stuff.

  • Classless

    Wafer has sucked all year, but has a good game against the worst team in the league (a team with ZERO guards that can play) and you want to keep him? Take off the green glasses. Wafer is just a stand-in until everyone is healthy.

  • javagoogle

    That ‘worst’ team that came THAT close to beating us @ home last night?
    It’s one thing to debate a player’s value.
    It’s another to underestimate your opponent.
    Remember the Nets?

  • Nick

    I said this summer that Von and NOT Marquis Dani will be the backup for pierce and ray that helps us the most. This guy busts his ass and he ain’t going no where i can promise you all that. he is better offensively and defensively than marquis.

  • ShawnCVD

    I disagree. Daniels has been way more consistent and should he continue to do what he’s been doing that will be enough. Von will not TA over Daniels this year.
    That said I wish Daniels would lose the hair. There’s some nights I suspect he’s not even using a regulation head band to keep it all together. And if he is that headband’s gotta feel like an anklet on a fat girl. They’re both pulled so tight they could at any moment snap.
    So VW get’s the nod over Quis with the faux-hawk.

  • Celtics

    I don’t think Von would buy into that

  • Classless

    Uhhh they are the worst team, by a far margin. The C’s should beat that team by 15 every time.

  • Wow it was really very interesting to read me this article. I also agree with you I’m sure Danny is keeping all options open… but I can’t see Von going away in the next week.