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I believe Danny – “It’s not anything to do with his knee”


I understand that there are skeptics.  I understand that the Celtics weren't exactly forthright in '09 when KG hurt his knee.  But this time… call me crazy here… I believe Danny when he says this:

"Kevin had an MRI and a through examination today, and it's the same as last night," Ainge said. "It's a muscle injury, a strained calf. It's actually the muscle just off the side of the leg, just below the knee. And it's not anything to do with his knee, which is great news. It's one of those injuries that maykeep him out for a couple of weeks at the most, I would say."

There it is.  Definitively saying it's not the knee.  Definitively telling you what the injury is.  Giving a definitive timeframe. 

I will agree with everyone on how the situation was handled in '09.  This time, though, I think we need to just chill and accept that this is just a calf strain… no more, no less.

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  • Zerb

    I certainly hope they are being forthright with this. If so it’s great news considering… When I saw this last night it damn near ruined my year!

  • destroyer of squirles

    Lets hope Danny is right

  • Celtics

    Rick Pitino Quote remix- The negativity in this blog sucks, sucks, sucks.
    Seriously hold the negativity to yourself please.

  • TJames

    You know after watching last nights highlights on NBA.COM, I believe it. It showed the injury in 2009, and the injury last night. It doesn’t look the same. In 09 he couldn’t even walk on the knee. He tried one step, and immediately hit the floor afterward. Last night he seemed to be walking on it pretty easily, after exiting the game that is. I think we dodged a bullet. Go CELTICS!

  • Lex

    So no need to dust off my “Grassy Knoll” series?

  • Mileke

    Agreed!!!! && CelticsTown Blog is pissing me off because he keep posting quotes from ’09…. Guys when they were saying in ’09 “he would be out 2-3 weeks” there hadnt been an MRI to confirm that, this time the MRI came back negative, and there is proof, so he will be back in 1-2 weeks, just leave it at that!!!! And this injury is very different from 09 also, because it looks as if KG hurted his knee on the Pic he set before the dunk, not the actual dunk!!!! Whereas in 09 he flat out just jumped wrong, but if you go look at the video from last night, you’ll see that KG limps after setting the Pic not the Dunk… so there goes the BIG Difference, Go Celtics!!!!

  • Jared

    Considering recent history…
    Willing to beleive its not the knee (at this point)
    Have a strong feeling he will be out longer than “2 weeks”
    Im hopeful for a full recovery come playoff time. I would not be surprised if hes not 100% for a significant amount of the rest of the regular season.
    Its unfortunate, but the organization is going to have to have a few years of honesty to make up for the outright lies and their distrust of the fanbase. Yeah it sucks, but thats life. The sad thing about it is that I doubt they would have sold fewer playoff tickets in 09 had they just been honest.

  • Goceltics

    It`s “GINO” time!

  • Stan

    It’s time for JO to get out of his cradle and start playing like they paid him to. He’s been acting like a player who is simply cruising along for the ride. No desire or determination to get back on the court. Taking his own sweet time to recover. Has he forgotten that he was supposed to be playing the role Shaq is playing now?
    And when he steps onto the court, you can clearly see that he lets his lack of performance get the better of him. When JO racks up the fouls, his confidence level drops and he performs like crap. He needs to find some way to get around this.

  • I was right about the Blockbuster Trade Baby!

    Therefore, maybe this is a good thing. Light the fire under JO! BBD, was huge during KGs first injury, hope JO/Shaq can fill in. Ultimately I always feel these injuries are good for the team.

  • james

    all of this is really good regarding KG. the only quarrell i have with all of this is.. why didnt he hold his calf if thats where the injury is?
    when do you ever see anyone go down without holding what theyve injured, the only reason they wouldnt was if they were hiding something (i.e maybe he also did his knee in a bit or something). I do think there is something more sinister behind all of this, kg freaking out made all seem a lot worse, but why wouldnt he touch his calf once in that entire 2 minute vid of the injury, just seems a bit weird, no?

  • DRJ

    Yes. Agree, that is a problem.
    And yet, I CAN’T believe that Danny would outright lie about it not involving the knee (to his best knowledge of course). If he is, we’ll find out eventually… but right now, I don’t believe it. I figure it must be true.
    There still MIGHT be a minor involvement of the knee, like a strain or something. And the calf injury itself can be very serious — some “strains” can even require surgery.
    On the question of when KG will be back, I don’t believe anything Danny says. My guess, based only on the video, is one month. (My hope is that it’s no worse than that.)

  • Stan

    Let’s cross our fingers and hope that JO does catch fire, instead of being burnt to ashes..

  • Stan

    I have to agree. If it’s his calf, why didn’t he start stretching it out? He was hopping because he didn’t want to put any pressure on his knee. I want to, but I can’t take Ainge’s word for it.

  • The calf muscle runs to the outside of the leg. Take a look at the diagram I posted yesterday morning.
    A strained calf doesn’t just mean grabbing the back of your leg. You can strain a part of your calf that is on the side of your leg… and it runs pretty close to the knee.
    So it’s not that surprising about the area he grabbed.

  • Army,
    Please see http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/news/story?id=3920443 from Feb. 2009. This is why I feel this ‘spin’ is similar:
    “SALT LAKE CITY — Kevin Garnett suffered a posterior muscle strain of the right knee in the Celtics’ 90-85 loss to Utah on Thursday night, the Boston Globe reported Saturday.
    Celtics president Danny Ainge said Garnett will be out 2-3 weeks with the injury.
    “Rest and ice for KG,” Ainge told the Globe.”
    What muscle is posterior to the knee, you say? The calf, of course.
    So, this is why I mentioned in the comments of your previous post that this seems all to familiar… same inital diagnosis, same time frame.
    Again, fool me once… I am not prepared to buy into the forecast this time around, because I don’t want to be let down and/or upset if KG’s not back before the All-star break.
    I fully expect him to be out the rest of this season, perhaps longer. Anything better will be a very welcomed pleasant surprise.
    Not trying to be a debbie-downer or freak people out, just pointing out what I’m observing, and my reaction to it. Hope this perspective is helpful to some readers.