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My newfound respect for Kris Humphries


New Jersey Nets forward Kris Humphries is having a decent season on the court – 7.7 ppg, 9 rpg – and a spectacular season off the court.

He's dating Kim Kardashian.


More pics after the jump…








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  • Stumptown Bud

    LOL…all those big ladies in the background checking out Kimmies tush…

  • Classless

    Wow…i’d expect this crap from Barstool sports.

  • :-)

    why dont you cry about it buddy

  • This has been a running feature of Red’s Army since as far back as I can remember, and I have been a loyal reader since the losing streak in 06-07.

  • Good for Humph. Even the little guys deserve love. Not that Humphries is little, he just is not as known as let’s say, Reggie Bush. KK also seems to be leaner towards brothers of the liughter spectrum now. She used to be into drak chocolate, now with KH, she has gone to mocha-caramel.

  • DRJ

    Kim is the perfect girlfriend. She voluptuous, kinda pretty, sexy, kinda rich (I think)… and if you’re wondering how to do it with her, she’s even posted an instructional video online!!

  • BigMck

    I don’t see the harm with sprinkling some lovely ladies into a blog post every now and then…

  • Goceltics

    What a lucky bastard

  • Great pics BigMck, but you know what- after Reggie Bush, Ray J, dude from the Cowboys and the other 5 or 10 athletes/rappers/singers that we prob DON’T know about, you’d have to tie a board to your ass to avoid falling in. That thang is beat the f*** up.

  • trytryagain

    Wait, wouldn’t all of you go apeshit if you saw that a Laker blog posted something like this (I know, I know, you NEVER LOOK)?? Some vapid celebrity BS, the antithesis of the working class tough Boston gene pool?
    My, my, my…….what a difference a New Year makes.

  • greenbeand

    where do fat ppl get their confidence?

  • WOW!!! Kris Humphries Rulesss!!! Kris is now having is best new year ever…

  • You must be a newbie troll. We’ve been rolling out “features” like this for years.
    And we don’t read Lakers blogs. Seriously.

  • trytryagain

    Oh, of course not. Never.