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Perk plans to return before the break

This seems to be a good day for C's long-term injury news.  After the news that Delonte's cast came off yesterday… comes more encouraging news from Kendrick Perkins.

Perkins says the best-case scenario has him returning in late January. He doesn’t expect to immediately start, but given his experience with the system and Shaq’s foul problems, he’ll probably win back the job at some point. Perkins says the Celtics aren’t pressuring him to return quicker with Garnett out after straining his right calf. Ainge thinks Garnett might even be back before the initial two-week diagnosis.

“I’m thinking right before the All-Star Break I will get a few games in, but maybe a little sooner than that,” Perkins said. “Things are going well. I haven’t had any setbacks or anything like that.”

I think the team and Perk are both doing the right things with his recovery.  Things have clearly been working out well… and a getting a couple of games in before the break will be good.  This way he can rest a few days and reevaluate how it's going.  Then, if there are ANY issues at all, there is still time to scale back and readjust his rehabilitation. 

And while some people think Perk is rushing back… just keep in mind that this is a contract year, and he's not looking to screw that up.

“I will show that I’m back and there are no issues with my knee,” said Perkins, who is making $4.4 million this season. “I will have a bright future as far as free agency. We will see how this season turns out and how it goes from there.

“I want to be with the Celtics, but I got to think about my future.”

Sad thing is, he's got to prepare for the possibility that the C's can't bring him back.  My gut tells me they will, especially since he's been working on his jumper and offensive game while rehabbing.  I would expect him to be a little more of a threat coming out of this… which is a silver lining. 

I'm looking forward to Perk's return.  The breaks in about a month… that's gonna fly by.


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  • KY Celts fan

    Fear the Beast!
    He’s clawing his way back!

  • tommy from needham

    You think it’s fair that a guy contracts a flesh eating virus at his workplace and then gets fired because he can’t perform his job, which is directly attributed to the injury he got at work?
    Are you that effing cold blooded? What they did was immoral at best and illegal at work.
    You don’t just get rid of MRSA, it eats your flesh to the bone and can come back at any time without warning.
    WTF is the matter with people?

  • tommy from needham

    The dude should sue the team for $10 mil bucks, $100,000 is chump change. It’s FU money, especially coming from a billionaire ass like Grousbeck.
    Support a player for once instead of the fat cat rich guys who own the team .

  • With Shaq and JO already sratched in at the C spot, the Celts have a major glut. Wanna see how Kedrick’s return will affect team chemistry because someone is going to get bumped.

  • Classless

    Wrong post, dummy. Btw, Clifford Ray isn’t a player and we also only got one side of the story.

  • Viva

    Firstly, it’s not a virus, it’s a bacteria. It’s not flash eating also. and you just can’t get it anywhere. What I’m worried about is how did it get there in the first place.