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This photo will become your new wallpaper

Pierce celebrates ny

So we've got KG on the left taking a little bow for the crowd…

Pierce flapping his way around the court in a victory lap…

Nate on the floor after flying over Paul….

And Ray laughing at it all.

This is a fantastic photo.  

Hmmmm…. I'm starting to see why other teams and their fans don't like us

(Via SI Vault)

By the way… if you missed any of this game, ESPN Classic will re-air it as an instant classic at 5pm today.

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  • You’re 100% correct – that is my new desktop wallpaper (if only someone could get a higher resolution version).
    KG just kills me. This is fantastic.

  • k

    If only it was bigger…

  • Classless

    Anything to mock the dumbass Jets or these newly minted Phoenix Suns, errr I mean Knicks fans.

  • That’s what she said

  • click on the SI Vault link. There’s a much higher resolution one there.

  • Steve

    Did you guys catch the interview of Pierce where he said he thought Amare’s shot was good and he was shocked especially after all of the “theatrics”. It’s like he understood that they celebrated a little too much but just could not help himself

  • DH

    This picture is priceless!

  • Lakerhater

    You need the shot of spike lee talking trash before he realized amare’s shot was late. Classic douche move spike.

  • Nora

    Exactly. Knicks fans were all class….NOT. LOL

  • Nora

    I think this picture is hilarious. Nice team photo lol.

  • john schaffer

    it was great usually for a long time the celtics are to professional to act like spike lee or other idiots , but last night was wonderful to show there stuff