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Thorpe’s cheap shot at Mike & Tommy

David Thorpe is an NBA analyst for ESPN's "Scouts Inc."  He's got that job because he runs a player development center in Florida where college and players go to train.  

The list of players he's trained is impressive… so there's no doubt he's good at what he does.  But that's where he should draw the line.  Unfortunately, when asked about TV announcing crews in a recent chat… he didn't.

John (Houston)

Follow up to the Heat announcer being your favorite, which other local crews are in your top 5?
David Thorpe (12:47 PM)

I liked the guys from Memphis, folksy but fun and smart. Did they change color guys? Lakers crew always so professional. Utah's too. Magic guys are very good too.
David Thorpe (12:48 PM)

Oh, and the guys from Minny are improving and actually pretty good.

kshiz (Chicago)

Please say Tommy Points!!!
David Thorpe (12:50 PM)

Ugh. Homer points is more like it. Celts and Spurs have terrific organizations, but their tv guys are not remotely objective or particularly informed.

This is what happens when you put someone in a position where they have to handle more than they're capable of.  They say things that expose themselves as such. 

No one here is going to argue that Tommy Heinsohn is calling games down the middle.  He is biased, no doubt.  But the man has won NBA championships as a player and a coach.  To put it bluntly… Tommy Heinsohn has forgotten more about basketball than David Thorpe will ever know.  

And to lump Mike Gorman in on this is ridiculous.  Yes, Mike bleeds green too.  He's a local guy who has been paid to call Celtics games for 30 years.  But Mike also doesn't hesitate to acknowledge a good play by the opposition.  He knows the game as well as anyone calling it, and that's evident in his broadcasts.  

What Thorpe said is nothing more than a cheap shot.  Neither Mike nor Tommy would make a comment about this guy's ability to train players… because they're not trainers and they're not qualified to question Thorpe's ability to train athletes.  

Thorpe, simply put, is no more an authority on the quality of broadcasters than any Joe on the street.  Training an NBA player doesn't give this guy one iota of credibility as a media critic.  And as a representative of ESPN, he needs to remember his place rather than pop off and insult two men who have been involved in the NBA for much longer than he has. 

Thorpe needs to stick to his level of expertise:  evaluating players.  Tell me what big-name college player doesn't have the physical skills to make it in the NBA and I'll listen to that all day.  Straying from that, and leveling insults, however, makes him and his employer look bad.

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  • Lee in Oregon

    “Tommy Heinsohn has forgotten more about basketball than David Thorpe will ever know.”
    Well said, brother!

  • D

    John & Chuck–you missed the part where Thorpe went on to say that Tommy wouldn’t recognize half the league if he was sharing a beer with them in Fanuel Hall. You can view the chat on ESPN where they are archieved

  • John

    Yeah, he wasn’t speaking at all to pure basketball knowledge. Just that, like most local guys, their knowledge of other players is more often than not limited to their experience with them against Boston. And he’s right about that.
    Not sure why everyone is taking this so personally.

  • Classless

    “The lakers guys are professional”
    LOL really? And putting the Heat announcer #1 just shows what a joke Thorpe is. I think he missed the point about “local announcers”.

  • jared

    What a total idiot.
    #1 Has this guy actually watched NBA games? Since I moved from MA 4 years ago, Ive had it. If you have it, I need say no more. If you dont, then let me confirm for you that yes, indeed T + M are the best, because most teams guys are insufferably bad. Like mute the TV bad.
    #2 I guess Tommy should apologize for being one of the best players for the greatest club of all time. And for announcing for 5 states, all of which care only for the Celtics. A lot of people. He may be a homer, but its a big home, and hes got plenty of reason to be.
    3) Mike is the best. Period.
    In the end I dont really feel bad about this. I feel a gladness in my heart, that when David Thorpes bones have crumbled to dust, we will still talk about Tommy and Mike.

  • ShawnCVD

    ESPN loves to sell controversy. Here they got some douche fabricating one for the sake of a good read. Truth be known Boston’s tv team is a lightening rod. That’s a good thing. Tommy and Mike doing commentary is like having a friend call a game for you.
    I have League pass and am forced to listen to the enemy broadcasts now and then. Some are okay a few good ones. There’s nothing like Mike and Tommy though. That idiot can have his poorly thought out opinions. It feeds perfectly into the lore of Boston being an elite sports town (which it is BTW) and this fool is coming across as jealous.

  • Danno

    It’s not that ESPN sells controversy, so much as it promotes this ridiculous notion that if you aren’t a completely impartial, unemotional observer, then you’re obviously an uninformed “Homer” who knows nothing about the sport. As if there is something wrong with people who root for a specific team, and worse, when it’s their local team.
    It’s disgusting. But the worst part is they’ve now got a whole generation under their belt of non-regional, impartial, fantasy league nerds and sports betting fiends to show for it. They’ve cultivated an entire generation of kids who grew up being told to root for the under, and cheer for Free Agency. “Don’t root for your home team kid, it makes you look like a dumb mook.”
    Fucking hacks. The lot of them. Apparently these dopes forgot that Tommy Called NATIONAL games on NATIONAL TV for many years with Dick Stockton. He came to Boston because he played here, and loves it here. But he’s just as capable of being a boring, impartial, uninterested talking head like the rest of them. He just CHOSE not to be.

  • john schaffer

    espn is the sorriest when it comes to annoucing basket ball games , they talk about everything except the game ,,they suck

  • CFH

    I love this comment. That is all.

  • Before anyone at ESPN talks negatively about any announcing team they should look at their own announcers first. I can not stand to listen to Mark Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy. They are terrible. Also ESPN continuously says Doc Rivers was 2007-08 Coach of the Year. That was Byron Scott. Every time they display this I send them an email telling them it is incorrect. They always go unanswered. I’m pretty sure Tommy can tell you that Doc did not win that award in 07-08.

  • Their role is to call C’s games for a local broadcast of C’s fans. We are lucky to have Tommy and Mike. Mike is as good as they come, Tommy knows the game better than most and they are paid to call Celtic’s games. They are doing their job and fans love it, which means they do it well.

  • Yup, and go figure a guy in Florida’s Favorite are the Heat guys (even though he is in Clearwater the Heat are broadcasted wider.

  • Antoinew8

    I’m a die hard Celtics fan, believe me, but if i weren’t, I’d hate to listen to a game called by Mike and Tommy. They get pretty bad sometimes, though mainly it’s Tommy that is the cause of that through his constant complaining about the refs. yes they both know a ton about basketball, and when the game isn’t going on and they’re commenting on previous plays they are astounding with their intellect, but when the game is in motion and the guys are locked in with the team, they get bad. Some games i do actually turn the volume down because they’re taking away from what’s going on on the court. I still love the guys and watch all the games, and they’re still not as bad as the Cleveland guys were when they had Lebron, but you can’t be coming from an objective place yourself if you think Tommy and Mike are mainly objective. But who says they have to be?

  • Tommy from Needham

    He can go eat a bag of dicks.

  • Coach Thorpe

    This is David Thorpe. Let me set the record straight. I have no problem at all with any announcers being “homers”, I think they should do whatever is best for their ratings. I have personally met Tommy, and found him to be very classy and humble. However, I don’t enjoy listening to biased announcers, nor do I like hearing color commentators talking about how well a defense is playing by stating how many points they give up per game. We have far better metrics to use now. However, I totally understand why Boston fans love Tommy (I don’t know who Mike is at all, and was not really referencing him). How could they not like him? He’s a Celtics fan too, and he has a charismatic personality. But I’m not a bad person and an idiot for preferring more objective announcers (perhaps I’m a bad person and an idiot for other reasons, sure). As for not being “particularly informed”, I was speaking mainly to knowing who the opponents players are beyond their top scorers. Again, it’s just my preference to like guys who know every player playing. You are not wrong for liking your own guys, but I am not wrong for having a different view. And for the record, Clearwater is in the Orlando Magic zone, and I have not been to a Heat game since game 5 of the Finals the year they won the title. I think Tommy is great for Boston, and has been fantastic for the NBA for decades.

  • If this is even you.. I lived on East Bay Drive in Largo right near Largo High from 2005-2009 and before that on Dale Mabry in (Port) Tampa in the Robinson High district(RIP Kwane Doster – Vanderbilt U RB murdered on Christmas ’04)… My house was a “Brighthouse” and there sure is WAY more Heat coverage. In fact on League Pass the Celtics/Heat games are blacked out but the Orlando games aren’t…
    Also way to not respond to the criticism of the bone head mistake ESPN (and TNT) has been making for 3 seasons now. Calling Doc Rivers 2007-2008 NBA Coach of the Year. Unless there is some other Coach of the Year award out there I am unaware of – that title belongs to Byron Scott.
    Not knowing who Mike is – the voice of the Boston Celtics for over 30 years and a fond memory of my childhood, gives you zero and I mean zero legs to stand on to say any thing about “Celtics announcers” He is and his level headedness that compliments Tommy and his over the topness is as much a part of that Duo as anything. If you ever actually listened to a Celtics broadcast with Mike and Tommy you would know how well they compliment each other.
    In closing: Stick to talking about your area of expertise, police your own first, once that is cleaned up feel free to give all the uninformed opinions you want. You are more qualified to give your opinion on pressed cubans that C’s announcers.

  • tommy from needham

    No dice Flubber Thorpe. You mess with one of us you mess with all of us.