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Your Morning Dump… Where Dwight Howard is one step closer to Boston


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

The first in what could be a series of moves may already be done. Sources close to the situation believe that a deal that would bring Gilbert Arenas to Orlando has been completed and an announcement is expected today. Sources close to the Magic had hinted that a deal would be finalized this weekend with a new player making a debut on Monday and Arenas told several people close to him that expected to end up in Orlando.

It is still unknown which player the Wizards would receive and while many think it will be Vince Carter, there is a growing belief that Rashard Lewis will be the Magic player dealt. Talks between the Wizards and Magic had taken place since the summer, but Orlando's recent rough patch helped discussions along.

The Magic continue to shop Vince Carter and Marcin Gortat which has led some sources to believe that the team could complete a second trade with these chips.

League sources confirmed that Smith has talked with the Phoenix Suns, Portland Trail Blazers, and Denver Nuggets. Orlando has had discussions with the Suns about a deal that would bring Hedo Turkoglu back to Florida. Lon Babby, the president of basketball operations in Phoenix, allegedly didn't make the trip to Dallas recently so that he could continue working the phones.

I get why Orlando is trying to move Vince Carter and Rashard Lewis. But getting Gilbert Arenas in return?

Not only does the guy have big money on his contract (3 more years, $60 million), but he's an oft-injured loose cannon.

It's obvious that Magic GM Otis Smith believes the current roster is not capable of contending for a championship. Rather than stand pat and wait for VC's $20 million comes off the books (end of season), Smith is panicking. Why? Because his other major task is appeasing franchise center Dwight Howard.

Howard can become a free agent after 2012 (ETO). And with this the era of elite players dictating where and with whom they'll play, and Howard already squawking, Smith has immense pressure to make his franchise center happy.

If Smith screws this up, Howard will surely bolt. And what better destination than Boston. The team frees up more than $40 million in salary after 2012. There's Doc Rivers, Rajon Rondo and Paul Pierce around to woo the championship starved Howard up north.

Call me crazy…

On Page 2, Semih is 80% comfortable here.

“Honestly, he wasn’t expecting to play much,’’ Belgutay said. “But I was always telling him to be ready, because you never know when the chance is going to come. And, he was ready, not only physically, but mentally. The chance came and he is playing decent.

“Plus, he had some bad times. His shoulder was hurt and he was thinking of having an operation. He had some hard times at the beginning but the doctors, trainers, strength coaches helped him and he’s really sacrificed and now he is playing. I think support was important for him because, honestly, he wasn’t expecting to play.

“Slowly, slowly, he feels more comfortable. Now, he feels like 80 percent comfortable here and when he learns better English he will be more comfortable. Communication is important. The language of basketball is not very different, so he can understand the main idea. But, at the same time, the NBA is show business, and after the games you have to talk to the press, so it’s important for his career — he has to show what kind of person he is to people. It’s important for his image.’’

Globe – Erden starting to get comfortable

Ilker Belgutay is Erden’s personal trainer/translator. This article shows just how difficult it can be for foreign players to intergrate into the NBA and America. If little things like eating breakfast are a pain in the ass, I can't imagine the stress level for everything else.

Semih has done an amazing job… exceeded all expectations. I really like his game. He'll be backing up Dwight Howard for many, many years.

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  • DRJ

    🙂 Nice last sentence…..
    You forgot Ray Allen in the group waiting to greet Dwight in Boston. As Doc once said, ‘When Ray’s 50 year old, are you gonna leave him alone at the 3-point line? I don’t think so.’

  • james

    who wants dwight though?! seeing him play against us these past few years have exposed huge weaknesses in his game and attitude. i know the list of top tier centers isnt exactly huge at the moment, but i’d rather stick with perk and go forwards that way.

  • So Orlando looking to get Arenas. That to me is a pretty good deal. Arenas is a bonafide scorer who will do well alongside Dwight Howard. The question is: who will the Wiz get in return?

  • Celtics

    You’r crazy, Perk is not nearly as good offensively and has peaked unless he really is working on his mid range game, but Dwight is getting better and better everyday. It would be sweet if he comes to Boston

  • Val

    Ok… you’re crazy!

  • Not a huge Dwight Howard fan. He just lacks that edge that guys like Garnett, Duncan & others have. Sure, he’s an athletic freak that gets alot of dunks and rebounds, but I still just don’t think he’s championship material. He’s still immature in my opinion. I know it’s his “thing” to be goofy and joke around, but sometimes that carries over into his mental-state during games. We’ll see how this Arenas thing pans out. I really hope Orlando deals Rashard Lewis-his length has created match-up problems for us in the past.

  • thetitleisours

    I hope we can keep Davis as part of this future too. How about Sims and Gallon maturing by then?
    Maine was lead, again, by DeShawn Sims. Sims scored 25 and grabbed eight boards. Tiny Gallon added 19 points and Sherron Collins scored 18 off the bench. Mario West had a great all-around game with seven points, seven rebounds, and seven assists.

  • Viva

    With his history of getting T’ed up, he’s perfect for C’s.

  • Go Celtics!

    Poor Perk. Out of sight out of mind. SMH.
    Better idea. Perk and Rondo continue to work on their jumpers. Howard can play PF after KG retires.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Arenas will destroy that team too.
    I would welcome Howard with welcome arms. Can you imagine him and Rondo together?
    No matter what anyone thinks, he’s by far the best center in the NBA. Meanwhile, the C’s are gonna have to re-sign Perk & Baby this offseason.

  • greenbeand

    there’s a team out west that might have something to say about howard signing. in 2012 there isn’t a plethora of talent available- personally someone like oj mayo would look nice at the 2

  • Classless

    Lewis has created match up problems? Maybe when KG was hurt. Last year, KG held him to 8 ppg in the playoffs. He’s a non factor.

  • Classless

    There is ZERO percent chance Howard comes to Boston. More likely, he’ll stay down in Florida with his superfriends in Miami after they dump Bosh’s ass in a few years. He won’t want to live in cold Boston when he can stay in warm, state tax free Florida.

  • Who would you rather see traded then? Carter, Gortat..? I certainly hear you on those numbers from 1 series vs the Magic last year, but this team has always had trouble with long, athletic types that can shoot from outside. Our defense on 2 guards this year has been stellar. Quis and Paul have shut down guys like DWade, Arenas (who I guess is a 1 or a 2) and J.Johnson.

  • I’m a huge Sims fan. Not sure if I have faith that Tiny will ever be a good pro…
    Speaking of the future, what do you think the future of Avery Bradley is?


    Any chance KG signs for peanuts if the C’s sign a big star like him?? Imagine KG and Howard in the block. Garnett would teach Howard how to harden up and pull finger…

  • JD

    Not sure what the Magic are thinking here… there are a lot of guys in this league who I could see as viable replacements for Vince Carter; Arenas is not one of them. Offers similar offensive skills, but is a downgrade at defense because of his height, and he is even more of a headcase than Vincanity.

  • I was right about the Blockbuster Trade Baby!

    From a rebounding standpoint, I love the idea of Howard. This team needs rebounding SO bad right now!

  • Manu

    Maigc gets Arenas, Hedo (again) and J-Rich

  • No thank you to Dwight Howard and his comically large shoulders in a green jersey. I’d rather hate him than cheer for him.

  • thetitleisours

    I think he will be OK if he does not lose confidence, but it will take a couple of years to get the pro game. Looks like he should have stayed in college

  • BRADinLA

    I for one would love Dwight Howard in Celtics green. I think he would toughen up and change his mindset like most players when they come to Boston.

  • Michael

    Erden backing up Howard? I think not! More like Howard trying to back down Perk The Immovable, only to tire himself out and brick a weak half hook. Followed by Semih coming off C’s bench and torching Orlando’s backup center… um… Earl Clark?