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Your Morning Dump… Where the injuries are starting to piss me off


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

He said the injury occurred when he tried to make a cutting move.

"And my foot … my ankle touched the floor," said Rondo, whose left foot was heavily taped underneath his sock.

Rondo said he may X-rays or an MRI performed on the ankle, possibly as early as Thursday morning.

''Hopefully it won't swell up (overnight)," Rondo said.

Although Rondo is hopeful that he will play against the Hawks, his teammates are already gearing up as if their playmaker won't be on the floor.

"He's been banged up over the last month," said Boston's Paul Pierce, who hit the game-winning shot with 0.4 seconds to play. "Probably a slim chance we'll have him tomorrow. We played a few games without him. It happens, but hey, what's new for us? We're used to guys going down. We keep finding ways."

CSNNE – Rondo status uncertain after ankle sprain

Greg Dickerson reported that Rondo left the arena on crutches.

I cannot imagine Rajon playing tonight vs Atlanta, but I'm wrong just about everytime I predict a "return from injury."

Is anyone on this team getting healthier? It seems like Rondo injures a new part of his lower body every week.

As for Shaq's calf, he's under orders to rest until it's 100%. Jermaine O'Neal (out 6 weeks) continues to wear suits on the bench.

At some point the lack of depth catches up to this team… right?

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On Page 2, a CBS blogger who hates the Celtics claims the Knicks were screwed by the time keeper.


Go back to the Pierce shot. When exactly did that ball go all the way through the net, as the NBA rulebook says it must for it to count?

That would be .6. At least. You might be able to make the argument that it landed at .8.

A league spokesman for the NBA informs that there was no "trigger" that occurred which would allow a review of Pierce's game winner, which meant that it stood as called. So that explains that. We'll have more on the trigger rules later.

CBS – Paul Pierce game winner… kind of

Good ole Matt Moore… always stirring the pot. The rationale here is that if the Knicks had another 0.2 seconds… then Amare's three pointer would have counted.

You almost always see several tenths of a second, if not an entire second or two, trickle off the clock in these situations.

He might have a valid gripe… if this game was played in Boston. Maybe the clock operator should have put down his hot dog and focused on the game.

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  • Mileke

    Me personally, i dont think Rondo will be out long for the ankle injury, because he practically finished the game, the way he started, but i also think he needs rest while he can get it, cause a soft part of our schedule is approaching, && we rather him play on christmas, than to keep busting his ass outthere and getting injured, but the ankle issue, i dont think its that serious, maybe his legs just gave out on him (not that im a doctor, just saying) Go C’s

  • Nora

    Looks like alot of the media is claiming Knicks has arrived after one game. Where Amare got to start against out 4th string center. Don’t need to do much to be a contender anymore it seems. It only takes losing one close game to the C’s. C’s won a nailbiter agaist Philly too. I guess they are contending as well lol.

  • Orb

    If they’d put .6 on the clock, D’Antoni would have just called a play that takes .8. Celts still win.

  • thetitleisours

    Well the hype was justified I guess. And maybe that clock operator was watching the cheerleaders 😉

  • MK

    Knicks deserve credit for the way they played last night. 4th string center or not, they put up a hell of a fight. Compared to the Knicks teams of the last 10 years, this team is already a million times improved. If they get Melo, they will be even scarier.
    No D, but they can score a shit ton of points. I personally like the fact that someone in the division is going to put up a fight.

  • NineSevenEight

    If the Knicks were granted the extra two tenths of a second, you can bet your last dollar that the Celtics would have played the last attempt differently. As in, KG would have actually put a hand in Amare’s face.
    Nobody cared when Anthony Parker was able to catch an inbound pass, swing the ball below his defender, almost go into a dribble and pull up for a three in 1 second in Cleveland, right? That may have cost the Celtics the game.
    No one cared when Leandro Barbosa slapped Ray’s forearm, an obvious foul to everyone but the refs, knocked the ball loose and led to a Raptors easy And 1 for the one point win, right?
    No one thought it was unusual that KG was T’d up for a delay of game for giving the ball to the ref twice; something that both teams did multiple times last night; something that EVERY team does every night. Or when Rondo was called for a defensive three seconds when the paint was empty. Or when Pierce got nailed by two Knicks on a layup that should have been an And 1 but wasn’t. I wish Rondo got the call every time he attempts a buzzer beating three and gets more contact than Raymond Felton or Gallinari when his neck snapped back after that weak And 1 call after Ray’s go ahead 3.
    We all have our gripes with the NBA, but I’m sure we can all agree on one thing:
    When in doubt, blame it on the Patriots.

  • DRJ

    a) Rondo’s injury looked VERY bad. The angle of his foot to leg was under 90 degrees. Since he also has faciitis and hamstring strain, that makes THREE injuries ALL of which require rest to properly heal. I’d say the smart move here is to rest him — about 2 weeks. Celtics are nuttin if not smart, so I guess he’s gonna take a break. I think he needs it.
    b) ‘Cause I had nothing to do, I CAREFULLY timed Amare’s final shot, all the way to the moment he releases it (I used slow-mo, & applied the appropriate correction to get real-time values). The absolute SMALLEST number I could get was 0.8 seconds. Therefore, EVEN IF the timekeeper had been perfect, the shot would still have been late.
    c) The guy hopped, then went thru the full jump-shot motion. You just can’t do that in 0.4, or 0.6 second. Can’t be done.
    d) Timekeepers are almost ALWAYS off by a fraction of a second or two, one way or the other, in every game. If the NBA wanted perfect refereeing, it has the technology to do that — just make every call from the tape. But it has specifically chosen NOT to do that. The timekeeper’s hand is not questioned by the refs unless there is an obvious problem. That’s the way this game is played. This was not even an officiating error… it was just part of the game.

  • PP > Kobe

    Rest him until Christmas is what I would do with Rondo. He’s just so stubborn and keeps injuring himself.

  • PP > Kobe

    Rest him until Christmas is what I would do with Rondo. He’s just so stubborn and keeps injuring himself.

  • greenbeand

    clearly doc is playing for home court

  • Nora

    I Still think it takes more then one game for hype to be justified. Philly was within a point to beat the C’s. If Knicks do this a couple more times I will be more impressed.

  • celticsfan

    Rondo clearly needs some high top shoes.

  • thetitleisours

    Same here. I am sure in Boston these games will not be that close.
    The league got the ratings they wanted though 😉

  • NineSevenEight


  • BigMck

    Sharing an email from reader Randy:
    Re “Good ole Matt Moore… always stirring the pot. The rationale here is that if the Knicks had had another 0.2 seconds… then Amare’s three pointer would have counted. | You almost always see several tenths of a second, if not an entire second or two, trickle off the clock in these situations. | He might have a valid gripe… if this game was played in Boston. Maybe the clock operator should have put down his hot dog and focused on the game.”
    Several reactions from a DC Celts Fan: (1) Does anyone seriously doubt that the clock would’ve hit 0.0 and the buzzer would have gone off if it had been a Knick rather than a Celt who hit a lead-gaining last-split-second shot? Not me. However, perhaps it is technically correct when seen via slo-mo replay that there were 0.6 seconds left. The difference of 0.2 seconds is actually close to the mean human reaction time to many stimuli — see, eg, (one often hears a longer time for drivers to react on the road, however) But of course MM is perfection personified … the morning after…and himself has a 0.0 reaction time. (That’s probably why he and so many others are so happy when tailgating at 75 mph.)
    (2) If the timer gave the Celts a small break on Pierce’s shot, (s)he gave the Knicks a huge break on Stod’s shot. Mr MM evidently didn’t see fit to do an even-handed, goose-gander review of the slo-mo that he himself posted. But last night I was morally certain that the last shot was no good the instant that I saw that hitch in Stod’s shooting motion. I believe the league has rules that are relevant about how many tenths are required to make turn-and-shoot acceptable, and how many are required for _any_ shot to be valid. I think the latter is 0.2 or 0.3 seconds; you can probably look it up. An alley oop is possible in 0.3, even a long jump shot whose motion begins before the ball touches the hand is well neigh impossible.
    On the slo-mo replay last night I counted one-one-thousand from the instant the ball touched Stod, and I got to two. I figured that the replay was not as slow as 5x, so that I was right about the shot’s invalidity. This morning, using the replay on MM’s own article, I got to two and one half. Try it yourself. My strong suspicion is that Stod used _more_ than 0.6 to get off that shot.
    (3) Finally, let’s accept, for the sake of argument that MM’s assumption is right, that the timer didn’t give the Knicks the correct extra 0.2 when the clock stopped stopped on Pierce. MM’s further assertion is that an extra 0.2 seconds for Stod’s shot would have made that shot good. Hold on a second (sorry, couldn’t resist), though. By MM’s own argument, the timer’s reaction is known to be 0.2 seconds slow in hitting the button — so Stod _already_ had a bulit-in extra margin of 0.2 seconds to work with as his clock started, and thus he doesn’t deserve yet another extra 0.2 on the clock at the end of the game. (actually, I think the margin was more than that, per #2.)
    You were right. MM is just blathering.
    Keep on blogging!

  • TJames

    The ball definitely went through with .6 remaining. I watched that in slow motion last night right after the game was over. I knew that’s exactly what the knicks would be saying come today. (I know thats what I’d be saying if it was reverse situation). Bottom line is, it can’t be changed. Even if it was changed you can’t say the Celtics would have defended it the same. Celtics win, HELL of a game, I watched the last 3 mins of the fourth quarter 3 times.

  • “Lack of Depth” is obviously NOT our problem. Proof of that is our current winning streak done without the benefit of a bunch of players. Geez, we are only allowed 15 players, right? “Lack of Youth” might be an issue though but that’s why we compensate with depth.

  • ab

    I thought that it doesnt matter when peirce hit the shot but when the Knicks coach called time out. that is when the clock stops which happened at .4 seconds. correct me if im wrong

  • Viva

    With his luck right now having high top shoes would do wrong to his knees, and that would be much much worse. We do not want that.