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Recap: Celtics outlast Philly for 14th straight win

(AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)

How many times can the Celtics shoot 39%, take 10 fewer free throws than their opponent and win the game? Not many… but it happened tonight.

The Celtics edged the 76ers 84-80 in one of the ugliest basketball games you'll ever see.

KG made the play of the game, blocking Andre Iguodala's lay-up attempt with 14 seconds remaining.

Nothing came easy for Paul Pierce (4 – 15 FG, 5 fouls), but he did score 6 of his 11 points in the final 5 minutes.

We got big games from Ray Allen (20 points, 4 rebounds, 6 assists) and Shaq (13 points, 9 rebounds).

The officiating was… uneven. At one point the foul discrepancy was Bos – 17 and Philly – 6. The 76ers went 11 minutes (during 2nd and 3rd quarters) without getting whistled for a foul. Garnett and Pierce each picked up technical fouls for complaining about calls. The Celtics finally got some calls in the 4th quarter where they took 14 FTs compared to 1 FT for the Sixers.

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  • Nora

    It’s hard not to notice how crooked NBA refs are. How else can this type of ‘officiating’ be explained lol

  • Lee in Oregon

    I thought Tommy was gonna lose it at one point. That block by KG at the end was awesome.
    Glad to hear Rondo is almost back.

  • NineSevenEight

    I almost died when Tommy said he was going to blow up the place. HAHA. That was pretty outrageous though. Specifically Pierce’s foul that preceded the T and Nate Robinson playing great D on a jumpshot with his hands and body going straight up in perfect position. Add it to the long list of ridiculous, one-sided officiating. Philly should feel lucky to have even sniffed at a win.

  • Mileke

    As ugliest as this game was, I dont think all season I’ve been more happy for a win, (Maybe im overexxagerating) but this game was flat out rediculous, we were never suppose to win this game, but we gutted it out and found a way to get it done, and thats what i Love the most about this victory. Through the horrible officiating, we fought harder and harder, there’s no GIVE up in the CELTICS blood, again “so, what you gone do? Quit, put your clothes on and go home? That aint the way we do things around here. We Work.” -KG- and they lived up to that exact quote tonight, they really did, hey thats 14 in a row, in this CHRISTMAS should be a MERRY one!!!! Happy Holidays C’s FANS!!!!

  • DRJ

    Poor Paul, he got totally HAMMERED after stealing the ball in the 4th, when he went up for the dunk.. I mean HAMMERED… but no call. He was pissed… and damn lucky not to get whistled for his 2nd T for complaining.
    This kind of game is the toughest to win. When the team KNOWS that the refs are set against them, and yet, they decide to put out the truly EXTREME effort it takes to win anyway, 5 vs. 8… that’s when you know how determined and motivated these guys really are. HUGE difference from last season.
    And did you see Paul and KG hug when it was finally clear they were going to win, a few seconds before the end? Like it was very IMPORTANT to win. Against Philly, in December. And they’re huggin like it’s the playoffs. Man, we NEVER saw that last year. It’s a beautiful thing.
    Something about Philly brings it out in our guys. In their last game, they also visibly rejoiced when they won a tough one. That was, in fact, when I finally realized just how completely different this team is from last season. Today’s game just seals it.
    Magic shouldn’t be too tough. They’re still at least a couple of weeks away from gelling into a good team. Merry Xmas!
    (OH, and btw… did you hear how JO now has the FLU, and now THAT’S why he’s not playing! What’s next, a hangnail? WHAT A WASTE that guy is. Too bad about the full MLE they threw away on him… it sure looks like he’s just a pathetic loser at this point.)

  • AP

    Rondo couldn’t come back soon enough. The flow of the game is out of whack without him.


    Agreed…the ball didn’t move….Ray did his best to get it going and he shot well enough.
    Agreed Dr J – we had a lot of shots rim out, they had a few settle in.
    Sure the refs stunk but we had to work hard to win and we out worked them in the end. Out rebounded them and just wanted it more – a team at 22-4 who are pretty much all champions already wanted it more…
    That sums them up.

  • KY Celts fan

    Every great team has at least one team they struggle against. Last year it was the Hawks, this year it’s apparently the Sixers. This team really knows how to grind out the wins though. Awesome.
    A lot of people seem to be upset about JO not playing tonight. I don’t see it as that big a deal. He got the same bug that Pierce and Baby had. Sure, they played through it. But if you beev sitting out for nearly two months, and only have a 50/50 chance of playing tonight, then get the flu! Might as well thakebthat other 50 and sit out.

  • KY Celts fan

    *take that

  • greenbeand

    the bench stunk sh!t up 7-24

  • I’ve never screamed so loud at refs in my life. Garden security told me to stop. Thank God for Ray. I believe we are now 8-0 when he drops 20 or more. That Pierce dunk was the turning-point. The Captain did what was needed to fire-up the troops and the crowd. That 1st half was painful to watch-just one of those situations were shots were not falling. Still think the defense was pretty decent tonight. Hell, I’ll take the “W”.

  • DRJ

    Btw, Paul was fouled pretty HARD on that dunk. No call (of course).
    Did they really tell you to stop? :))

  • DRJ

    Definitely hope you’re right, and he will be back to contribute. But with his stated lack of self-confidence, combined with his statement about being remembered as a Pacer, and his talking about retirement…. PLUS his never-ending time off… it’s hard not to think he might just be full of it.

  • Mileke

    I didnt expect JO back till christmas anyway, playing tonight wouldve just been a bonus for him, so no need to be mad about that, but I will say, him annoucing 30 mins before tip-off thaat he “wasnt playing” probally threw our gameplan for tonight right out the window, but we gutted it out, and got the W, now lets make this a Undefeated DECEMBER!!!! Also talked to Delonte and Perk today on GTL, and Perk and Delonte expect to be back mid to late January, although Delonte said he can be back within the first 4 games of January, he would give a clearer answer in a week or so, Perk says he cant wait to get back on the court, and he’s coming back better than ever, and his return is probally more late January early February, said he’ll give a definite answer in about 2 weeks, Perk also said Rondo will play when “Chris Paul comes to town” lol (p.s. thats New Year’s Eve if you dont already know)…. just thought i’d update you guys on that, Go Celtics!

  • Classless

    Really? You mean you were somehow more upset with this stupid game than Game 7 vs. LA’s 37-17 FT debacle? Get a grip.

  • Aww…did someone wake-up cranky? Merry Christmas!

  • Um…no..I was more upset w/these refs though as the calls were
    blatantly worse. Being at the game & seeing it right in front of you
    makes it that more unbelievable . Thanks for hating though and Merry

  • mollysdaddy

    What are all the JO haters expecting out of him? Set aside the time he’s been out with injury, let’s assume this was needed for him to get healthy and he comes back feeling good.
    We got him primarily because Perk is out for a majority of the season. So we need a defensive center who can protect the rim. Look at his blocks, 3.8 per 48 minutes. Rebounds are 9.8 per 48 (3.5 offensive).
    Perk in comparison last year, 3 blks but 13.5 rebounds (3.5 offensive).
    And per 48 Perk scored about 3 more.
    So JO with a gimpy knee was nearly as effective (stat wise) as Perk last season. What more do you want from a guy we HAD to pick up to fill the roll? Remember most of you were cringing at the idea of Shaq coming here at the time. There were rumors of Kwame Brown too.
    I say he’s a good fit here. You want Perk’s attitude? His knowledge of the defense? His brute force? I only know one guy in the league who fits has those things, and he just recently started jogging on a treadmill and won’t be available until at least February.

  • Michael

    Yes, I was thinking Homeland Security might have something to say about Tommy’s comment. He was mostly right on, and I can only suspect that the refs had it in mind to “keep this one close” and make the C’s gut it out. Which they did!!

  • michael

    Not many folks will agreee with me here, but right on mollydaddy!
    I dont’ love JO’s game, but having him around the whole year is much better than picking up anyone at the deadline. Fine, Danny overpaid, whatever. He made too many great moves to criticize him for making a move that is pretty much the equivalent of buying insurance you may never use (like title insurance on a house… rarely used, but everyone has it)
    So let’s just call it Title 18 Insurance.
    whatever. we’re going to need him at some point. He will come up with a big block or reb in a finals game against Bynum or Duncan, or he’ll light up some backup for a dozen points in a quarter. Until then, I dont’ really care if he sits or swallows pain killers. The guy has a life to live after hoops. But yes, no more Pacers comments would be a vast improvement for now. I didn’t know about that, and it’s unacceptable in Boston media culutre.

  • Mileke

    Coudnt agree more!!!! Well Said!!!!

  • Indeed they did..

  • JD

    I don’t want him to spread it among the rest of the team either.