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What is the obsession with Rasheed coming back?

Sheed yelling
Last season, Rasheed Wallace came into camp out of shape, he jacked 3's like his life depended on it, got T'd up seemingly every other game, and was accused of promoting the blase' attitude that led to a spate of second half collapses. 

In short, a lot of people didn't really like him and what he brought to the team.  He turned it on for the playoffs, which was great until his lack of conditioning caught up to him in the Finals.

But it seems like this season you can't go a day without someone on Twitter asking one of the local writers or someone in the comments of one of the 92 C's blogs (we're a proud 89th and holding steady!) asking or wishing for Sheed's return. 

So my question is… well, I asked it in the headline.  

What the hell is everyone's obsession with getting Rasheed Wallace back?  Why do fans of a 22-4 team want to make such a monumental change to this team?  And do people not realize that we're a full capacity with the roster?  Who gets cut to bring Sheed in?  

I'm at a loss… I just don't get it.

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  • Gary Tanguay Fake Laugh


  • BRADinLA

    I think it’s the idea that another skilled big, no matter how lazy and unconditioned would push this team into the stratosphere. He played well in game 7 and really most of the playoffs and since he wouldn’t be our first/only option… why not? I guess if you’re of the mindset that he was responsible for the .500 ball the C’s played the second half of last year he’s a skilled teammate but a cancer and we shouldn’t want him back. Who knows though, he might help.

  • BRADinLA

    Also, no matter how much a butthead he can be, people just like Sheed.

  • james

    nah joking its a terrible idea.

  • JD

    Awful idea. We have enough bigs, especially veterans bigs. Where we need the most help is at the 1-3 positions, and we’ll be fine there when everyone comes back healthy (knock on wood).

  • Our 4 centers (perk, shaq, jo, erden) have all missed time due to injuries. No one is saying bring sheed back now, but if one or two of those guys aren’t healthy towards the end of the season (definitely possible) he would be 100X more valuable to have on the bench than von or luke (especially when delonte is back). I’d take sheed over anyone from the scrap heap of bigs that are usually available at the deadline (joe smith, mikki moore). Are you saying you wouldn’t want sheed on this team under any circumstances?

  • DRJ

    Sheed is the reason the Cs were able to play Game 6 the way they did… sleepwalking through a FINALS game (!) just because there was going to be another chance. Today’s team wouldn’t dream of doing that. That team not only dreamed it, they did it. And the rot at the core that allowed that to happen was Wallace. Doesn’t matter that he turned it on for the playoffs… his attitude as terrible, both for his team and in general. Do NOT bring this guy back. Not if you wanna win.

  • Perk got hurt game 6. To say sheed influenced kg, pierce and ray to “sleepwalk through a finals game” is not only ludicrous, but disrespectful to the big 3’s commitment to the game.

  • BigMck

    There is no need for Sheed.

  • It was kinda a fun while it lasted. Sheed is not on my radar or in the back of his mind.

  • DRJ

    Perk got hurt in Game 6, and they lost by 22 points. He was still hurt in Game 7, and it was extremely tight. No… they DID sleepwalk through Game 6. It was unforgivable, something the current team couldn’t do. (I’ve watched it several times, still have it on my DVR.) And Wallace did change the psychology of this team, slowly, over the regular season. And the truth is, you CAN’T just turn it on for the playoffs… not all the way. Part of the rot always remains, apparently.
    This tale goes all the way back to last January. If you really wanna read the whole (sad) story, I can give you the links. But the bottom line is: let the sleeping dog lie. This team is not going to step backwards. The loss of Sheed was the best thing that could have happened this summer.Now let it be.

  • Perk going down early in game 6 was a shock to the celts at the time and nearly an impossible obstacle to overcome. Game 7, with time to game plan for life without perk, was a different story. Sheed was far from the ideal MLE signing last year. But this year, as a 3rd string big, yes please. You are lying to yourself if you think he wouldn’t be an upgrade over non-rotation players such as von or luke. An unhealthy kg/pierce/perk was the biggest reason for the Celtics struggles last year, not sheed.

  • ManUp


  • …until semih requires surgery on his shoulder, jo/shaq get hurt, or perk doesn’t recover as fast as expected. hopefully none of this occurs, but would you bet on it? Alls I am saying is wait and see how the health of our bigs holds up before writing off sheed. Whats the old saying when it comes to winning basketball games? you can never have too many… (hint: it aint von wafers)

  • Sev

    semih is better than an out of shape sheed that refuses to play in the post. Aside from his lazafair attitude he takes away threes from allen pierce and nate. Just like most people I respect his accomplishments throughout his career, but aside from game 7, he didn’t bring anything else to the table. Hes def not running miles everyday on the beach like KG, so honestly I would rather grab somebody off the scrap pile that’s been staying in shape waiting for an NBA team to pick him up. He said all the right things last year before the season. but then ended up using 2/3’s of the season to just get into basketball shape. He prob never wrked hard in the offseason, but his talent and youth allowed him to still excell, but imagine if he had a wrk ethic to go along with that talent his entire career.

  • Mileke

    With all 4 centers hurt, do we really trust Sheed? he’s a injured machine walking himself, we have BABY that can back that up, its preety pessimistic to say all 4 centers will miss a game this year, but if it is so, Do we not trust Harangody and Davis to split a few minutes with Garnett? Really? Bring Sheed? Get rid of Von? Then whose going to back Pierce, and Quis, with Quis being injury proned? For one there’s no room for Sheed, and getting rid of anybody on a current roster thats winning without almost all 4 centers, for Sheed is rediculous. I love Sheed, and its safe to say Sheed did alot of good for us, but he also did alot of bad, his attitude was horrible, and i just dont think basketbal, let alone winning is in his heart anymore!

  • Lee in Oregon

    YES to Sheed! I’ve been sayin it since he “retired”. He can not only shoot 3’s but he gives Gasol fits defensivly. Maybe KG can do better at it this year, but in last years finals, Sheed was the only guy who didnt concede mid-range jumpers to Gasol. I would only want him if he came back at the break, so by playoff time he can lose the man titties and be ready. He was a stud in the playoffs last year, after mailing in the regular season. I’d let Semih go get his surgery if the other bigs are back and Sheed wants in.

  • cam

    Shred played in every game last year. That’s pretty impressive considering looking at some of our centers now. He got injured in the magic series i don’t think he was out of shape for that game 7. I think he was injured and was the only center onthe team.
    Don’t really want him back now but who.knows down the line if we end up trading one of.our bigs, or more likely if.one of.them is injured

  • Sheed played in 79 of the celts 82 reg season games last year. All four centers already have missed a game this year. Would I trust kg, baby, and luke as our only bigs? No. Von currently plays almost no minutes, when delonte comes back he will only play during blowouts. Basketball ain’t in sheed’s heart anymore? Please. Sheed wouldn’t come back to play major minutes like last year, only to fill in 10 mins or so if a big or two goes down.

  • A-freaking-men

  • DRJ

    Your last sentence is true, but has nothing to do with the subject. We’re talking about the playoffs, not the whole season. As I said, this a long (and sad) story, which you clearly don’t fully understand. You have to go back to last year’s posts to get it. But that’s ok. The only thing that matters is that the Cs do NOT take Sheed back… that would be a horrible mistake, and I’m pretty sure Danny’s too smart to make it.

  • Rasheed Comeback 2011

    We like the redemption story, especially with legitimate talent. Sheed didn’t perform well in the regular season, but his playoff/Finals play was great. You couldn’t help but feel just as bummed for his last stand as we did for the other guys when they walked away from that Game 7 with their heads down. Would love to see him right the wrongs and get what he came for last year.

  • I was at that game-he would’ve punched that ref that night if Thibs didn’t restrain him. I like our chemistry. So, thanks, but no thanks Mr. Wallace.

  • What the fuck do “last year’s posts” have to do with whether or not sheed would be a valuable addition to celtics for the stretch run? If you are questioning my knowledge of the celtics I have been a season ticket holder since pierce’s rookie year. Clearly you dont understand that if 1 or 2 of the celtics bigs are injured come playoff time sheed would help more than von wafer. I bet you think sheed was responsible for the celts “sleepwalking” through the road games against the hawks in the first round of ’08 too huh? Without sheed last year the celtics dont reach a game 7. Quit hatin

  • Mr Miyagi

    Yes. Yes. Uh huh.
    It was ONLY Sheed who brought the ‘rot’ to the locker room.
    It had nothing to do with KG getting his legs ‘back’ under him among other things.
    Pop quiz: Who said that ‘turning it on for the playoffs/playing for health’ thing first?
    Yeah?. Don’t wanna play? Moving along.
    “You can’t just turn it on for the playoffs.”
    That was said thru the end of the regular season/ beginning of the playoffs.
    “One and done!” and a million other nasty things said by everyone; media, statisticians, h8rs and let’s not forget; some* C’s fans. * = @ the very least.
    …And then it turned out; there IS a Celtics switch. And those mofos flipped it. on. HARD!
    I know. It hurts to go all the way and then lose. In Game 7. To Kobe.
    But I also remember the pre Big 3 days, when last year’s run would have been the stuff of fantasy for most C’s fans. Hell, it would be dreamtalk for any other team’s fans (Lakers and Celtics fans excepted…Oh, let’s not forget the Heat, who won the ESPN ‘championship’, alongside ‘The Decision’) right now.
    But this is Boston NOW.
    Where nothing matters but winning. everything. now.
    Where folks are taking/making bets on how long this streak will last, as if they’re never heard of the ‘January Slide’ or karma/jinx.
    Where a 20 year old, who skipped the rest of college, missed training camp and the preseason due to injury, playing with 4 HOFers on a ‘Sparta-style do or die’ mission and has logged under 40 mins in his NBA career. Guess what?. He’s a bust! Already. In Boston, yes. (It’s a 2 day , 7 page thread somewhere else on the fanweb.)
    It’s starting to show how/why Bill Russell would claim to play for the ‘Celtics’ vs the ‘Boston Celtics’ and had that love/hate thing going.
    Yeah, some people have a soft spot for Sheed.
    Maybe it’s because he’s a real. live. human. being. vs a mindless, soulless stat-producing robot.
    He did’nt HAVE to leave (Remember that?). He does’nt HAVE to come back. ‘Chever way it goes, I’m glad the decision lies in DannyDoc’s hands. And not ours.
    One last thing:
    Most other mascots in the NBA are unicorns, tigers and such fancy 7th grade shizz.
    We’ve got a short, red-eyed, elderly mofo who smokes a pipe, needs a cane and is/does all those things while spinning a ball with one finger on his spare hand. Smiling. Yeah, he may look rickety or a lollygagger, but you can never count him out. He’s on a rampage now. Who know what comes next?.
    That’s why I love this team.
    Thick or thin.

  • DRJ

    Do you want an intelligent discussion, or do you want to curse and restate your position with every post? If the former, as I said, I’m happy to give you the links. If the latter… well, you have yourself a good time.

  • DRJ


  • A lot of good the celt’s chemistry did them last year in game 7 when they only had one healthy center. Chemistry questions came up when cassell, marbury, shaq, and delonte came to town… but died quickly when they all jelled pretty well

  • Gcamia816@yahoo.com

    BALL DON’T LIE!!!!! BALL DON’T LIE!!!!!! BALL DON’T LIE!!!!!!!

  • KY Celts fan

    No Sheed. If we need another big, inevitably one will be bought out by end of season that we could sign. I’d rather have a guy like Nazr Mohammed than Sheed.
    And we’re looking for out of shape big men who like to throw up 3’s at an low percentage, I’d rather bring back Toine. At least he has something to strive towards. If Sheed screws up, he just goes back into retirement.

  • How about you address my point rather than constantly referring to these links? I’ll look at them though, so please post them if you want. Say Shaq and Semih both can’t go in the playoffs, would you be content with Perk JO KG and Davis as the only bigs or would you like a little more insurance?
    If you would like a little more insurance what other options are out there better than Sheed?
    Regarding my cursing, I could use more polite language, but in the words of KG “fuck it”

  • Nazr would be a solid backup but I dont see Charlotte buying out their starting center. Funny story: I was at the Red Claws Sunday when they played against Toine’s team from Idaho. Guess what ‘Toine said after a Red Claw missed the tech for a defensive 3 second violation called on ‘Toine? “Ball Don’t Lie”

  • Mr Miyagi

    I’m done now.

  • Mileke

    @Erik, all 4 of our centers have not missed a game todgether once this season, two why not trust Baby, KG, and Luke when they were the ones that got it done vs. the Knicks, Atlanta, And Pacers, Semih only had one good game that stretch && that was Atlanta, Shaq hardly played against the Pacers, so Baby, and KG have arguably single handedly handled the front court for these past few games, I mean Baby is averaging 39 mins right now right?. Von used to only get garbage minutes, but he’s bought in now, and his minutes will increase to maybe 10-12 mins down the stretch of the season, we’re not having problems playing our bigs, Garnett is still averaging 30 mins i believe, and none of our 5’s playing more than 20 mins, the 1, 2, and 3 positions are hurting right now, and thats where Von helps out, and i f Sheed had soo much heart for the game, why didnt he try to come and help pursue banner #18, instead of telling Doc before Game 7, it was the last game of his carreer, win or loose? where’s the heart in that?

  • DRJ

    Changed my mind about those links… too much work to find them now, not worth it. The bottom line/short version is this:
    – Sheed brought with him a kind of indolence and carelessness that had not been in the locker room before. He didn’t convince anyone, but his presence affected the attitude of the whole team, in part because KG, injured both physically and mentally, was not there to resist. This is why they lost so many games after December.
    – It was also why they were ABLE to sleepwalk through Game 6. Basically, they threw the game. Your memory of that event is very likely clouded now. It was a quite a while ago, and there have been many games since. But my memory is crystal clear, because I have it recorded, and I’ve analyzed it several times. This team DOES NOT lose a PLAYOFF game by 22 points unless it gives up, or sleepwalks thru it. Period. Now they might give it up if, say, the refs are clearly determined to make them lose. That happens. But that’s not what happened in Game 6. They just didn’t play their game. They blew it; they threw it. It was unforgivable, and to this day I don’t forgive THAT team for what they did that night. (But THAT team is not THIS team!)
    – I believe that the Celtics would NEVER have been able to blow off a playoff game — in the Finals no less! — were it not for the presence of Sheed all season long. They were ACCUSTOMED to losing. They’d been there, done that, many times… thanks to Sheed. And they had learned that “It’s ok. There’s always another game.” In the instance of Game 6, it was “We’ll get em in Game 7. We’re the better team, and we know it.” Well, they WERE the better team. But a single NBA game is not necessarily won by the best team… and that’s what happened in Game 7, mostly because they’d lost Perk. But the point is that the ABILITY to talk themselves into blowing Game 6 was only there because of Sheed.
    – If you didn’t follow the process closely last season, there’s no way for you to see it now, after the fact. I wrote about it several times then, and those were the links I was going to provide. Maybe another time I’ll dig them up. Suffice to say that that explanation, written contemporaneously, was the best (and actually the ONLY) explanation of the Celtics’ ’09-’10 season.
    – Your argument that they lost Game 6 because of Perk’s injury is clearly wrong. If they had lost by a single digit number, it might hold some water. But they lost by 22. There is NO WAY that could happen without their giving up. And if you watch that game again, with this issue in mind, you will CLEARLY see that they just did not play their game, at all. And the difference between Game 6 and 7 is remarkable and HUGE… and only explainable this way.
    – So…. enough. I hope you get it. But if you don’t… that’s ok. Nothing we say matters anyway. All I care about in this matter is that Sheed stays where he is — OUT of the Celtics’ locker room.
    (Oh, and btw… With JO so unsure of himself, so ‘injured’, so friggin PATHETIC, sure I’d like to see another big in the mix, for good measure. I expect Danny to go and get one, sometime before February. But not Sheed. Anybody but Sheed.)

  • Mileke

    && By the way, turning it on in the playoffs is what had us playing Game 7 in LA, we want Home-Court advantage this year, so Scratch what Sheed said bout playoffs, theres a different mentality in the locker room this year, if you havent noticed, we all know sheed’s attitude, now lets be honest, do you really believe he’s gonna come back and play for us to be the 4th, maybe 5th option off the bench? now that would just throw the good chemistry right out the door…. && we’re not blaming Sheed for the way we sleepwalked last year, but he’s definitely not gonna help things around here, i rather make a trade for a valuble Big men for Von, and Luke, than to pick up Sheed, && have to worry bout him & shaq fighting in the Locker room, plus he’s nowhere near valuble to this team right now, im sorry, he just dont fit on this years squad!

  • Lee in Oregon

    I’m not gonna name names but some of you guys need to cut down the length of your posts or start your own blog. Your post shouldnt really be twice as long as what you’re responding to, especially if you want others to read it.

  • I was right about the Blockbuster Trade Baby!

    IF we’re bringing back sheed, we may as well bring back marbury, since who knows how the Rondo and Delonte recoveries will go! Seriously though, I have always liked sheed, but I like the chemistry of our second unit without him. Besides, he retired for a reason.

  • ihx00

    Cut Von Wafer to bring Sheed back !!!

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    C’mon man, thinking they let game 6 go because of Sheed is literally absurd..
    Then, if you don’t think it might be a good idea to bring him back for PO, let’s talk about it; this year seems different, the team is different, and the alchemy/locker room is different, so you don’t wanna mess. It’s ok, I could agree.

  • I heard they are going to give Vin Baker a try?

  • DRJ

    I tried hard to make the post as short as possible. But it’s a long story, how Sheed infiltrated the team, etc. Long and complex… and at this point, not worth expending the energy. (Unless, of course, Danny loses his mind and {gasp}……)

  • Orb

    Time to edit my Sheed shirt from last November with a magic marker. Thanks for the tip BigMck.

  • michael

    I can’t believe i wasted half an hour reading all this. Actually, yes I can.
    Apples to Apples, Sheed vs. Luke:
    Sheed is a tough dude with skills. Harangody’s got hustle and he tries hard. I hope Luke will eventually, or even soon, make a decent NBA role player. He can’t D like Sheed and despite Luke’s good rebounding instincts and positioning, he doesn’t quite have enough reach to compensate for lack of ups.
    While Sheed is not exactly Mr. Athletic either, he has instincts and size. Call rebounding a wash, or slight edge to Sheed. Maaaaybe Luke’s a better shooter, but he’s not going to back a guy down and bank it in from 12 feet.
    Luke and Sheed are both SMART players. I’m completely unaware of Nazr Mohammed’s basketball IQ or availability, but he does block shots and get boards.
    My perception is that Luke has no signficant locker room impact other than being a generally good guy and doing the rookie stuff. Sheed ain’t gonna do the rookie stuff, but he stikes me as generally a good guy who gets hot on the court and likes to screw around from time to time. I’ll give the edge to Luke 🙂
    If we’re talking about this year and this year only, I’d probably trade/cut Luke and add Sheed or possibly another unknown big when the time comes. For future’s sake, I think some loyalty to Luke may prove wise.
    Von Wafer has been fine for what’ been asked of him and we can’t afford to dump a swingman no matter now little PT he’s had to date.

  • Michael

    To me, Sheed’s postseason play last year was fantastic. His D on Howard and Gasol was terrific. But I won’t deny that his technicals and regular-season commitment were problems last year. So if you want to say that the trade-off isn’t worth it, that’s a legit argument.
    What I can’t stand is this idea that somehow Rasheed Wallace put a magic voodoo spell on an entire team of grown-ass men, including a stable of Hall of Famers. Give me a break. That team did what it had to in order to make a run–that wasn’t Rasheed Wallace’s call, that was on Doc and the Big 3, and that was the right decision for that particular team in that particular situation.
    I also think it’s crazy to say a) That Sheed is responsible for the Celtics not having home court and b) That the Celtics quit in game 6 of the NBA finals because of Sheed, and that’s the only reason they would lose by 20. It’s hard to believe that without Sheed the Celtics would have won 60 games. He was playing 15-20 mpg! Some fans have this idea that the only reason the Celtics would ever lose is because they “quit.” That’s crazy. The 2009-10 Lakers were an elite team, especially at home. Sometimes you get beat not because of “effort” or “heart” or whatever, you get beat because the other team is really really good (or, as in game 6, because your starters can’t hit a shot/get a stop and get pounded out of the gate, or because no player on your team shot more than 3 free throws).
    I am 100% fine with this team as its currently constructed and I’m looking forward to Perk coming back and the team making a run at another ring. But if Perk has a setback, or Shaq goes down, I’d be way more confident in a playoff series with a healthy/ready Sheed going up against elite big men than Jermaine O’Neal. If you feel differently, fine, but let’s stop over-blaming Sheed for last year. He had his part in it, sure, but he wasn’t the only, or even the main problem.

  • DRJ

    You obviously haven’t read the arguments you are arguing against. Or you are utilizing what’s known as the “Strawman fallacy”.

  • Mileke

    Lol DRJ, thats what i was saying but i agree with everything he said in the last paragraph!!! but its rreally pointless for all of us to be arguing, because if we all know Doc the way we think we do, then you’ll know he’s not about to cut anybody on the current roster for Sheed, take it, or leave it, its not going to happen!

  • well said Michael

  • Mr Miyagi


  • Ubuntu!

    All heated debate on Sheed aside,
    @Gary Tanguay Fake Laugh- You, my friend, have an awesome username.