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Photo essay: We got ya rivalry RIGHT HERE

Kg grabs nuts

These photos will make us love… and others hate… the Celtics even more.  I give you… the reactions to a hard fought win over a wanna-be rival.

Pierce bows
Pierce flies
Pierce flying 2

Photos courtesy Associated Press and Reuters

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  • Angry Turk AKA ssshady35

    You got that right!! We may love but it makes others hate us!
    Don’t get me wrong but with the history of this franchise I don’t like all this. The grabbing of the nuts, bowing running around the court. Common fellas your better than that! We should not lower our selves to the Knicks standard. We are Champions, lets act like it. I’m sure it felt good yesterday but looking at all the pics, I feel like we could of been a little bit more professional. Walking off the court after hitting the game winner would of hurt just as bad for them and instead we looked like a high school team.
    I don’t really care what people think about my Celtics but I have to agree it was a bit much last night.

  • FSantos33

    Yea, I agree to a point but come on thanks to the media our old horses got excited. Players are human beings too, MSG, media, and Spike, everyone got up for it.
    NYK played their A game and we played our C+game and still won on their tuff. The .4 shot was way too close. I actually told my wife before that play NY would drain it because they’ve been hot all night long. They did but luckily it was called off.
    Lets see what happens next time we play NY, they may have Melo and have a different team and we may have our Big’s back and it will be another fun night. Need to play some D, giving up 116 isn’t our style.

  • UhOh!!

    come on man we’ve all heard the larry bird stories…. the Kurt Rambis incident was worser than this…. i dont like it i love it!! these guys give blood sweat and tears training camp + 82 games play trough injuries and whether they play good or bad all they ever hear is how old they are…. let them enjoy a hard fought win…. these guys are not robots

  • CFH

    The Celtics making no response to the antics of Spike, the crowd, and the Knicks would have been robotic. I don’t want to root for robots.
    Their celebration wasn’t profane or offensive, just silly. A little silly is allowed… it’s fun for the fans as well as the players.
    And I do find it fun when Joakim Noah or Mike Bibby or whomever encourages C’s fans at the TD Garden to boo them a little louder, too.

  • Angry Turk AKA ssshady35

    TRUST ME I agree!! Chest bumping high fives are all good but don’t you think grabbing balls is a bit much? That’s all I’m saying. I love to see the energy ala last year the shrek and donkey show was AWESOME.

  • Don

    In response to the over-celebration: My friend was at the game, and said the crowd was earlier chanting “you got stabbed” at Pierce. Now does Pierce’s celebration seem like an overreaction? Opinions may differ, but I say let him gloat away. Joking about death is about as classless as LA.

  • I think the Celtics were a little too cocky. Hopefully Karma will catch up with them.

  • green8teen

    what a stupid thing to say

  • Nora

    You aree not a Celtics fan. Stop pretending to be. This latest comment pretty much seals that fact