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LeBron likes to keep things humble and low key


Good ol' LeBron James.  

When everything he does makes him look like a self-aggrandizing douche, why sit back, reevaluate your life, and play things down a little?

No way man… throw the world the double birds and have a cake made for yourself that highlights how much you love you some you. 

It's deliciously douchey.  

Via TNSP sportsnet

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  • Classless

    this isn’t as bad as the powerpoint presentation SportsbyBrooks had of his birthday party. I’ve seen comparible birthday cakes.

  • larry

    the dude has a jack-in-the-box size head.!it’s a wonder how he can even lay on his pillow at night.!

  • GO BUCKEYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • javagoogle

    In my perfect world:
    Someone would arrange for the Celtics mascot to burst out that cake at the right time..
    Out of cake, poop in crown, disappear out of window, leaving confused guests and trail of green..
    If only to remind him how many times the Green Machine have taken his ‘Precious’.
    Playoff or otherwise.

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  • Shaq is absolutely giving Letterman NOTHING!

  • Hope it goes right to his hips.