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They’re the ToRONDO Raptors now. Ha! GET IT??

RedsArmyAdmin January 3, 2011 Uncategorized 4 Comments


…. cuz he RONDO'D them!!  Am I right???


I'm going to ignore what looked like a carry and a travel on this play and just enjoy that Rondo's back and being Rondoistic again.

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  • greenbeand

    for a monday that was good

  • DRJ

    Yeah… one carry – which happened so quickly it’s understandable the ref didn’t see it, and one obvious 3-step travel. I guess sometimes they count that first step as a “gathering of the ball” without possession….or something.

  • tim

    can we please trade rondo for a legitamte normal point guard who can shoot the ball play d without reaching and getting burned to the hoop everytime and someone who doesnt care about flare enough to get an average of 4 turnovers added to his stats almost everygame by trying to do something crazy with the ball instead of just making a normal pass or just taking a normal layup

  • greenbeand

    you must be from the taliban