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Enemy Chatter: How’s the knee?

Chuck - Red's Army December 30, 2010 Uncategorized 21 Comments on Enemy Chatter: How’s the knee?

I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose of 'enemy chatter' from Detroit.

Of course, Kevin Garnett, after earning three unwarranted superstar calls, filibustered his knee and had to leave this embarrassment.  Meanwhile, Paul Pierce threw Tayshaun Prince into a cameraman, and that was okay.  You know, the Celtics play hard, so they earn those calls for some reason.

Detroit Bad Boys – How's the Knee?

For Pistons fans, it was “what goes around’’ for Garnett.

Fueled by Piston Charlie Villanueva’s Twitter claim that Garnett called him a “cancer patient’’ in the Celtics’ first trip to Detroit Nov. 2, one fan behind the Boston bench screamed, “That’s what you get for making fun of cancer patients.’’

Coaches and players shot the fan glares, security gave a halfhearted reprimand, and the Celtics’ Shaquille O’Neal offered his own verbal retaliation.

“Shut your stupid [expletive] up,’’ he said.

Boston Globe

Why would I expect an ounce of class from Detroit Pistons fans and bloggers?

We've taken shots at many players, but never have we reveled in someone's injury.

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  • KG gettinghurt in Detroit after he talked s*** to CV calling him a cancer patient. I call that Karma.

  • BRADinLA


  • As Chuck said, should we expect anything classier out of Detroit?
    Oh, and nice blog JTS. Thing is an unreadable POS.

  • UhOh!!

    dont feed the troll brad…. but seriously can the dude with the shittyblog get banned or something?? it seems like ignoring him wont do the trick

  • Bilbo

    I don’t get what expletive works there. It can only be ass?

  • Nora

    Anyone who wishes injury or revels in an injury of a player nomatter what ALLEGEDLY he said (nobody at all backed Charlie V on his comments on his own team!)I have yet to hear any audio of what KG said and Charlie V’s tweet is no proof imo.

  • Nora

    Anyone who wishes or revels in a players injury is a dispocable human being.

  • Nora

    I meant dispicable

  • Alex

    I dunno what that kid’s blog is about… Sports or advertisements…

  • haha

    Yet there is no proof that Kobe raped anyone, yet you guys continue to whine and call him a rapist..

  • UhOh!!

    so you’re comparing a possible career ending injury to rape accusations…. Lol wow i’ve never seen a Cs fan revel in anyone’s injury!! we always talk about beating squads while they’re at full strength so there’s no excuses so with all due respect GTFOH

  • Celtics

    Hopefully this injury brings the team together and shows their capable of being good without one of our main stars.

  • CFH

    In their defense, it was reported that many Detroit fans clapped for KG when he got back on his feet.
    They aren’t all losers like that jerk screaming into the mike last night, or the resident troll.
    (Incidentally, if KG is injured because of his alleged trash talking… by that logic did Charlie V do something so bad as a child that he was punished with his hair falling out?)

  • DRJ

    Nah… It’s like this: You see, Karma works in both directions, backwards and forwards. It will strike as a result of something you WILL do in the future, AS WELL AS for something you did in the past. Know what I mean? You might get hit by ill fortune today because the universe knows you are going to do something to deserve it tomorrow. I say that makes sense! (As much sense as Karma does in the first place.)
    So… apparently Charlie V lost his hair because the universe knew that one day he would tweet a total lie about Kevin Garnett.
    (There’s a mind twister for ya, eh?)

  • bigpartymaker

    I for one could give a f*ck what some fan heckles, nor what any player says on the court.

  • haha

    uhh i wasnt talking about the possible career ending injury douche..i was talking about how Nora brings up the Cancer patient comment…so you should GTFO

  • As for the Charlie V. comment, he was born with a certain condition. So when KG called him a cancer patient, which I certainly believe he did–that was wrong. And for the record, I never said I wished him ill will. All I said that Karma got to him. And I also said it was fitting considering it was the place where KG opened his fat mouth. Add insult to injury, the Celts get their a**es whipped in the Motor City.

  • aaron

    you are a loser.
    Your blog sucks DICK.
    Thank you and good day.

  • thetitleisours
  • thetitleisours

    Wanna bet? Call it what you want but something sleazy was done and is on court docs

  • misel