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What do you think of this shirt?

Grinch shirt 1

Grinch shirt 2

This comes from The Boston Sports Apparel Company… the same guys behind a bunch of those shirts outside the Garden.  They want to know what you think about it… so let it fly in the comments.  If you think it's dope, let us know.  If you think it's "meh"… then let us know.  You get to decide whether this shirt gets made.

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  • AP

    Decent image…not sure why KG is being referred to as the grinch; doesn’t look like a pro-celts shirt.
    Also quality looks very poor…homemade iron on transfer look.

  • Meh. Don’t make it.

  • I agree with “meh”…the KG/grinch comparison isn’t clear to me. Looks kind of cool, but I don’t really get it.

  • Bill Murray

    Meh. I don’t get it. Agree with the above statement. Grinch is going with the whole ‘big meanie’ image he has with opposing players. Not sure how he’s stealing causeway, either. Being labeled a Grinch and a thief by this shirt? Miss.

  • greg

    meh the image is too small and I don’t really get what they are going for. Maybe Rondo as the grinch because he averages a lot of steals?

  • daemian

    If they have permission to use the name, they might as well use a quote from the movie that might apply more than stealing Causeway does. KG isn’t stealing Causeway. How about:
    “They’re finding out now that no Christmas is coming! They’re just waking up, I know just what they’ll do. Their mouths will hang open a minute or two, then the Lakers in LA will all cry, “Boo Hoo.”
    “So he paused – and KG put a hand to his ear. And he did hear a sound rising over the snow. It started in low… then it started to grow.”

  • CFH

    Is this an anti-KG shirt? Why would he steal Causeway? Causeway belongs to him!
    It does look kind of cool, but it doesn’t quite make sense.

  • Danno


  • TB

    Yea not really sure what this is trying to say

  • Danno

    Not to mention, the whole Shepard Fairey poster style is completely played out now.

  • TJames

    Don’t make it.

  • Kvasek

    Do not make it.

  • Looks kinda corny if u ask me.

  • mwilliams

    We were aiming to hit on the fact that people think he is mean. It is NOT supposed to be an Anti-KG shirt.
    How about this one..

  • Danno

    The Shepard Fairey Poster style is old news. Like 2008 old. Enough. Stop biting old shite.

  • Classless

    Terrible. Makes no sense and the image is mediocre quality.

  • mwilliams

    the people have spoken. We will retire this.
    thanks for the feedback, regardless of how critical its important for us to get the thoughts of Red’s Army

  • mike

    don’t really love it

  • ShawnCVD

    The dead horse has been beaten apparently. Seasonal T’s and sports don’t mix IMHO.

  • Chris

    thats a big no go.

  • Agree with Shawn, holiday sports t’s don’t get much wear from what I’ve seen. That probably explains all the ‘meh’.
    If you are committed to making one, drop the wording and it’s a better shirt, KG’s Scream says a lot. I like the earlier suggestions, put a funny quote on the back from the Grinch.

  • no thanks

  • Seattle Fan

    Gotta make this shirt! Freakin love it! Whatup Ray Ray? Miss you in Seattle!