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Magic trade for Arenas, Turkoglu and J-Rich

Via Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wojnarwoski:

The Orlando Magic are set to complete a pair of blockbuster trades that will send them Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas(notes) and Hedo Turkoglu(notes) and Jason Richardson(notes) from the Phoenix Suns, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

As a prelude to the trade for Arenas, the Magic have agreed in principle to send guards Vince Carter(notes) and Michael Pietrus, backup center Marcin Gortat(notes), a first-round pick and $3 million to the Phoenix Suns for Turkoglu and Richardson, sources said.

The Magic also are nearing completion on a deal to send forward Rashard Lewis(notes) to the Wizards for Arenas, sources said. No other players or picks will be in that trade.

Not sure what to make of this trade, aside from the fact the Magic still won't beat the Celtics in a 7 game series.

Hedo was an integral part of the Magic in 2009. But will he fit right back in?

I'm glad the Magic dumped Gortat. He had a few decent games vs the Celtics in the playoffs.

As for Rashard Lewis, I agree with WEEI's Paul Flannery:

I think the Celtics will be glad to see Lewis out of Orlando. KG has always said he's one of his toughest covers

What do you think?

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  • Fiorelladad

    The only worry wart for me is JRich. He can light it up. Arenas, Hedo, not worried at all. I agree that Shard & Gortat out will make it easier for our front court.

  • Mileke

    I think the Orlando Magic just got smaller which was dumb, because if they wanna beat the Celtics, Bulls, and Lakers, Then they need Big Men…. But it puts the Celtics at advantage, specially since we play them in a week, Phoenix got a preety good deal out of it, speaking they get a 1st round draft pick too, so look out West phoenix all of a sudden can compete, and to get riid of JRich was very stupid on their part, and thats something else us Celtics have to worry about, but to me the MAGIC got worse by this trade, and Phoenix, and The Wizards got better!

  • Total panic move by the Magic. What the hell is Gilbert Arenas going to give them? He doesn’t shoot the ball much better than anyone they lost… he’s a malcontent… and he’s always hurt.
    Just goes to show those of us who questioned the Lewis and Carter deals were right to do so. They never panned out and now they’re the first 2 jettisoned when they needed to try something new. In the meantime, they had to give up a decent, tough, back up center in a conference that requires size to advance.
    Enjoy your second round playoff exit, Orlando.

  • RyPThomas

    Agree with Mileke.. Pretty obvious after last year’s finals that you need size, and lots of it to win a title. No gortat is a tough pill to swallow if I’m a magic fan.

  • Rob

    They should’ve waited a while. I’m curious about what there starting lineup will look like and their bench just took a big hit. Without mikel pietrus and a good backup in gortat I can’t see them being a real threat at the conference finals much less the league finals.

  • KY Celts fan

    They certainly didn’t get any better from a defensive standpoint. And now their backup center is either Daniel Orton or Earl Clark? They better hope Dwight NEVER gets into foul trouble, otherwise they are cooked. Heck, they’re still cooked.

  • weekend, to drunk to think! if you haven’t had wild turkey american honey wrong. Celtics will kill them like a young boy at jeffrey dahmer’s house!!!!!!

  • greenbeand

    this just in: magics gm was found in a hotel with a prostitute and crack

  • jared

    Great News!!
    I mean seriously folks, what the hell is this?
    Why make these moves?
    This team is going to get effin smoked come playoff time.

  • Nick

    Ballsy trades who knows if it will make them better, losing Gortat will be tough, Arenas is cooked but i deff think they get an upgrade with J-Rich over Carter, other than that its a weird trade.

  • jim

    The Knicks are happy they get Melo.

  • Gortat and Pietrus are huge losses for the Magic – I feel like they always played well against us.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    This seems like a lateral trade to me. This may not be the end of it though, they could be looking at moving some of these newly acquired pieces to get Melo, I could see a Jameer Nelson, Hedo, and J Rich for Melo and x player type deal. Would give the Nuggets something in return at the positions of need… Doesn’t really make the Magic better at the moment but I would stay tuned the Melo talks will heat up

  • Mileke

    Theres going to be plenty of time that D.Howard gets into foul trouble against us, and whose going to come behind him? our 4th string center Semih will murder any of their so called back up centers, and also, What bench do they have now? i believe they can sneak by Miami in a 7 game series, but they have no chance against us, the bulls, or maybe even New York if they play them the 1st round… On 2nd thought its good to know we only have to worry about one team now, and thats Chicago in my eyes!

  • CFH

    I can see why they want Hedo back. And J-Rich has a nice history of giving the Celtics hell.
    But why anyone would give anything for Gilbert Arenas is beyond my comprehension.

  • JBC

    Underrated aspect of this trade for the Celtics, is that the Magic don’t have any stretch fours beyond Ryan Anderson. KG will FINALLY be able to help on D for driving guards or in the rare instance Perk lets DH12 around him. This actually helps us matchup wise outside of J-Rich being a relative Celtics killer.

  • Ryan

    i think the magic are now better. Losing the draft pick and gortat hurts, but hedo and j rich is a lot of fire power and both of them are not scared of the bright lights like VC is. Arenas a couple years ago was a scoring machine, so if he return to that level they will be dangerous. Arenas does however get injured as well as not the greatest locker room guy, but he to is not scared of the bright lights, in fact hes pretty clutch and can easily create his own shot(can dish out the assists as well). However, I’m not sure there’s enough shots to go around, and I would have considered not doing the lewis for arenas trade because if you had lewis and hedo, that would create a lot of match up problems. I def think they are better now on paper atleast.

  • Joey

    It would have been much better if they didn’t do the Arenas-Lewis trade. That trade costs them money, a big guy, and a matchup problem for every team. Arenas will just shoot a lot as the backup. He could also cause chemistry problems. Jason Richardson is a Celtics killer though. The Magic were smart to get him instead of Carter. If Hedo fits in again, then they’ll be really good. It was still dumb to get Arenas though.