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Big Baby sure is giving Orlando a lot of bulletin board material

The Celtics are not shy.  They typically let it be know how they feel about a player, or a team… and it's no different after yesterday's game.  

Cue the Glen Davis bulletin board machine

"They can't beat us," said Boston's Glen Davis after Orlando, well, beat them. 

Davis clarified his words moments later by adding, "they came out and played better than us today, but if you are talking about a seven-game series, I don't think they can beat us."


And then there's this

"I have been playing Dwight since 2004, when I was playing against him in the AAU circuit," Davis said. "His game hasn't really changed. It's not like has a jump shot, or a new spin move. He has the same moves since high school. He has the same post moves."


That part is true.  Dwight, even though he worked with Hakeem Olojuwan over the summer, hasn't really added anything to his game.  Kinda sad (but good for us) really.  He could be the most dominant center we've ever seen if he just added some moves to free himself up on the post.  KG echoed the same sentiments: 

"I thought everybody who guarded him did a good job on him," Garnett said. "It is not like he has a ton of moves. He is either going to jump-hook you, spin-lob … he is very predictable."

When your best player is predictable, then it allows someone like Glen Davis… who isn't on Dwight's level… to talk smack and be right. 

At least, you'd better be right, Baby.

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  • Alex

    “At least, you’d better be right, Baby.”
    I do believe he’s right. Trust me, Orlando couldn’t penetrate the C’s defense even with most of our top players out of the team due to injuries (including Jermaine O’Neal – who is a good defender but still struggling it seems due to injuries).
    If healthy, the Celtics will easily beat the Magic. If injured, the C’s will struggle against the Magic, but I still think they would still beat them in a 7game series.
    Btw, is it me or is Orlando such a crappy team to watch. All they do is shoot three pointers… rather pathetic. If there was no such thing as a three point line in this game, I doubt Orlando would be a Top 5 team whatsoever.

  • Alex

    “If there was no such thing as a three point line in this game, I doubt Orlando would be a Top 5 team whatsoever.”
    if there was no such thing as the internet u would not have the opportunity to make such a fool of yourself in public. i bet you’re the kinda guy that hates the forward pass in football too huh?

  • Alex

    Not a football person. I prefer watching sports that are more fast paced rather than wait 15-20 seconds for a play to happen (which is why I do not like baseball as well).
    But hey, it’s my opinion. You are either going to agree or disagree. Looks like I got under your skin, tough boy.
    Let’s face it, if Orlando’s game is just to shoot three pointers all game, it’s going to be easy just to beat them in a 7game series. Oh sure, there will be one game where they are hot and make three pointers like no tomorrow, but don’t expect that hot hand every game. Funny thing is that they were making lots of three pointers last game and it was STILL a close game.
    I can’t wait to see a rematch with the healthy Celtics versus the Orlando Magic. Should be a good watch.

  • Celtic forever

    Could be the most dominant center we’ve ever seen?
    Um, hyperbole much?
    Shaq is by far The Most Dominant center we have ever seen.
    Dwight will NEVER even come close.

  • Nora

    Big Baby is right but I really hate giving BB material to the other team. Don’t need them giving extra motivation to the opposition.

  • Nora

    If there was no such thing as the internet the world would be free of annoying trolls

  • The destroyer of squirles

    Garnett is madd at nate you can tell.

  • Classless

    Agreed. Orlando lines up 4 guys on the perimeter and jacks up 3’s. When they fall, they are unbeatable, when they don’t, they are awful.

  • Classless

    Glen Davis is spot on about Howard. He’s added nothing to his game offensively. Everybody respects his rebounding and shotblocking ability, but honestly Howard is a disappointment. He should be unguardable on the offensive end, but instead the Celtics can play him 1 on 1. And that’s entirely Howard’s fault. He doesn’t work hard enough.