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Red's Army

Christmas Kobe is hypnotizing

"You are getting sleeeeeeepy…… 

"now repeat after me…. I am not a douchebag…. I am nooooooot a doooooouchebag"

Nah, never mind.  I'm still not buying it.

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  • Doop

    Hahhaha…You come up with the best captions.

  • greenbeand

    he should be in jail

  • I agree. Total d-bag.

  • KY Celts fan

    Ha! Great post!

  • Oh please,!!! Stop hating Kobe. If u don’t remember it was him that shut the Celtics down last year (Okay, he did have help, there). I guess you hate all the teams and players that have made u look like fools namely Kobe, Shaq (when he wasn’t a Celtic), KG (when he was not a Celtic) Magic Johnson, etec, etc

  • Classless

    Is that how he raped that girl in Eagle, CO?

  • Mr Miyagi

    Man with hand in pocket must feel cocky.

  • Lou Stouls

    Is that Jerry Buss’s left testicle he’s holding in his hand there after he made him trade Shaq?
    (Or his right?)

  • lainok

    will you guys let it go. you won one, and we won one. Until we meet again it’s even. I love Kobe, but I get if people think he’s a douche. You love Pierce, but I think he’s a douche. On the other side of the coin I bet you have no problem with Fisher, and I think Rondo is the shit. So right now we’re even. If we meet again in June, then we will settle this. Until then let it go.

  • lainok

    though I will admit that clip of kobe is not promoting his hetrosexuality.

  • What fun is that?

  • lainok

    all the fun this season is in ripping on the heat…which will be much harder after today for my team.