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RedsArmy presents FanFriday #1: “Aztec Gino”

RedsArmy has always been known as "the voice of Celtics fans". So I decided that it would be great to let our readers get to know a bit more about some of the die-hard, green blooded Celtics fans that frequent the TD Garden.

Each Friday, starting today, we will feature a Celtics fan (or group of fans) that we feel does a great job of repping CelticsNation. We'll let our readers get to know these fans a little better through interviews, video and more.

I chose a fan that has taken the TD Garden by storm over the last few seasons. He can be seen at most every home game (and some road games) getting the crowd fired-up and spreading laughter, fun and energy throughout the Garden. This fan is Aztec Gino.

I first met Aztec in 2008 at the Garden, of course, during Game 7 of the Eastern semifinals vs the Cleveland Cavaliers. At the time, Aztec was still experimenting with the idea of wearing the green colors of his home-country Trinidad to the Garden. Some folks looked at him funny, others took to him well. But he was on to something.

A few days later,'s Celtics page was asking fans to post photos from the playoffs. I posted a pic of Aztec with my sister, and captioned it: "my sis with a mysterious man known as Aztec Gino". I thought Aztec's Trinidadian costume looked like an Aztec warrior's get-up. And any C's fan knows who "Gino" is.

Well, a few weeks later, I ran into Aztec at the Finals, and he had taken the name "Aztec Gino", put it on a green shirt, and the rest is history! He now has his own website, a bevy of Facebook fans and the love of the Garden crowd! Enjoy this interview I did with Aztec a few nights ago, and be sure to high-five him if you see him at the Garden. As he would say: "Celtics-numbah one!"

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  • greenbeand

    Aztec Gino’s raising #1 and Julian Assange is walking in behind him

  • AP

    Does it make sense he’s from Trinidad if he’s “AZTEC Gino”? Mexican would have been my guess.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Loved this piece/interview KWAPT, even though between the phone connection and Tek’s accent, I could only understand about every 3rd word he said.

  • Yeah, he’s from Trinidad. I coined the “Aztec” part as his get-up reminded me of one.

  • Thanks Lee-much appreciated. Will have better audio for next week’s edition.

  • Great idea for an ongoing segment. I now feel much better about my own green psychosis…..

  • Classless

    I prefer that old guy who looks like Santa Claus who’s at every game.

  • Kvasek

    Wow, that’s interesting. The only Gino I have seen so far is Balcony Gino (and boy is he easy to see), and I have been to few games since I came to Boston.

  • That’s “Sportcoat Santa”. He’ll be featured here to Classless. Sometime in January.

  • Aztec sits in Section 18 about halfway up, directly behind basket next to C’s bench.