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Ainge: “[Rondo] definitely needs some time off”

Rondo ankle sprain

Picture via Jose3030

“I think that the adrenaline was still flowing,” Ainge said. “I think that Rajon is young, and he feels fast and he loves to play, to his credit. I couldn’t believe he was back on the court last night. He wasn’t moving very well, even when he got back out on the court. You could tell he was still in a lot of pain, and certainly after the game it started puffing up. This morning there was a lot of swelling, and he definitely needs some time off.”

Danny Ainge on WEEI

Rondo walked out of the arena on crutches… probably because his left foot was sideways about 30 minutes prior to that. 

Let's just sit Rondo for the rest of 2010.  Enjoy the rest of the year off.  Relax… rest the foot and hamstring… get back healthy after the ball drops for 2011.  Meanwhile, let's learn how to actually tie our shoes… maybe switch to some high-tops or tape your ankles… ok?  The same thing keeps coming up every year.  One of these times, it won't be just a sprain.

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  • PP > Kobe

    He needs to start where those hyperfuses more often, and tie them up, maybe one the BIg Three’s will teach him how to…

  • PP > Kobe

    He needs to start where those hyperfuses more often, and tie them up, maybe one the BIg Three’s will teach him how to…

  • Jared

    High or mid tops. Always tape up. Always.
    If I always taped up in high school (0 injuries), then Rondo damn well needs to as a pro.
    Not to mention the pro level trainers are absolute masters of the tape job. They hinge in a way that you barely feel they are there. Unless of course your ankle tries to do the 90 degree thing…which is why you have it on.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Von & Avery Bradley are gonna get some minutes now, I hope they can step up. I’d like to see what Avery can do with some extended minutes. He hasnt had the chance to setlle down yet.
    Let’s hope this is only a couple weeks. They could have easily lost Nate last night to a broken collarbone too.

  • I had this exact type of injury in february and re-injured it last week, and it is one of the more painful things I have ever experienced. I was shocked that he could come back on the court last night and would say that he needs AT LEAST two weeks if not a full month off. I’d rather have him take it now than later and make sure he gets some proper rehab on that as well as re-evaluate his choice of kicks/tying. on the bright side i’m lookin forward to seeing what avery can do in the meantime.

  • Beantown

    Chances are you did not have access to all of the treatment/rehab that he will. Two week should suffice.

  • If he does get time off, rondo should work on those free throws of his. Too be dependent on a guy that shoots less than .500 from the filed, especially a point guard is disguting to say the least5

  • D. George

    Horrible picture right there. Not only is RR ankle bending in a disgusting manner the Lakers are up big.