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Pierce triple-double leads C’s to 13th straight


Paul Pierce was mister do-it-all for the C's… dropping a triple double on the Pacers (18 points, 12 assists, 10 rebounds) adding 4 steals and one monster block to lead the C's to their 13th straight win. 

The C's went to Shaquille O'Neal (11 points, 5 rebounds) early in the game as they stormed out to a big lead.  But Indy came back mainly by running their offense through Roy Hibbert (17 points, 14 rebounds). The Celtics slowed things down to their pace in the second half and maintained varying single digit leads pretty much from the middle of the 3rd until the end of the game. 

The C's defense was pretty good… holding Indy to 36.5% shooting.  They needed to keep that percentage low, because the Pacers took a season-high (for the C's defense) 96 shots in the game. 

Other bright spots:  Ray had 17 points on 8-16 shooting.  Glen Davis had 18 on 8-14 shooting.  Nate Robinson had 18 points on 7-15 shooting.  

One not-so-bright spot: The C's gave up 16 offensive rebounds and they turned it over 18 times. Luckily it didn't kill them today. 

C's win 99-91 box score

After the jump videos of Pierce at work with an alley oop to Shaq… and a big chase-down block



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  • KY Celts fan

    THE TRUTH… he’ll set you free!

  • These boys want it. Bad. I am really impressed. This team is focused and motivated, something I could not say last year at this time. And the best is yet to come. Ubuntu.

  • This is the hardest playing team in nba right now. They just find a way to do it which bodes well when playoffs come around. Big baby is having a monster season and should be considered the best 6th man f the league at this point.

  • Celtics

    This team no matter how many injuries, their shots aren’t fallen, or back to backs while injured and shots aren’t fallen they still win. Big difference from last season and if they keep it up their on the way to win home court. God I love this team.

  • Mileke

    i told you guys thursday that this team is forreal, the fire in their eyes is frieghtining, like i said before, if i wasnt a Celtics Fan i would be very afraid of these Men here in GREEN! #LostForWords, Good Job Celtics, 13 in a row, looking for 14!

  • Lee in Oregon

    I thought they plaed down to the Pacers level in the first half, then woke up in the 2nd. Typical matinee game. Loving Pierce since Rondo went down. Ray Allen looked like he was 25 years old today.
    I’m not a fan of Jim OBrien since he quit on the C’s.
    Orlando wont be the same team on Christmas that were used to seeing. I thought they blew it on the Lewis/Arenas deal. Why get Turk back if youre gonna lose Rashard?

  • tim

    i was splitting time between thios game and football but i saw alot of ray faking the three and taking it to the hoop, if allen can do this alot more and not just rely on his quick shot for his points he could be a whole lot more dangerous. Every fake that he throws up a defender has to respect it bc of his shooting ability so if he can do this alot more id like it alot

  • Classless

    KG being healthy and playing Defensive Player of the Year level D and rebounding is why this team is where it is.