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This week in KG

RedsArmyAdmin December 26, 2010 Uncategorized 12 Comments on This week in KG

We used to do the "KG Face of the Day" because KG might be the most interestingly photographed player I've ever seen… but that feature was voted off the island.  So I'm trying something else.  I'm going to put them all together at the end of the week and do "This week in KG".  Hope you like it.

KG eyes Brand

"The body of Elton Brand was found in an alley near the Boston Garden.  The suspect is described as approximately 7 feet tall and extremely foul mouthed.  Anyone with information is asked to call Boston Police"

KG sits on fan's lap

The life-size KG doll giveaway was a huge hit at the Garden, though it made watching the game a little difficult for some fans

KG hugs Pierce

No… NO… goddammit Paul.. I LEAD on the waltz.  I ALWAYS LEAD!!

KG lands in photogs

Nope, Dwight Howard's offense still looks crappy from this angle too.

KG head up

Oh man… I shouldn't have had all those Gatorades.  I can't hold it anymore.  I just can't.  No one will notice if I just go behind this support.  OHHHHHHHH…. MAAAAAAN that feels good.  

Photos courtesy:  Reuters, Associated Press and Getty Images

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  • More…MORE I say.

  • ha…
    … always leave ’em wanting more

  • LisaBabyLisa

    KG is sooo serious…i love him! How can u not love him? 🙂

  • irisheyes9302


  • Love it! Can’t wait for the next edition!!

  • Alex

    I think doing this a weekly basis is a lot better. I didn’t really like the daily KG face because I always expect to read some interesting news about the C’s but when I just see a Daily KG Face of the Day, it grinded my gears. ;(

  • Funny KG Picks

  • Me too I LOVE GARNETT!!!
    Garnett Rulezzz…

  • Garnett-fan-from-Lithuania

    Awesome! Want more 🙂

  • CFH


  • CelticBalla32

    Great stuff, keep it comin!

  • ShawnCVD

    ” Nope, Dwight Howard’s offense still looks crappy from this angle too. ” LOL! This is a winning formula John! Do it every week end or every 3-5 games during a slow day.
    Happy New Years everyone!