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The Heat, the Mavs, and a minute of epic fail for both sides


Yes, that's Miami missing seven shots on one possession… and that's Dallas allowing Miami to take eight shots on the possession… which spanned :54 seconds.  Miami just kept chucking up threes (only two of the misses were from inside the arc) and Dallas got burned by a bunch of long rebounds because of it.

I can only imagine fans on both sides about :40 into this going "oh JESUS CHRIST… SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING!!" 

Oh… Miami lost, by the way. 

Via Ball Don't Lie

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  • greenbeand

    you expected something else from 2 non-contending teams?

  • Alex


  • Josh

    miami = 5-7 vs teams above .500
    celtics = 11-2 vs teams above .500
    just saying…


    Nothing more frustrating than long rebounds constantly bouncing over your head. Those guys must have cricked necks.

  • Why did the Miami bench go ballistic when they finally made the shot? That’s like 13% shooting on one play. They didn’t even hustle for the offensive rebounds, most of them just fell in their laps…

  • greenbeand

    perk returning for non-contact practice just made my day

  • Dutchgreen

    The Miami bench is hilarious! They are waiting to celebrate the three all through the clip only to be disappointed on the first six tries.
    And @Josh; those are some amazing stats on the Heat. I thought they had it turned around, but apparently they are still a mediocre team against decent competition…