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Nate takes responsibility for the loss

Nate tweet

That's Nate tweeting just a few minutes ago.  He's right about not being able to throw a rock in the ocean… but he was certainly not the only one. 

Good for Nate for taking responsibility.  Nice to see.  Maybe take it to the hole a little more and take some easier shots before moving back out.

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  • Classless

    Classy statement. It’s true, he did cost them the game with not only his shooting but his horrible offensive management. Not a big deal, since he won’t be playing in crunch time in big games in the playoffs.

  • GranTur

    He’s been very consistent lately. One bad game happens.
    The entire team stunk it up other than KG. I’m surprised we were so close to winning it actually.

  • CFH

    Good for Nate.
    He had help with the sucking, though, and he was in a role he shouldn’t have to fill to begin with. It’s fine to have him on the floor in the crunch… when (a) he’s on a hot streak (b) matchups mean his size isn’t too much of a problem and (c) he’s not trying to run the team.

  • DRJ

    “other than KG”… and Paul, and, mostly, Ray. And the defense was excellent most of the time.

  • DRJ

    No question, not having Rondo AND Delonte hurt big time. Just rotten luck to lose both of our true PGs at the same time.
    It is good to see Nate tweet that. Small note re the last sentence: when Nate did get the ball right next to the basket… he missed the layup. And he was pretty useless on defense too, almost the only one who was. So I dunno WHAT was wrong with Nate today, but yeah, he did cost the team this game… because Orlando was just NOT ready to deal with our D today, not at all. They ALSO stunk.

  • DRJ

    One point to remember: with either Rondo or Delonte in the game, the Cs would have won pretty easily today. That’s true. But Orlando will ALSO likely get MUCH better by playoff time. I believe they are likely to be our toughest out of the whole playoffs, because they’re LOADED with formidable talent, and they have plenty of time to gel before the rubber hits the road.

  • Good stuff Nate. But he didn’t cost us the game. It was a combination of things. Who cares though- we’re 23-5 and the Fakers got their asses smoked at home, so I’m happy.

  • Lee in Oregon

    I’d rather the Lakers had won today, put another loss in the Heat loss collumn.
    This loss isnt a big deal as long as they take care of business in Indy & Detoilet. The fact is they havnt been firing on all cylinders offensivly, and it was pretty obvious today how much they miss Rondo on both ends.

  • Nora

    Other than Howard they are not loaded with defense though

  • spw

    Im more scared of the lakers than i am the heat… Im glad the heat won and showed how much tougher the east is.
    The fourth quarter performance of our team was rough. They were completely worn out.
    We need some healthy bench players. At the very least we need to figure out a way to get KG more of a rest.

  • Doop

    awwww, Nate is so bummed that he put a halt to his obsessive WordUp movement… but yeah classy tweet of Nate. Disappointing that we could have won today. At least the Lakers lost.

  • Celtics

    Poor Nate, this is why I love this team, if Kobe had a bad or one of the Lakers had a bad game they wouldn’t of maned up

  • Nick

    I love Nate but he’s right, he murdered us today. 1 reason Nate is a beast is because he’s got no fear and he jacks up crazy shots and flexes and plays like he’s at the fucking Rucker. Now theres a time to hone it in but this isn’t the time. I counted tons of times that one of our bigs set him a great screen and he’s just tentative to shoot. Shoot the friggen ball instead of taking contested bad shots which is what he really was taking. C’Mon lil nate, get it right man get it right

  • greenbeand

    hopefully this isn’t the beginning of the post xmass melt down

  • Mileke

    No this is not a meltdown, this is a learning experience for the team, you have to experience the lows, to appreciate the highs, we are going to be ok C’s!!! and this was totally not all on Nate, bad games for Allen, Bench, Shaq, and i think Jermaine gave quality minutes today, but hey, it had to end someday, but i wish it couldve been a 34 game winstreak lol!!! #celticnation

  • Couldn't have said it better myself.