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C’s blow it… the streak is over

I'm gonna cut to the chase cuz it's Christmas and I don't want to dwell on this. 

The C's came out cold but clawed their way back in the first quarter.  They held a 12 point second half lead, but they couldn't close the deal.  KG's jumper with 3:20 left made it 77-71… and that was the last field goal the C's would make.  Orlando, meanwhile, hit their shots down the stretch and came away with an 86-78 win.

This was not pretty, folks.  The refs let these guys pound the hell out of one another, leading to some pretty low shooting percentages (39.4% for ORL, 34.6 for Boston).  Ray and Nate were COOOOOLD.  Ray was 3-13 (1-5 3pt)… Nate was 2-15 (1-7 3pt).  Big Baby chipped in with a 4-12 performance too. 

Jermaine came back and played 10 forgettable minutes.  Meanwhile the C's got smoked by Brandon Bass (21 and 9) on a night they kept Dwight Howard in check (6 points, 1-4 shooting).

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  • The shooting in the first half was AWFUL. Ticket got it going late, but was not enough. No spark from the bench either besides Baby-Quis just didn’t get it going. Couple that with Ray and Nate combining to go 5 for 28 and you got yourself an “L”. I could very easily go the “if Rondo” or “if Delonte and Perk” route, but whatever. The streak had to end sometime. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas despite the loss.

  • NineSevenEight

    Nate made me appreciate Rondo’s PG skills more than ever today. He was definitely missed out there. That missed open layup attempt by Nate with his back to the basket pretty muched summed it up. Instead of turning and getting a better look, he blindly tossed it up, didn’t even touch the rim and the Magic went down and his a three. Five point swing.
    I also felt like the wrong guys were talking the shots for more of the game. Wayyyyy too much Nate and Baby (even though Baby had a relatively solid game). Ball stuck and too many jumpers. Not enough Pierce in the first OR second half in my opinion. KG was the only one who showed up on both ends. Thought they could have gone to him way more as well.
    It will be exciting to see when the Celtics get healthy with all of the weapons they have. Obviously depth was what ultimately killed them today. Then they’ll be able to bury Jermaine O’Neal on the bench.
    Nate, man, Nate. I bet he’d admit to that being one of his worst games. I have confidence he’ll make it up when it counts, though. Cheers to the start of a new streak on Tuesday.

  • greenbeand

    i’m with you on the nate factor. clearly he’s not a starter and looked a step behind. i wanted to jump thru the tv and sit him after he clanked a fast break pull-up 3 with ray on the wing and bigs were running!?!

  • Alex

    The Celtics didn’t play all that great and it still resulted in the Magic hitting a three pointer to get the win. I can definitely say the Celtics are much better than the Magic in every way possible and it’ll be fun to watch our WHOLE team facing these Orlando Magic on their next battle.

  • JD

    I miss Rondo. Thats all. Surprisingly not overly depressed about this loss… the streak had to end at some point with all the injuries, let the Magic win now and get confident, then we can hammer them come Jan. 17th when (hopefully, knock on wood, etc.) Rondo is back.

  • Classless

    Whatever. This loss is meaningless. They had to lose sometime and they lost on a night where their backup PG was exposed and Orlando still maxed out to beat them. I’m not worried in the least.

  • DRJ

    Just remember that Orlando will very likely ALSO be much better come playoff time. They don’t worry me per se, but they will still probably be our toughest out of the playoffs.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Hope everyone is having a nice Christmas aside from the loss
    Really missed Rondo today, the ball movement got bad in the end. They might wanna give some respect to Brandon Bass next time too. Even with that and the poor shooting, missed layups, etc., they still coulda/shoulda won this one. Shouldnt be a big deal though, I dont expect this group to play 500 ball from here out.
    Watching JO miss layups was a bit painful.

  • JD

    Hopefully next year when they play on Christmas it can be a home game. They have been on the road for Christmas the last few years.

  • Mileke

    Its ok C’s the Magic had to win this game, We are still #1 in the east, and we are stil the defending EASTERN conference champions, when everyone is healthy, we’ll be alright, dont fret, we held the NBA’s longest winstreak with the most injuries, we will get it rolling again trust, and remember we’ve only had 1 lossing streak, and that was held at only 2, on a good note, The LAKERS lost!!!!

  • I wasn’t happy with the performance but we all play bad games eventually and LA lost 😀

  • I totally agree – when you see old clips of Christmas games, you realize how meaningless they are in the grand scheme of it all…it’s all about 18. Magic won’t beat us in May.

  • I honestly think that being in a new gym impacted Ray’s shooting! In college, I was more of a slasher, but my teammates who were jump shooters would sometimes hate certain gyms. Depth perception, etc, that stuff would all mess with a guy like Ray especially since he’s never been in Amway II before. Now regarding Nate, whatever, he just didn’t perform on the Christmas stage.