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KG is sore, Semih is hurt

RedsArmyAdmin December 18, 2010 Uncategorized 3 Comments on KG is sore, Semih is hurt

Via Sherrod Blakely

"Kevin's fine," said Rivers, who added that he did not anticipate Garnett's soreness to prevent him from playing Sunday afternoon. "He's just sore. So when I hear that, we don't take  ay chances. Especially now; we can't afford to."

The C's might be even more depleted tomorrow afternoon. 

Boston's Semih Erden has a sore groin, with Rivers indicating he wasn't sure if Erden would play.

I'm assuming KG has the old man "man, I'm more sore than I remember being" kinda thing happening.  Like when I get out of bed and things hurt for no damn reason… except KG has a reason, I suppose. 

Hmmm… maybe I'm hitting the egg nog too hard…

Here are a few sentences I never thought I'd type this year:  Losing Semih will hurt us tomorrow.  We really need him out there.  I hope he can go. 

Look on the bright side… If Orlando's GM was running the franchise, he'd panic trade Paul Pierce and KG to help fix this situation.

Ahhh… topical humor.  I wonder if Conan is hiring.

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  • Mileke

    KG is fine, and i expect Shaq to play, and Semih also Should play, and JO will be back wednesday, so if we can just gett through tomorrow we will be fine, maybe Rondo can play next saturday on christmas, then we’ll be fine till january to get D.west back, Then BIG Perk should be back All-Star Break… So look at the bright side Celtics fans, were almost out of thisinjury drama, and we are still on a 12 game winning streak! What about VON though? havent heard about him!

  • Nora

    Refs made sure to help Heat win tonight. SICKENING

  • Nora

    Not that Washington is not inept enough to lose but this involves the Heat and I would not put it past them to help Heat win this game