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Perk kinda practices, Doc busts JO’s balls

Kendrick Perkins went through some non-contact drills today.

The Celtics center, who has targeted the middle of January for his return from reconstructive knee surgery, is working through his paces in a series of halfcourt drills.

Again, nothing rigorous, but the drills are forcing him to run and cut on his right knee, which is protected by a heavy brace. He also dunked – albeit gingerly. He then headed upstairs for some time on the treadmill when the pace of the practice sped up.

Nice to see Perk progressing nicely.  He's looking at coming back late January… which is ahead of schedule.  Good for Perk… he's working hard at this.  

I was wondering for a while if Perk would be back before Jermaine O'Neal… but JO says he'll be back by this weekend at the latest.  Check out Doc (via Chris Forsberg) taking a hilarious shot at Jermaine during an interview.


In case you didn't catch that, that's Doc asking C's PR chief Jeff Twiss "don't we have policy that you have play a game before you do media."  

Doc might be a coach now… but he still busts balls like he's a player. 

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  • DRJ

    Just about everything I’ve ever heard from or about this guy (JO) points to him being a loser. No confidence in himself, unseen injuries coming out of nowhere, and now no chemistry with the team because he hasn’t played (ignoring the times he did play)… I have a bad feeling it’s never-ending with this guy. Trade him (if you can).

  • Lee in Oregon

    I’m glad JO is taking some, that talk about “retiring as a Pacer” makes me wonder if his head is in the right place. If he’s almost done and he knows it, just tape em up and get out there….that’s what Semih’s doing. Glad to see Perk getting closer though, imagine how good deep they’d be if all the bigs were dressed.
    I’m also still holding out for the return of Sheed at the break.
    Happy Holidays everyone! Go C’s!

  • FSantos33

    When C’s signed JO I knew it was high risk low reward. In the video Doc’ walked by and gave him a shot about playing a game before media I don’t think Doc was joking. 6 mill per year down the drain, too bad R. Wallace retired, an out of shape Wallace would of been a lot better than J.O. – Whenever JO returns I give him max 3 games before he goes down again and out for another four weeks. I hope not but that’s been his history and it’s no secret about it. All the negative comments I’ve posted about JO I don’t like… I like to see JO come back strong and aggressive. The few games he played in the preseason showed me he can still help in the paint with his signature left handed shot blocking and rebounding. Hope JO can do it so I can erase my comments.
    Lee – Are you hoping R. Wallace is secretly doing the Rocky 3 workout and makes super comeback after the all star break. That would be something. LOL
    DRJ – No body wants JO at this point. He is counting his cash in the bank. Got his bags packed up for Indiana. Why would Indiana retire his number? I wouldn’t.

  • Mileke

    i think its time for the negative comments about JO to stop, because at least he’s trying. Im a huge fan of Rondo, but when he continued to go out there and play injured, everyone was satisfied, now they have to shut him down, because its injury after injury with him this year, JO is trying his best to get back on the court, yess he’s missed alot of games, but its better he miss them now, than later, not sayin JO is innocent, but he isnt as bad as we make him…. and quite honestly i think JO knew DOC wasnt playing, cause he never once cracked a smile, and seemed to me to be irritated the rest of the interview…. just to have another BIG body active is a + for us, and i think its best we appreciate what JO brings to the table, rather than continue to complain, because as much as you may not want to believe it, i do believe this will be the group DOC decides to take all the way to Banner 18, and by then maybe we can appreciate JO for what he will do, rather than what he hasnt done…. just saying, but i swear there are no fans like us Celtics fans, we love our team, Now c’s lets make it 14 in a row, we are 6 off of the BIG 3 record….. and I think we can stop hoping for a Sheed, i dont think he’s thinking about basketball right now, but hey, who knows? i just dont think it will happen!

  • michael

    I would rather have JO than Shelden Williams or Scal, and what other options did we have? Trade for Leon Powe? I’m sure Kwame Brown would have fit right in!?!
    Anything JO can give us in terms of minutes is a plus. It is indeed too bad we spent the entire mid-level on him, but I think that’s just what it takes for a quality role-playing big today. If he can give us 10-15 minutes a game here on out, that would be a huge help. I am very concerned that Semih’s shoulder will not make it into the post-season.
    JO can still defend and rebound. His shot should come back if he gets the playing time and confidence going. Mid-level is probably not enough to sign Baby for next year anyway, so it doesn’t hurt us much.
    Still, I am wondering how we are going to re-sign both Perk and Baby. With all the lockout talk and current success, I suppose it’s thinking too far ahead…

  • sev

    I agree doc didn’t look like he was quite joking. I know he played it off like he was but if you saw his face he was almost trying to send a message through a joke. However, wallace gave us nothing and whoever wants him to return doesn’t watch basketball UNLESS he is in GREAT shape or ateast the shape he was during last years playoffs. We need a big man, not a big man that shoots and misses threes. For a while last year he jacked up more threes than ray allen(check the stats). IF JO gets on the court I am confident he will be much more of a presence than wallace. Blocks shots, rebounds and can score. The rebounding and block shots will be better than his norm because he knows hes not the focal point, thus in order for him to contribute he needs to do the dirty work. If he is healthy I have a lot of faith in him, especially since he has never played on a team where he was not the main guy that everybody depended on. No more double teams or game planning around him, not to mention he will get a lot of time playing against 2nd stringers which would be a first.

  • Lee in Oregon

    maybe he’s wearing those goofy shoes the mailman and Kareem are pushing? Stretchers, I believe,

  • Goceltics

    He’s just banged up right now. I think Shaq Deisel beat both, him and Semi up during training camp. I would not wish Shaq landing on anyone.

  • DRJ

    Come to think of it… the content and tenor of Doc’s “joke” in the video makes me believe that JO will not make it as a Celtic. If his behavior and attitude have ALREADY pissed off the coach — a guy who’s famous for knowing how to handle all kinds of players — I gotta think he’s not long for the parquet floor. G’bye Jermaine, we hardly knew ya.