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Enemy Chatter: The Magic are (suddenly) mentally tough

I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose of 'enemy chatter' from Orlando.

The Magic never gave up and displayed the type of mental toughness that’s been missing from the team. Yes, Boston was without the services of Rajon Rondo and Kendrick Perkins, two key cogs in their starting lineup. But it would be an insult to Orlando’s effort to shortchange the importance of their victory, given that this a roster that’s still trying to get to know each other.

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For Orlando to defeat a team of Boston's caliber with Dwight Howard scoring just 6 points attests to their resolve, on some level, I believe. I understand that if Nelson misses those three-pointers, or if Celtics point guard Nate Robinson shot better tan 2-of-15, then the tone of the conversation shifts and we're instead talking about how the Celtics are still in the Magic's heads, or something. I get that. But I think, and I get the impression most Magic fans would agree with me, that last year's squad would not have pulled this game out.

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It didn't take long for Magic fans to declare their new look team "mentally tougher" than last year's squad. Hell… any team will improve its mental toughness the moment Vince Carter is shipped out of town.

I will give them credit for making clutch plays in the final 3 minutes of yesterday's game. But even with the lead bouncing from 6 to 9 points, I never felt the Celtics were in command of this game.

I get it… Magic fans are desperate for affirmation of their new team's status as a contender.

What's laughable… is the notion that not having a superstar point guard is equal to new players getting accustomed to one another.

On Page 2, the reaction I got on Twitter after reminding Magic fans Rajon Rondo was on the bench.

You're right about no Rondo. What about, 4 new guys, hardly any practice? Perspective is needed!

No practice together. Shut up.

ah, so rondo is what makes the celtics clutch and tough. Good to know (weird, didn't hear that one until they lost)

There must be a rash of short memory disease in Orlando.

How about Rajon Rondo's 12.8 ppg, 8.5 rpg and 7.5 apg vs the Magic in the regular season last year? Or the 14 ppg and 8 apg in last year's playoff series?

Maybe this 5 minute highlight clip from Game 3 will slap some sense into them:

And I didn't even mention Perk and Delonte West.

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  • DRJ

    The main reason for this loss was the absence of both of the Celtics’ PGs, and the fact that we only have those two. There is no third guy. PP’s ‘point forward ‘ experiment apparently ended, at least for that game, and Nate Robinson is clearly not, and never will be, a point guard. I mean that literally — it is NOT POSSIBLE for Nate to become a PG, no matter how much he tries, how much he practices. He doesn’t have it in him, and never will.

  • Alex

    The fact that we were missing Perkins (who is our best player at covering Dwight Howard) and Rajon Rondo (who is our commander in chief in offense) and Delonte West (our second veteran point guard) are the main reasons for the lost. I don’t want to hear ‘oh well lol the three new folks in town are still practicing with each other’.
    Let’s face it. Celtics are a LOT better than the Magic and once our team is healthy, we’ll make sure to give Magic one hell of a beating so we can swipe that smile off Howard’s face as well as beat down the idiotic new found confidence in the Magic fans.
    Go C’s! Still the beast of the East.

  • thetitleisours

    Nothing to worry about. We were cold. We will have games like this. Maybe too much eggnog before the game

  • NineSevenEight

    The Magic’s record speaks for itself; they aren’t even in the same class as the Celtics who haven’t been healthy since Game 5 last year. Let the Magic and their fans rejoice about a meaningless December win at home against a team missing 2 starters and a key bench player in the regular season like they always do. So they made a run, every team in the NBA is capable of making a run.
    On another note, they don’t have FOUR new players. Last time I checked, Hedo was on the Magic two seasons ago. Not new. And Earl Clark? He’s played in 45 career games. Give me a break like he’s going to be a factor. That’s like saying not having Semih was the reason the Celtics lost yesterday. AND SEMIH’S MORE VALUABLE!
    Like Baby and KG said, Dwight’s had the same moves since high school. He’s shown that he can’t develop a true offensive game. And the Celtics have shown that they don’t even need to double him to render him useless no matter who they throw at him.
    Wake me up when the playoffs start. These meaningless games are for the fans of teams that don’t have chance in hell at even sniffing the Finals.

  • larry

    bbd is right, there is no way the magic can beat the c’s in a seven game series.

  • Nora

    I have seen this alot a new team gets together and they get off to a good start. Then more plays are brought in to the mix and things get more difficult. What they are doing now will not last long. Also the best time to catch elite teams is during the holidays. I need to see alot more to be convinced they are better.

  • cez


  • Classless

    I don’t get it. The Magic are 2-2 since the trade. How does this make them “mentally tougher” or even remotely better?

  • Once sterns thugs ( officials) took Shaq out of the game, and with Semih out, there was no big left to play the post..Shaq was totally right,and the gestapo billed him 35K for just saying the damn truth..and as long as that attitude exists in the nba officiating, the more they prove that they control the game and don’t want to hear any constructive criticism. When ya don’t want to fix something that’s broken, it’s a strong message that u want it broken on purpose.
    That said, the Celts blew it at the end, but they are well aware that to beat a 3pt shooting team like the Magic, you have to be up 12 to 15 pts with 1 min left, and the officials did everything in their power to prevent that..The game was more fun to watch than MIA/LA though, where what was totally expected happened..it’s not easy beating 8 players with only 5..I didn’t watch it actually but saw the recap, and it looked like the best part of that game was Artest elbowing LeBrawny in the jaw.

  • It’s funny though; Howard is a stand up guy, unlike lebrawn..it’s almost like when the refs call bs calls, he intentionally misses them..He doesn’t miss them in the clutch though if ya notice.
    Miami’s heads so big they think everyone wants to see them play..The only time I’ll watch them is when they’re playing the Celts, because they get away with so much now with Lebrawn on their team..He travels ALL the time, get’s calls that don’t happen, and is fouled everytime he goes to the hoop.
    Who want’s to see that game fixing crap?
    I’m still waiting to see LBJ do Brawny commercials