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MRI was KG’s idea… results still not in


DETROIT – Danny Ainge, much like Celtics Nation this afternoon, is awaiting word on the MRI results for Kevin Garnett's lower right leg injury.

But Ainge tells that the MRI, more than anything else, was being performed as a precautionary measure, not a necessity.

In fact, it was Garnett's idea to have an MRI taken.

[…]"Everything that I have been told," Ainge told, "it has to do with the muscle and not the knee, which is a good thing, obviously."

The news keeps getting slightly better each time we get an update.  Now if only we can get the MRI results that say "mild strain…out for 2 weeks", We can all just chill the hell out.

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  • D

    please let it be a mild strain. I am about to have a panic attack

  • CoachBo

    It’s entirely possible that’s exactly the news that will come.

  • Goceltics

    KG needs a break. He has been playing his ass off lately. It is not his knee, he twisted somthin, look how he took off on the Dunk, Kind of peg legged. No big deal. Other guys will have to step up. We had a 50 percent KG and still made it to the finals. Relax folks, He is tougher than you think. He will be back!

  • UhOh!!

    you’re right he does need a rest he goes full throttle all the time.. at this point of his career the mileage and wear and tear has his body giving up on him.. Doc just has to force him to sit cuz KG is never going to let up

  • Jared

    Call me jaded (which I am), but I will not beleive anything until I see Kevin in uniform on the floor. We have been here before, and this all seems so familiar. Why even have Doc and Danny speculate on what it is until tests have been done? To calm us, or to plant the seed of the narrative that will take us into the playoffs, ie. 2 weeks, a month, a setback (one more month)?
    I love these guys, the coach and GM, but as far as im concerned, they lied last time (perhaps at the behest of ownership $$)
    Oh how wrong I hope I am.

  • destroyer of squirles

    Lets go mild strain lets go !!!

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