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Rondo: “It might take me 3 or 4 months to be 100%”

Rajon Rondo wants to play.  Doc Rivers, apparently, won't be swayed this time

“I might play tomorrow – see how it goes at practice,” said the Celtics point guard, who has missed the last three games with a left ankle sprain.

Of Doc Rivers’ insistence that players return to 100 percent health in non-playoff situations, Rondo said, “It might take me three or four months to be 100 percent.”

Rivers, who minutes earlier had said Rondo would probably be out for longer than the original two-week window given for a Rondo return, wasn’t buying it.

“When he gets near a game he’ll always try to play, but I seriously doubt it,” said Rivers. … The Celtics coach added that Jermaine O’Neal, who took part in his third practice yesterday, would “probably” make his return against the Magic.

I'll file Jermaine playing tomorrow under "I'll believe it when I see it."

And yeah, I pulled that quote out for the headline because it's an eye catcher.  But I think what Rondo is saying is that 100% means no pain or soreness and, honestly, no one is 100% right now.  Everyone's got something. 

There's no reason to rush Rondo back.  The C's are winning, albeit winning some ugly games.  But they're winning nonetheless.  Even if they drop a game here and there… there is absolutely ZERO reason to bring Rondo back until the ankle and hamstring are healed, and the plantar faciitis is at the very least manageable.

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  • Having done with my ankle what Rondo did with his, multiple times even, I know the ankle is probably fine right now. As for the others, who knows. That really could be what he’s talking about.

  • Jared

    I say rest him for however long. A month? No problem. This team can handle it. And I dont think any of us are really afraid of a few losses.
    Merry Christmas everybody!

  • Alex

    Is anyone else sick of Jermaine O’Neal? This guy is more fragile than Oden.

  • Classless

    I was sick of him as soon as he signed with the Celtics. He’s beyond washed up.

  • greenbeand

    i was worried he was out with a combination of concussion, sore hip, bruised shoulder, sprained knee, etc..

  • JD

    Goddamnit, the Rondo fan in me wants him to play and continue his historic season (plus, who doesn’t miss watching him play?)…. but my love for the Celtics overrides the brash Rondo fan and understands that we need him to be as close to 100 percent as possible. So rest up Rajon…

  • Yeah I want him to play as well but Doc probably won’t let him it’s for the best that he rests

  • DRJ

    It’s a pretty difficult situation. The hamstring strain can heal in 2-3 weeks. A Grade 2 ankle sprain — which is certainly what Rondo suffered, if not a little worse — actually takes 4-6 weeks to fully heal. Already we’re looking at at least a month if you want “100%.” The fasciitis can take 6 weeks, or it could take 6 MONTHS, to FULLY heal. Uh oh. This is a real dilemma. What to do?
    The real underlying problem is that if you let him come back while he still has ANY ailment left — say, even if it’s just the fasciitis in his foot — then he will be at GREATER RISK of further injury, by virtue of the simple fact that he’s playing with an existing leg problem. This is why all his problems have been in the same leg — one problem begets the next one, and then those two beget the third. And so it goes.
    Fasciitis typically causes the sufferer to favor that foot. It’s subconscious, so there’s little that can be done to avoid it. By favoring one side — even if it’s just a small adjustment — the athlete increases his risk of damaging something else, because he’s simply not functioning NORMALLY anymore. Rondo’s fasciitis probably CAUSED his hamstring strain, and those two problems probably CAUSED his sprain — which, if you recall, happened because he stepped down just a few degrees off… which is all it takes in an athlete moving fast, hard, and often.
    So what to do? It’s very tough. The ideal solution — perfect world — is for him to stay out till everything heals 100%, just like Doc says. But that could be, as Rondo says, MANY months, especially for the fasciitis. If he comes back with ANY residual problem — then he runs the risk of further injury. A really, really tough problem.
    Since the playoffs are what really matter, my vote would come down on the full-healing side. One, two, even (damn!….) three months, if necessary, with extremely aggressive therapy, every day. And cross fingers that he can get well sooner rather than later. 6-8 weeks, hopefully.
    What will they actually do? Who knows.