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So this is how Rondo spends his down time


Via Rajon Rondo's Twitter page:

I love my new video game. Still keeping my foot elevated

Ah… to be young and rich.

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  • Lee in Oregon

    The most youthful thing about this pic is that Rajon decorates his crib with pictures of himself.
    Happy Holidays everyone, Go C’s!

  • Mileke

    Funny picture!!!! Get well soon #9!

  • Classless

    who plays arcade games anymore?

  • greenbeand

    he’s one bad mofo


    so cool

  • Is that a #9 or a #8? Is that Marbury? Walker? Starbury even?

  • Breyzh

    Guys who can afford an arcade game apparently, which makes sense.

  • irwin

    anyone who can dish like Rondo can do whatever he pleases!!!

  • Dan

    That’s nice, I want to be just like that.