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… and now, how NOT to finish off the break

We just posted Paul Pierce's steal and poster on Lou Williams… which serves as a shining example of how to bear down on D, hustle, and then finish off the break so as to energize your team and home crowd. 

… and now, by contrast, I present Andray Blatche's interpretation of a similar play


Well, that's gonna happen I suppose.  Sometimes goofy things happen even to good players.  The key is to put a play like that out of your head and not let it affect the rest of your night.


This is the point where it would be acceptable for Wizards fans to pour themselves a nice, big glass of Clorox… because that would be less painful than having to depend on Andray Blatche every night. 

Can I request John Wall's trade for him… or is it customary to go through the charade of wanting to play for this franchise?

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  • Classless

    Par for the course with Blatche, 2010’s Mark Blount.

  • misel

    … and the site’s got pierce’s nickname on it (The)TRUTH About It.net =))

  • Goceltics


  • this is the perfect example of how a career can be affected by a players surroundings
    its this difference of a younger player learning how to conduct himself as a professional from guys like pierce, allen, and kg or gilbert arenas…
    blatche has tons of talent. just think if he was able to learn under the big 3 and doc in boston, he would be a beast
    he makes me think how lucky big baby was to get drafted by boston, i dont think he makes it without our team leadership