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Ray Allen is like buttah

RedsArmyAdmin December 20, 2010 Uncategorized 6 Comments on Ray Allen is like buttah


KWAPT says that about Ray like 10 times a game.  But this move is pretty smooth.  Nice little upfake on the wing… little burst of speed on the baseline… the up-and-under Jordan-esque layup… 

Straight buttah baby

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  • FSantos33

    It was impressive to see PP, Ray and Baby’s performance yesterday. Ray played like he was 25 again, the guy is smooth like buttah fo sho’, Nice to see him attack the rim too. PP took matters in his own hands covering for Rondo’s production. PP is great and he is in great shape as well. Must be that diet he is on. Baby.. what can I say about him… Well… “AINGE PAY HIM!!” I know it’s his contract year and he is playing like it. His baseline and top of the key J’s are almost automatic. Great job Glen keep up the great work.

  • michael j. lombardi

    here is what i think about ray: over-ray-ted. he’s a poor dribbler, stingy passer (only nate is worse) and a streaky shooter. i love how dickerson was telling us that story the other day about ray and his passing, that it’s better to give than receive. bs. he looks for his shot first and foremost, and throws teammates (rondo) under the bus for not getting him the ball when he’s going through a cold streak. on the other hand, he finishes around the basket very well and i don’t think he’s been a defensive liability so far this year, at least that I remember. he’s good for this team, but i’d take ticket, truth, perk or rondo in terms of overall team value over ray. possibly even baby. but i’m glad he’s on the celtics, and i’m glad his salary is now more in line with his value to the team, i just think he’s overrayted.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Gonna be hard to take you serious after that “overrayted” crap. He’s one of the best pure scorers in the history of the league and you’re worried about his passing? And where do you get off calling him a poor dribbler? Ray Allen? Child, please…
    Ray is guaranteed HOF 5 years after he retires.

  • Ray=Butter.

  • Classless

    I’m really puzzled by most of your comments. I’ll partially agree with his passing, but you got the point wrong. He’s not a stingy passer, he’s just an awful one. Other than that, he’s only an incredibly clutch SG who’s defense has vastly improved in 3 years with this team. How many games has he won or basically iced with his shooting? Or even with his near guaranteed free throw shooting?
    Your proposed team without Ray would have trouble scoring, seeing as none but Pierce have range outside of 18 feet.

  • michael j lombardi

    where was ray on xmas day you losers? ray stinks. end of story. and i hate to say that because he’s a not only a celtic, but also a husky.