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Recap: The Mother-Fffin Truth silences the Knicks

God damn. That was one helluva basketball game.

Paul Pierce nailed a 14-foot jumper over Amar'e Stoudemire with 0.4 seconds left to beat the Knicks 118-116 and extend the Celtics winning streak to 11 games.

Stoudemire drained a 27-footer… after the buzzer. The officials waved off the basket on the court and confirmed the call with replay. It was one of the few calls they got right in this game.

Amar'e was dominant (39 points, 10 rebounds) but he missed a bunny (4-footer) with 13 seconds left that could have given NY the lead.

Pierce (32 points, 10 rebounds) was vocal and feisty all night. But he didn't play a flawless game. His defense on Danillo Gallinari (20 points, all in 2nd half) was suspect and his bonehead foul at the end of the 3rd quarter cost his team three points. In the end… he was money.

Rajon Rondo (10 points, 14 assists) tweaked an ankle late in the 3rd quarter. He returned to the court after a brief stint in the locker-room but clearly lacked mobility. Doc should have pulled him.

The Knicks shot 53% for the game. While I can live with the contested jumpers finding the bottom of the net, I cannot stomach the layups. NY had 50 points in the paint. Unacceptable.

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"I think this is the best the Knicks can play. This is not the best the Celtics can play." – Tommy Heinsohn.

"You need to beat someone to have a rivalry and right now…come on." – Kevin Garnett.

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  • PP > Kobe

    God Dang that game was annoying watch, but glad we won.

  • PP > Kobe

    God Dang that game was annoying watch, but glad we won.

  • DRJ

    If the Cs had lost this game, I’d have said it was an outlier, because the refs called about 1/3 of their MANY, MANY missed calls in the Celtics’ favor… and the other 2/3 for NY. TERRIBLE officiating. ALL of their phantom calls went to NY (including the last and-1 for Gallinari). BUT THE Cs WON… which means this team is determined to win every game this season, even relatively meaningless one, even in December, even when the refs are dead set against them (which means they need a SUPER effort to win, of course).
    What a difference from last season.
    Next time, let’s have a little better plan for stopping Stoudemire.

  • PP > Kobe

    You could really tell the refs were giving it to the Knicks with there calls.

  • PP > Kobe

    You could really tell the refs were giving it to the Knicks with there calls.

  • Chris

    NEVER GIVE UP. RESILIENCY BABY!…This was game of the year in the NBA so far. WHAT A GAME!!!! Big 3 were unstoppable tonight. Amare is a hell of a player too.

  • jim

    Amare is 4 real.
    Nash who?

  • JD

    Worst the Celtics have played all year and they still won. I’ll take it. Especially with Semih freeking Erden starting at center versus MVP Amare. I mean, I love Semih as much as the next guy, but c’mon, the guy is a rookie late second round draft pick. We could have used one of our other three to slow down Amare and provide some better interior D.

  • greenbeand

    sun beams for rondos ankle, ouch!

  • Worst we played was in Toronto and in Cleveland. The home loss to the Thunder was also bad, but for some reason I’ve been able to rationalize that one from the 1st quarter on…

  • This just in: Manu Ginobli trying to steal PP’s thunder! But he traveled for sure…
    Celtics took the Knicks best punches and still hung around long enough to deliver the knockout blow.

  • Dajon Dondo

    I’m still laughing at the way Nate fell during his second piggyback attempt on PP, the guy seriously could’ve hurt himself. Give him credit though, he provided some great energy on both ends of the court.
    Re-watching the replay on Rondo’s sprain, I have no idea how he still managed to come out and play. They should really consider shutting him down for a couple games, as I can only imagine the injuries getting worse unless he gets some more rest.

  • green8teen

    Rondo…TIE YOUR GOD DAMNED SHOES! I’m baffled at why he likes them so loose. It’s gotta be dangerous for his feet too, no?

  • DRJ

    Nah, STAT didn’t travel on that last shot, that I could see. What he did was take too long… with 0.4, you only have time to catch and shoot IMMEDIATELY… he took a hop and then a normal-motion jump shot. It’s impossible to make that in 0.4. But hey, the most surprising thing was that the refs didn’t call a foul… after all, I’m pretty sure that one of the Celtics was breathing on him as he shot!

  • Mileke

    To see the determination in the CELTICS eyes this year, would be scary if i wasnt a Die Hard Celtics fan, but for some odd reason it still scares me little bit. Honestly, it might be too early to say this, but the Celtics to me is looking way more focused than the 07-08 season, not saying their playing better than that season, but they’re all on one accord when it comes down to this winning thing…. I feel sorry for the NBA once PERK, JO, And Delonte gets back, because i have a feeling we can win 65+ if we keep playing like this, i mean the CELTICS i think are For Real this time, just look in their eyes, and the intensity, and i love the middle of the game arguement between Rondo, and KG, and glad DOC let them fight! from Garnett pounding his chest, clapping his hands, to banging his head on any and everything on the court, to Allen steady hitting threes, to Pierce steady domination, to Nate jumping on everybody backs, the Celtics wanna end this year with a big bang, and do it in a way the league will never forget, i just feel it!

  • NineSevenEight

    To say Rondo was not himself tonight is a MAJOR understatement. From the jump it seemed as if he was trying to make the game harder for himself and for his team. I don’t think I’m alone in going completely apeshit when he turned down a WIDE OPEN POINT BLANK LAYUP UNDER THE BASKET on a perfect feed from KG. It came across as if he was playing for his assist numbers rather then just giving what the Knicks non-existent defense gave him. I played it back and you could see Doc and the ENTIRE Celtics bench raise their hands in disgust at his decision to turn down what looked like the easiest two points you or I could get in an NBA game. I wonder if that had anything to do with Rondo’s attitude throughout the rest of the game because we all know that Doc probably chewed him out during the timeout that followed shortly thereafter. Something had to have bother him because Doc mentioned that he had to ask him to join the team in a huddle.
    I didn’t agree with him coming back in the game after the ankle roll. Not only was he hobbled, he just seemed out of it, extremely testy with Doc and made more poor decisions with the ball. He has to overcome his stubborness and realize that sometimes it hurts more to have an immobilized Rondo on the floor.

  • Hate to be negative…

    Exact same move Pierce made on artest last year to win the Reg season home game vs. Lakers, except refs called BS offensive foul for the left arm and took the game away,(plus Artest flopped). Same thing could have easily happened tonight and if the ref on the baseline had been on the other side of the basket I bet Cs would have lost. Just proof the NBA is grossly over officiated.
    Great win tho, love this team.

  • Sorry if my post was confusing – Manu Ginobli took a buzzer beater as well (and left no time on the clock) but definitely traveled.

  • My feelings are actually a little bit hurt that you would think that I thought Amar’e traveled on that play. 🙂
    I’d like to think I comprehend hoops a little better than that…

  • Got damn it’s good to be a C’s fan. Now I really, really, really, really hope Doc rests Rondo tonight vs Atl and the following 2 gms against Indy & Philly. And man, we need big men back BAD. Go C’s.

  • I was right about the Blockbuster Trade Baby!

    Agreed. Rondo needs some serious rest right now. Why push it?! I’m fine if we drop a game or two — lets get healthy!

  • AP

    The Knicks of 2010-2011 may be like the Pistons of 2007-2008. A tough team, just not tough enough for the Cs.
    I’d like to see them play against a full strength Celtics team. Me thinks STAT may find it a tad harder to score. 😉

  • Interesting stat I just heard on NBAtv: Celts are now 7-0 when SugarRay scores 20+.

  • DRJ

    LOL… sorry!! You are absolutely right… Manu did walk, and yes I shoulda known better. lol

  • DRJ

    I’m sorry to report… just saw a slo-mo closeup of Rondo’s injury… and that ankle is less than 90 degrees out from the leg… That’s a BAD sprain. Hard to see him coming back before 2 weeks. Damn… Cs need more bodies!

  • good stuff, ha ha ha
    how about PP's center court bow…

  • Classless

    This wouldn’t have even been a game if Rondo didn’t act like a retard and pass up at least 4 layups. What the hell was that all about?
    Also, Amare could score 100 points. I don’t care. His defense sucks, as proven by Pierce’s game winner and KG beastin in the 4th.

  • JD

    Well, this was up there. Defense was pitiful, although the Knicks were on fire at one point. But, like Mark Jackson said, I’ve never seen the Celtics defend the pick and roll so poorly.

  • DRJ

    Saw it on ESPN as a short clip… no context. Funny as hell tho, however it happened.

  • Goceltics

    Defense was sorry in this game. I did not see us give one hard foul in the lane. Shaq, We need him back soon. It was a fun game to watch though. Teams were trading baskets. Lots of action.

  • green8teen

    Yea I saw it too, I think (hope?) it looks worse because they are so loose, so far I’ve heard “mild sprain.”

  • DRJ

    Good point… Amare’s D on PP on that last jumper was totally bush league.
    To Amare’s credit, he did say in his interview that he thinks the Knicks can and “will get a lot better.” So he knows they’re still deficient, and (I think) he must know that their weakness is on defense. BUT… if you look at his D on PP on that last shot, it’s clear that Amare’s muscles don’t know HOW to defend. It’s not that he doesn’t WANT to defend… it’s that HE’S NEVER HAD TO DO IT, and thus, he CAN’T do it. He has to train all over again to get good at D… and that could take 2-3 years.
    I.e., these Knicks are probably not going anywhere anytime soon.

  • DRJ

    True… but from the Cs’ POV, they had no choice, really. With the first 3 centers out, they couldn’t let either KG or BBD foul out, which meant that drivers were gonna mostly get through, and that KG couldn’t guard Amare too often. And so we got the game we saw. As soon as somebody comes back (Shaq first, probably), the D will tighten up again in that area.

  • DRJ

    From the closeup of the Rondo injury, that’s a BAD, BAD sprain (at best). The angle of foot to leg was less than 90 degrees. I’m keeping fingers crossed that he can be back by ~2 weeks.

  • Nora

    Because the C’s can’t give hard fouls when most of the bigs (and team) are injured.


    Awesome game!
    The refs were shite – that laughable sequence where Allen got HAMMERED going on the reverse layup – even the crowd were laughing – then the ridiculous makeup call immediately when Ray nearly tore some guy’s arm off with no foul – dear lord help us. Pierce’s D stunk all night – leaving Galinari open, but that 3 pt play foul was a joke. I gotta learn to wiggle my head a bit….

  • Dajon Dondo

    – Knicks fans are bragging about dropping 116 points on the NBA’s “best defensive” team, and talking about how Amare was picking them apart in the first quarter, when an all-star PF ought to be destroying a rookie (picked 60th overall, mind you) in the first place.
    – Poor defense by the C’s for giving Amare a wide open look, even though I know they were focused on preventing the lob & tip-in. Does anyone else think that the imbounder (a rookie) should have been left alone, or that KG and Pierce could’ve switched on the screen? If the clock had been immediately stopped after the Pierce shot, it would have left the Knicks with .7 or .8 of a second, and the C’s could’ve lost the game.

  • We could def rest him for next 3. If sitting him out means keeping him healthy, screw these regular-season games.

  • pierce is gay

    i love to see paul pierce push off to make that game winner

  • Steve

    The problem with resting Rondo is that Doc will run the hell out of the big three. I would like to see Rondo get healthy but would rather lose a few and not overwork the big three

  • Its funny – I saw the the Sports Guy compared Felton to Billups;
    lottery pick, people possibly giving up on him early, might be in for
    a good career. He looked pretty good last night. Amar'e looked