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Shaq ain’t done talkin’

Shaq was just hit with a $35,000 fine for being less than complimentary to the NBA officials.  It's a big hit… one you'd think would just get him to let it pass.


"I didn't say nothing detrimental to the league," O'Neal said. "All I said was No. 26 [official Bob Delaney] was the baddest [bleep] out there."

Paying the fine won't be an issue for O'Neal, although he admits the amount is pretty steep.

[…] "That David Stern tax, baby" O'Neal said. "That David Stern tax is a [bleep]."

Hold on… I'm getting a vision…. 

I see a bank account… belonging to a Celtics center… getting even lighter…. 

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  • DRJ

    Just ONCE, I’d like to see one of these zillionaires take the NBA to court over these fines. Sure, it’s a private business, so there’s no right to “free speech.” But it’s also a MONOPOLY on pro basketball in the USA. As such, they’re effectively putting a gun to every player’s head. There must be a lawsuit in there somewhere…. Ahh, if only.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Easy big fella. Shaq needs to calm down before he pisses off the refs league wide, like what they had with Sheed, who wouldnt shut up about Donaghey not being the only crooked ref.
    Just keep scoring 13 points in 25 minutes, giving hard fouls, shooting free throws better than Rondo, and doing funny shit like conducting the Pops and being a statue. Get off the refs who have generally adored you your whole career and who also kept Howard on the bench most of the game. I just dont see how calling Delaney a “bad mf’er” accomplishes anything good.
    I guess Shaq’s not the only one still bitter about that game. Everyone will feel better after they beat Indy later. Hopefully Nate can bounce back and handle Collison.

  • DRJ

    Good point. Nothing good can come from all this talk by Shaq. Nuttin. He should wait until after he retires… then write a book or something.

  • Nora

    He is going to get suspended. Getting fined is fine but hurting the team is not fine.

  • Danno

    He’s absolutely right though, and it’s only going to change when those who have the most influence make noise about it.
    Shaq is one of the biggest icons of the NBA. Their fines & or 1 game suspensions won’t undo the damage he causes when pointing out the truth – the refs hurt the game today.
    I’m glad someone finally is standing up. Maybe he can get the NBPA to rally around him.

  • Classless

    That’s fine. One of the most likable players in the league getting suspended for offering his opinion about the corrupt officiating isn’t good for the NBA.