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The Lakers are a bickering mess


In case you haven't noticed, the Lakers are falling apart. Last night, they lost by 19 points to the Grizzlies… at home:

It was the fourth loss in the Lakers' last six games, the third loss in their last four home games and their fourth loss in a row by 15 points or more.

Kobe Bryant had 17 of his game-high 28 points in the third quarter, but he took 12 of the Lakers' 22 total shots in the period in doing so. In the process, Memphis increased its lead from nine at halftime to 17 headed into the fourth.

"We get behind early on in the third quarter on some stupid plays — poor passing, poor transition defense — and then Kobe has to screw up the game and start energizing the team by going one-on-one and that takes the rest of the guys out as a consequence," Jackson said. "That didn't bring us back in, but it did give us a little run, we got the game back a little bit but we couldn't sustain it and we just went right back and made the same mistakes again."

Jackson's comments about Bryant came on the heels of him pointing out that Gasol, a three-time All-Star, had only 10 points on nine shot attempts for the game.

ESPN Los Angeles- New year, same problems for LA

But wait… there's more:

Jackson also blamed himself for giving the team New Year's Day off from practice. Kobe took his own dig back at Phil.

"We've had days off and blown teams out, so I'm not buying any of that Zen (bulls–t)," Bryant said. "I think we're looking too far down the road instead of looking just at the game that's right in front of you. You start skipping steps if you look too far down the line."

SB Nation

Ahhh… Nothing warms my heart quite like troubles in La-la land.

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  • GoWyo

    My husband got me NBA League pass, and it’s definitely been worth it to be able to watch the lakers lose (and to watch all Celtics games). If San Antonio stays healthy and Dallas gets healthy the lakers won’t make it past the 2nd round of the playoffs, if they even make it that far. Although I’d like to see the Celtics avenge last year’s loss to the lakers.

  • Lorilei

    I live in Hawaii, and we have Fox Sports West here on TV, so I was able to watch the game last night. It’s kind of entertaining to watch them lose. lol.

  • GranTur

    Obviously people want to avenge last year’s loss, but I would rather eliminate any possibility of the Lakers getting a championship.
    The Celtics have already been hit exceedingly hard by injury this year, so we don’t even know if we will be healthy enough at the right time.
    Last thing I want to see is a dysfunctional Lakers team cruise through the playoffs without ever seeing the Celtics.

  • The celtics r playing more like Champions that the Lake show.

  • Goceltics

    Thanks for the post. Really enjoyed this one. What a bunch of cry babies. They really look pathetic with all the bickering. 🙂

  • KY Celts fan

    Best part of the Lakers struggles is that it keeps the trolls away! Lakers loss = troll repellent.

  • PPsucks

    Its January lol….OMG im soo scared STFU lol we’re use to this there are always bumps in the road for champions you guys arent really use to that cause you guys have won 1 championship in 25 years so you retards dont know whats up

  • yeah but we’ve only won 17 championships. Enjoy your losses and second round exit dickhead

  • Open your eyes you guys haven’t played this badly for 3 years. You guys have everyone back and your still getting blown out by teams just over/below .500. You guys should be scared Gasol should grow a pair and stop crying every time he touches the ball. Kobe should stop blaming his teammates for his ball hogging and decline. But hey you guys seem to struggle without home court advantage so good luck catching up to the Spurs and Mavs dickhead. You’ll be knocked out by either one of them


    3 home losses out of 4 by shit teams by a total of 50 points. The Clippers are really struggling – oops shit sorry – the Lakers are really struggling…

  • PPsucks

    LOL you queers are soooo funny haha……you guys are all waiting for banner number 18 in 2033…..we’ll have double of that by then

  • queers?????? the only queers here are you faker bandwagoners

  • Pretty sure I didn’t