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Your Morning Dump… Glen Davis had a bad day

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Coming out of a timeout, Ray Allen missed a 3-pointer, but Jermaine O'Neal got an offensive rebound to keep the possession alive. Inexplicably, Glen Davis fired an off-the-mark 25-foot 3-pointer from the right wing with 13 seconds still showing on the shot clock.

New Orleans got the rebound, David West drilled a 19-foot jumper with less than a minute to play for a five-point cushion and the Celtics couldn't rally back.

Rivers barked at Davis for the ill-advised shot during a timeout after West's jumper, and Davis appeared to shout right back in the huddle. After the game, Rivers didn't hide his frustration when a reporter asked, in general, whether players had made mental miscues.

"Who are you talking about? I'm just curious; can you give me a name?" Rivers asked, before the Davis play was referenced.

"That's a very good observation. I'm going to let you just say that. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that," he said.

ESPN Boston – Doc's warning go unheard

While I didn't see any of the game, I feel perfectly okay saying that Glen Davis should never take a three-pointer with 13 seconds on the shot clock… no matter how open he is… no matter what the score.

Everybody has bad days… it's too bad Big Baby (4-14 FG – the only starter to shoot below 50%) suffered through one during the first game of Kevin Garnett's absence.

The bigger problem with Davis is the attitude. Barking at Doc Rivers… slamming doors and storming out of the locker room are completely uncalled for and unprofessional.

He needs to take a lesson from Paul Pierce:

"We probably should've kept Marquis in there for me late in the game," Pierce said. "When he was in the game, he had a very good stretch and we pushed the lead up. … Maybe Paul Pierce has to do a better job in stepping up his game. I really didn't come to play today, evidently, when you look it up — six turnovers, but we only lose by two."

On Page 2, have the Celtics reached their tipping point?

The C’s played hard. The C’s played with a sense of urgency. But the C’s played without four members of their core rotation.

Rondo, Perkins and West were tough enough to overcome. Garnett’s strained right calf was the tipping point. Suddenly the Celtics were doing their best to be plucky.

They were looking more like The Little Engine That Could rather than The Locomotive That Will.

The preponderance of pain had finally reached the critical stage.

“Well, it got to us tonight, but we can’t let it get to us,” said Doc Rivers. “You know, we’re not going to be healthy next game.”

Herald – Tipping point has been reached

Steve Bulpett kindly reminds us the injury ravaged Celtics are missing three starters from last year's squad and another core player (Delonte West).

Are they still capable of beating teams like the Hornets? Yes.

Will the wheels completely fall off the train? No. Doc, Paul and Ray will keep the team together. And Rondo should return at some point next week.

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  • Robby C

    I was at the game yesterday and there were a few moments where me and the guys around me where scratching our heads wondering what our guys were thinking when they made certain decisions, but the Davis 3 pointer was by far the most egregious, given the timing. PP had a few bad turnovers which were preventable trying to force passes, Ray Allen had an ill inspired run at point guard which resulted in him dribbling off his leg for a fast break, and Nate Robinson had his usual transition 3pt shot with 20 seconds ont he shot clock and no one in position for a rebound. Getting Rondo back should solve most of these issues, but you’d think professional ball players would be able to avoid these things that would get high school players chewed out.

  • greenbeand

    baby’s resolution: to stay w/in the 3 pt arch

  • thetitleisours

    At least glad to see the rook play some D and get some minutes. Looking like a smart number two pick by DA again

  • Celtics

    Glen has become a black hole, every time he gets the ball he shoots…

  • GranTur

    Glen Davis has progressed a lot in terms of man-to-man defense and scoring.
    Unfortunately, improving his team defense and passing should be next on his to-do list.
    He has still been a very effective player overall. He’s not molded like most PFs. I’m not worried about him.

  • BigMck

    I just saw the final 5 minutes during the rebroadcast. Man… sloppy play and inefficient offense. Lots of dribbling, weak screens… They didn’t deserve to win.

  • Mileke

    Though we lost yesterday, we got to see how good and deep our BENCH is, and I believe all of them got increased playing time after yesterday, too bad our starters didnt do so good, && without our starters playing good, we were still within two, and probally should have won, if the ref had called foul on Ray Allens last three, Glen made poor decisions down the stretch, I never did understand why we took Quis out the game, but hey, there are some bright spots to look at, and there is still fire in their eyes, Celtics fans we have nothing to worry about, once everybody get settled into their roles, and everybody get back healthy, then we will be the unstoppable team we have been for most of the season….. Just watch and see, there’s nothing to be worried about, just a few mental mistakes that are correctable!!!! We should be back to winning on Sunday vs. Raptors!!!!!

  • His skills are not in question. His attitude and mental acuity are.

  • Classless

    You’re exactly right. He rarely passes and once he gets the ball, you can see his eyes locked on the rim.

  • Mary

    If Doc wants respect he has to give it as well.Davis should not have taken that three pointer,but he was not the only one that made mistakes including Doc because he should have kept Daniels in down the stretch.Davis missed shot did not cause the team that game,it was a collection of mistakes plain and simple.What was worse than Davis’s missed shot was all of those stupid turnovers.Doc should have been barking at more guys than Davis because he was not the only one that did something dumb.

  • Mileke

    You think DOC used all them TIMEOUTS to be nice and say ”Oh please stop turning the ball over guys”? Of course thats a mistake, but it also comes with the game, DOC dont owe Davis nothing, because believe it or not, DOCS way is what won the championship in 2008, not DAVIS’s, and though I personally agree with you that it wasnt all on Davis, but are you blaming DOC on the lost because he took Daniels out? Because if you are I dont agree, because he took Daniels out to put his Clutch in, our Captain, when have you ever known Daniels to close a game for the C’s? && how do you think Pierce would have took that? Thats why Daniels had to come out, and another thing Davis did also was in-bound the ball horribly on that last possession, just go look, he had a bad attitude the whole stretch, and while I dont blame him for all of it, I blame hime for most of it, do you remember he also took 14 shots, and only made 4, he also didnt foul Paul on that last play, because of his BAD ATTITUDE and proffesinalism used on yesterday… The moral to the lesson is DOC dont owe DAVIS or none of the other 14 players he coach this year nothing, but the best situation to win night in and night out!!!!! && best believe the players got a earfull about the TURNOVERS, and best believe Davis is going to have one of the BEST games of his carreer tomorrow, alll cause DOC called him out, its all apart of the plan, sometimes you have to play out of anger, and thats what DOC is doing…. DOC is truly a pro at what he do, so let him do it the way he do!!!!