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Shaq deserves an Oscar

Chuck - Red's Army December 29, 2010 Uncategorized 6 Comments on Shaq deserves an Oscar

Here's Shaq's reaction to the news he'd been fined $35,000 by the league.

He's come a long way since Kazaam.

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  • paul

    Just hilarious, and so pointed.

  • theW

    That’s one rich dude.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Shaq prob has 35 grand in the ashtray of his Escalade.
    Charlie V and the Pisstons tonite!

  • Jared

    Wow I wish i could joke around about 35 large like that. That would be fun.

  • i keep replaying this, its that funny

  • I was right about the Blockbuster Trade Baby!

    I wonder if he injured KG doing that!!!!