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Recap: A win is a win… I guess

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I'm not sure I've ever felt worse after a Celtics win.

The effort and execution for most of the game was embarrassing. The T-Wolves walked into Boston with a 2-18 road record and nearly beat the Celtics. Had Luke Ridnour not shat his shorts and traveled with 9 seconds left… who knows what would have happened. Yes – Ray Allen made a spectacular block but the ball went out of bounds.

I get it… Kevin Love is a fantastic rebounder. His 24 boards are a Shawmut/Fleet/TD Garden building record. But to get outrebounded 45-30? Luke Harangody is the only guy who attempted a god damn box out.

Credit to Rajon Rondo (6 points, 16 assists) for his clutch baskets in the final minutes.

Great job by Von Wafer (10 points, 6 rebounds). He's the only Celtic who shouldn't feel ashamed

If the Celtics put forth this type of effort on Wednesday night, San Antonio will kick their ass by 25 points.

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"They backed off Rondo… Rondo can't shoot… Rondo can't score… Sorry!!!!" – Tommy Heinsohn

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  • Mileke

    You cant actually believe they will play this way on wednesday, but I credit effort…. This is a game we should’ve lost by the way we played, but we gutted it out and played….. Maybe if Glen wasnt in FOUL trouble, or maybe if Luke hadnt been taking crazy shots, or maybe if Nae wouldve had an effective game, or maybe if Quis couldve had a better game, or maybe if KG would have played, the score wouldnt be that close, but a win is a win, and we should all be satisfied with the way we gutted this out….. We’re so injured, its rediculous, we put two sprained ankles, a stomach virus, a swollen shin, and a pair of bad legs on the floor tonight, and we have nerve to complain about the way we played? Do mind you, they did fly in from Toronto late last night, early this morning….. I think they deserve more respect than you showed in this article, cause it takes heart to do what they did tonight!!!! But hey, lets get another Win streak going!!!!!

  • Goceltics

    C`s looked better in the preseason. Von and luke played with great energy. These guys look like they all got laid before the game. Shooting a bunch of jump shots,avoiding contact. We have two seven footers. Use them!

  • aaron

    man i hope danny signs kevin love when KG is a FA. can you imagine:
    Kevin love
    Streaky jump shooter (monta ellis?)
    avery bradley….
    we will have ability to offer 2 max deals in 12. sick.

  • Funny that you mention Monta –
    I was on a flight the other day and happened to be sitting with Speedy Claxton who is now a scout with the Warriors and he was basically telling me that the front office knows that either Ellis or Curry has to go and they are just bidding their time.
    For some reason, I keep picturing Beasley on the Celtics – maybe it is because he reminds me of Dennis Johnson! Then again, I had a dream last night that Belichick/Kraft signed Ochocinco in the off-season, so feel free to disregard.

  • I was not impressed tonight – it felt like the Thunder game.

  • Nora

    The win is what is important.

  • IanD

    Belichick has always had nothing but praise for Ochocinco after he coached him in the Pro Bowl. Don’t think it is THAT far fetched, would love to see it happen

  • Whew. Long night at the Garden. Just a frustrating 3.5 quarters. Thank God for the Truth. He started off ice-cold, but as usual, when it was time for someone to bail the C’s out, he did. Nate really, really struggled, but hit those 2 clutch free-throws to redeem (sort of) himself. Baby took WAY to many jumpers man. I know the TWolves are a long and big team inside, but he should’ve at least tried to have gotten Love in foul trouble. And don’t get me started on Love. I was tempted to lean over and high-five that kid. He is just a workhorse. The best thing I saw tonight, Perk. He was out for about 30 minutes pregame working out and shooting and he looks very close to being cleared for contact.

  • AP

    Von Wafer deserves the full credit today. He was phenomenal and his +/- clearly shows it.
    I will take the win but without Garnett good rebounding teams are going to be tough matchups moving forward.

  • Stan

    Ugly performance tonight. We should have lost this one, but a win is a win. We won’t be that lucky next time.
    – Von Wafer, Jermaine and Rondo are the only ones who put up a good performance today. You can clearly see the offense moving a lot better with Rondo on the court.
    – Rondo’s injuries are still limiting his movements. He doesn’t drive, and he can’t keep up with Ridnour. If Ray didn’t appear out of nowhere to block Ridnour’s last shot, we would have lost it. That travelling call was a fluke.
    – Am I the only one who thinks that the C’s are not utilizing their big men? There were a couple of times where Shaq clearly had the upper hand on his defender, but they chose to swing it to some other guy to shoot the ball.
    – Baby needs to take the ball into the paint when he’s not shooting well.
    – You would think the C’s gave more attention to rebounding this game. Nope. Are the C’s complacent because KG is the only one who bothered to fight for the rebound?
    – Beasley was unstoppable.
    – Brewer and Webster were toasting us all night at the other end, and the C’s had no answer for them.
    I’m not looking forward to the game against the Spurs.

  • DRJ

    Jerry Stackhouse said on NBA TV tonight that his team used to get specific instructions to “back off” when defending Rondo and “embarrass him into taking a shot.” I was embarrassed for RR just hearing that. But it’s true, apparently… that’s the book on Rondo. Basically, he can get a clean shot from middle distance just about any time he wants to. If he ever gets to where he can MAKE those with confidence, there’ll be no “book” on him at all.

  • Nick

    You guys do know that we’re missing are starting center power forward and our sixth man right?? Minnesota is as talented as most of the teams outside of the top 6 in the east. We won the game and right now I’ll take that every time. Last year we had these pronlems and the started right around xmas but as long as we keep grinding out wins thats all that matters. We are better than the Spurs at every position…Bring it

  • i think tommy’s quote about rondo’s bounce-pass to shaq that popped up about 9 feet in the air before shaq got it and laid it in summed up this game perfectly, it was something to the effect of:
    “it wasnt pretty, but who said we needed a oil painting!!!”
    how bout giving it up for the job danny did once again, the 13th and 14th guys on the roster came in and kept us in the game. von and gody played great. even if gody has a bit of antoine walker disease. he was clearly just following glen davis’ lead.
    jermaine is slowly but surely getting back to what we expected he would be with more playing time. lets hope no more injuries derail his progress.
    shrek and donky were a bit off tonight. nate has been off since rondo’s been hurt. he seems to be struggling with the instant offense part of his game after being asked to be more of a run the offense point. hopefully he’ll soon regain that balance and go back to being a spark plug off the bench.
    i was surprised that gody looked just about as tall as kevin love. its unreal how that guy rebounds for his size. i swear he looks no taller than pierce.
    wes johnson looked pretty good. i guess the transition should be easier for a 24 year old rookie though. corey brewer looked like he hasnt progressed at all since he came out of florida. ESPECIALLY on the offensive side of the floor. he’s the only one of that trio from florida thats been a disappointment. (horford noah)

  • i dont think standing 5 ft off rondo is a particularly good idea, even with him not being a good shooter.
    it basically lets him dribble wherever he wants and even worse, he can clearly see all the passing lanes, so even when he doesnt shoot, he is able to lob one into shaq or kg for a layup or kick it to ray ray for three coming off a screen

  • cant wait for the return of the beast. loved his quote today about the c’s being the best team if healthy. and that the c’s would have won if he could have played game 7

  • Indeed. I just read that article myself. Great stuff. Yes-he looks like he'll be ready to go pretty soon..

  • greenbeand

    games like these dwest is a good spark

  • DRJ

    Agree. And yet, seems the entire rest of the NBA has this “strategy”. Fine with us, eh!?

  • DRJ

    We are better WHEN HEALTHY. Not now, with KG out and Rondo hobbled, and his backup out.

  • DRJ

    Love actually = almost exactly Perk’s height, at 6’10” a couple of inches taller than PP who = Luke’s height at 6’8″.

  • Goceltics

    I know, Harsh words. I know this team can play better, even with key guys out. Now lets get those Spurs.

  • DRJ

    You guys might wanna read this quote from BBD:
    …Makes me wonder if the Cs really need this kind of lunatic on their team…..

  • ShawnCVD

    RE Shaq I think the team doesn’t want him fouled in fourth quarter coming-from-behind situations so they have made him a fifth option. A poor defensive team up 5 would do better to foul him should he get the ball with under 2 minutes. There fore it’s catch and shoot situations only instead of making a move.

  • Celtics

    preseason was before injuries

  • ShawnCVD

    DRJ: IDK…what I take from that is Baby has grown into a confident guy. Remember all those jumpers we begged him not to take two years ago? It made him into a better player. Remember how last year Baby would do all that work grabbing an offensive rebound only to piss it away by getting his put backs blocked? Now he’s passing out or finishing smarter.
    To me his willingness to try new things on the court means he’s still willing to grow. Right now he’s candidate for 6th Man and leads the league in drawing offensive fouls.
    Just because he’s a little goofy and says the wrong thing now and then doesn’t make him a loose cannon.

  • ShawnCVD

    Celtics win! Consider what the Flakers are doing and you don’t see Boston wavering. Despite all the injuries listed above, despite fatigue, despite an awful night from the bench this team finds a way to compete!
    J O’Neal was excellent tonight with all those blocks. Him and Wafer were the energy guys to me. Also gotta love PP grabbing boards at the end of the game. Spurs are gonna be tough for sure. Go Celtics!!

  • Stan

    Confidence in his shots is a good thing. But in his case, it’s overconfidence. Even arrogance, because he’s not listening to his teammates. Believe me, it’s going to cost us an important game in the future if he keeps this up.
    I should be grateful that he still listens to what Doc says, despite his attitude. And his willingness to be a team player. Sure, he still behaves like an immature kid, but you gotta give him credit for the different roles he played over the past 3 years.
    Let’s go, baby!

  • DRJ

    Interesting POV, thanks. Agree that he’s improved a LOT over the years, esp. lately. My biggest problem with what he said was the part about not caring (“it DOESN’T MATTER…”) what Doc or his teammates think/say. To say that, about a play that was INEXCUSABLY bad, wrong, boneheaded, crazy, and stupid, stupid, stupid (his 3Pt% is 14.3% this season, 18.8% lifetime!!) — well, it kinda blew me away. I mean… WOW… It’s so bad that even tho it’s just one statement (about which he had plenty of time to think, tho) it started me thinking/realizing that the Celtics would be better off without him… i.e., trade his ass (if possible/for the right move of course).
    So it’s interesting to see another, much more forgiving/accepting/I guess more optimistic POV……

  • ShawnCVD

    What I’m saying is that Baby handled it like a water under the bridge situation. He’s communicating that he’s a prick with a little swagger and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.
    When you add he’s a trade-able asset I agree however cannot imagine a $3M player worth acquiring. Throwing him in with Nate and/or JO to net us a wing of the future would be nice. The flip side is this team is yet to be at full health and it’s trying to win NOW. This is no time to be tinkering a roster this deep.
    Also I give the kid a break due to his outstanding play this year. If his thought process nets him the performance he’s given us this year than keep on truckin’ Glen Davis….