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Rondo just didn’t give a damn about playing for Team USA

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Over the summer, Rajon Rondo's agent explained that Rajon just wasn't really into playing in the Worlds.  Today on WEEI, Danny hammered the same point home

“I think Rajon really didn’t want to do it,” Ainge said. “He was pretty tired after the end of the NBA finals and he needed some rest. He’s not a real attention seeker and I don’t think he wanted to play for the US team. They came back to him again and he said he really didn’t want to do it, and they came back again and he finally relented. They got it down to 13 players, I think he sort of volunteered to be the guy to not do it. I just don’t think it’s a dream, a passion of his to play on the US team. I don’t think there was any more to it than that.”

Hey, different people have different priorities.  I can't get on Rondo's ass for not wanting to play for Team USA.  The guy is getting paid by the Celtics and he's focused on what he needs to do for his team.  And just because I would do it if I was in his position doesn't mean he has to. 

Maybe he'll change his mind later in his career.  For now, let's focus on hanging Banner 18.

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  • rondo

    i don’t believe it. he knew he was on the bubble so he quit.

  • If this is true, then I’m disappointed. Rondo should be proud and honored to be able to even have the opportunity to represent his country.

  • Not everyone feels the same way. I can’t criticize the guy for not thinking the same way I do. If he didn’t want to do it, he shouldn’t be forced to.

  • Lance Boyle

    To paraphrase some guy on the Raiders: my priorities are God, family and Al Davis, not necessarily in that order.
    Celtics, God and country for Rondo is fine with me.

  • Viva

    There was something he wasn’t eager to do, and he was in a discussion if he was good enough for them. If you ask me that was a bit insulting, and I would do the same.

  • greenbeand

    lets not also take into consideration that he had family health issues

  • Jared

    I applaud Rondo for being honest. I love the land where I was born and live, but have no interest in “representing my country” in any capacity. While he might not feel the same as I do, there is no shame whatsoever in turning down something he doesnt feel passionate about.
    There are wonderful Celtics fans all over the world, and its great to know his priorities lie with the club.

  • if that is true screw rondo, I made a lot less money serving my country and it was not being a basketball player. if he got his name called to go to Iraq, would he do it? the in the words of Hacksaw JIM DUGGIN USA! USA! USA! USA!………..sorry that kinda hits home for a guy living a trailer busting his butt!!!!!!!!

  • Like I said, I’m disappointed he doesn’t feel that way.

  • Lee in Oregon, USA

    Let’s not make a big deal about this. The guy just finished a very long season and has another long one in the making. I’m glad he got some rest. And we dont have to get into a whole “I love America” pissing contest. Let’s just assume everyone loves thier country except maybe Josh Howard.

  • Classless

    I don’t quite believe this. His game was never suited for the European game, he figured that out and couldn’t adapt, so he pulled out. No harm, no foul. He’s still a top 5 NBA PG.