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Your Morning Dump… Where Rondo has become more of a [expletive]

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Realizing Rondo has major influence on the younger players, Rivers asked him to give Von Wafer a pep talk before Wafer was summoned with 1:04 left in the third quarter. Wafer sparkled, playing good defense and making a key layup.

“The one thing I love about Rondo when he’s sitting on the bench is he’s really involved in the game,’’ Rivers said. “He’s not sitting on the bench to look nice in a suit and tie. He’s really watching the game and trying to help guys on the bench. I went to Rondo and said, ‘We’re about to put Von Wafer in the game, go talk to him, make sure he’s ready.’ He came in ready.’’

Rondo has had to become more commanding as he has grown older, making sure his teammates are in the right spots, taking a personal stake in how the offense runs.

“I have become more of a [expletive] now,’’ he said. “People say I am big-headed, but that comes with it.’’

Globe – In downtime, Rondo is wising up

How many 24-year old players are asked by their coaches to motivate teammates on the bench? The evolution of Rajon Rondo continues to amaze me.

While all his detractors claim his success is related to playing alongside the Big 3, you could argue it's also a curse.

How is a young point guard supposed to lead with all those alpha-dog personalities? I dunno… but he's clearly carved his niche. Maybe it's because he's an [expletive].

Look for Rondo to return Friday night vs the Hornets.

On Page 2, Nate Robinson nearly puked on the floor.

“I don’t remember what happened,” Robinson, who finished with eight points and four assists, said. “I just remember the blood and running to the back.

“I’m tough. It ain’t like I never had stitches before. It’s nothing. I guess I get a little bit of sympathy from the ladies, so I’m good. I’m good.”

Robinson also ran to the dressing room when he took a hit in the second quarter that roused his illness.

“I almost pulled a Willie Beamen in the first half,” he said, noting the Jamie Foxx character from “Any Given Sunday” who hurled during a game. “I almost threw up. I was kind of sick and under the weather today.”

Herald – Painful night for Nate Robinson

I nearly puked when the officials called Nate for a foul after he was head-butted by Dunleavy.

Whatever happened to incidental contact? Or if you realize what happened after the whistle, huddle up and declare "No foul."

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  • jtshoopsblog

    what’s the expletive? haha

  • Chris

    Seriously? What is it? Am i missing something? What one-word-expletive is a positive description of his leadership?

  • Mike

    Asshole guys, come on

  • loscyfan

    First, he connects it with a “big head”. Then we have the quote “but he’s clearly carved his niche. Maybe it’s because he’s an [expletive].”
    Since it starts with a vowel, I suspect that the second syllable is “hole”.

  • JD

    I was thinking it was a four letter word

  • Jake

    Wouldn’t it then be “an (expletive) and not “a”? Whatever.

  • DRJ

    …that means dung and rhymes with ‘spit’? That’s actually a positive in the bizarro world of rap, as opposed to the 7-letter word previously suggested which NO ONE, so far as I know, defines positively. Truth be told, tho, what I know about hip-hop is very close to nuttin. That’s cuz I’m da S_IT!!

  • mollysdaddy

    Was everyone as worried as I was when KG practically airballed three of his first four shots? Yikes.
    Things are ugly out there on the floor right now. The team needs Rondo back, but not till he’s ready. They are grinding out wins with flashes of greatness in each game. Love to see them keep rolling with the punches.

  • michael

    rhymes with MICK
    I suppose it depends whose grammar you trust – Rondo uses “a”, Chuck uses “an”. Veeerrry tricky
    Sometimes ya gotta be a D*CK to keep the A**Holes in check and get SH*T done

  • Viva

    That one makes sense. I thought that too.

  • Bigmck

    I was leaning towards a-hole and that’s why I typed “an.”
    But after reading your comments, I’m thinking its d-.