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Do your happy dance… KG only out 2 weeks

Hey… remember in my last post when I asked for the MRI to say "mild strain…out for 2 weeks".

Well… boom.

KG's MRI came back negative. Has a muscle strain in the right calf area. Will likely be out two weeks. 

Well thank GOD for that one.  Now we can all do our little happy dance because after what we saw last night… this is the best case scenario!

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  • Doop


  • Doop

    No, but seriously, if joyfulness was stone, the Great Wall of China would be representative of my emotions right now.

  • Sarah

    Oh RedsArmy! What would I do without your lifesaving updates!?

  • I’m calling the bluff on this one. All too familiar a story to what happened in Utah Feb. ’09…

  • Jared

    I gladly remove my chicken little costume. I feel like a great weight has been lifted. I will save my caveats for a later time.

  • NineSevenEight


  • TJames

    God I hope they wouldn’t lie about that… I really don’t know why they would. If hes going to be out hes going to be out. We have lots of bigs to take care of business but without KG it’s wouldn’t be easy. HOPE THIS IS TRUE. Celtics 2010-2011 NBA CHAMPS

  • Mileke

    How is it similar to 09 when the results came back negative, in 09 they hadnt tested him yet, its official nothing is wrong….

  • no, not the same. I know why you say it… but it’s not. They were very vague about the knee injury. They’re being kinda specific about this.

  • UhOh!!

    YyEeEeSsSs!!!!…. bullet dodged matrix style!!


    Fuchi capesta! My feets are burnin! My happy dancin is going way too fast!
    I say give the man an extra week off, MAKE him take it off, just for safety’s sake.
    This is a good day.

  • Stumptown Bud


  • DRJ

    If Danny’s telling the truth about this player injury, it would be the first time in the Big 3 era. It’s certainly possible… but I wouldn’t say it’s ‘very’ likely.
    But… he would NOT go on the radio to declare “It’s definitely not the knee” if it is the knee. At least… I can’t believe he would. The fact that he did is certainly good news.
    Given that their lies have always been in the direction of making the injury appear better than it is, KG is probably somewhat worse than Danny let on. For example, he could have suffered a partial tendon and/or muscle tear. And he might be out a month rather than 2 weeks. Ok, fine.
    I.e., it’s pretty reasonable to conclude that he will be back soon enough, and that he’ll be back to 100% in plenty of time for the playoffs. All good.

  • I don’t like how there’s this new thing of “he did not come out and declare this…” so we still think the door is open. It’s very popular in politics especially nowadays.
    He said it’s a strained calf. What more is there to say?
    “It’s a strained calf… it’s not the knee… it’s also not a groin pull, herniated disk, yeast infection, polio, gout….”

  • DRJ

    It’s a matter of definition. “Calf strain” sounds benign, but in fact has different grades, the worst of which can keep a guy out for 3-4 months.
    Do I trust Danny to tell the complete truth? No. Why? Because he never has when it comes to these things.
    It’s still good news, though. Bottom line.

  • KY Celts fan

    I don’t think we can rule out polio just yet, and of course now we have to look out for scurvy, too. If KG starts requesting citrus, we’ll know something is up.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Great gif!!!!!!
    Two awesome gifs in one thread??????
    I love Red’s Army. \m/

  • Rush

    trolls were doing their happy dance earlier.
    it’s our turn now.

  • NOO

    There’s no point in debating whether Ainge or the Celtics organization are lying. Skeptic or not, I think the severity of this injury will become apparent once KG is back on the court again. He seems like a really stubborn guy though, so I hope I don’t see him on the court until his body is truly ready.

  • Goceltics

    Somebody call GINO!

  • See where you’re coming from, and fair enough, but always better to underpromise and overdeliver, right? If you expect the worst, anything better is a pleasant surprise.
    I’m not mentally or emotionally prepared to handle delays from the announced timeline, so I refuse to believe it up front.
    Fool me once…