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Perk’s getting better every day

Slowly but surely, Kendrick Perkins is working his way back into the Celtics lineup.  Today, Jess Camerato has another update on how Perk's recovery is going.  

Perkins was fitted for a new knee brace last week and plans to begin wearing it on Tuesday. He anticipates the latest brace will allow him to do even more on the court.

"[I'm] just taking it one day at a time," he said. "I think I'm starting to do more basketball things. [Last Wednesday] I got measured for my knee brace, so it's been cool. It means I can start doing more court work, stuff like that."

The two areas Perk is really focusing on:  Developing a jumper, and improving his free throw percentage.  If Perk can find a somewhat reliable shot from 10 feet and in, that'll make him a dangerous offensive option.  Check that, it makes him an offensive option… which he really wasn't much of before the injury.  

I like where Perk's head is at with this.  He's learning a lot about himself and the game during this recovery.  if there's a silver lining in all of this, it's that it's forced him to grows in ways he couldn't have had he been playing.  

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  • DRJ

    I’ve always wondered about this… how is it POSSIBLE that a guy getting paid SO MUCH money — more money than he could otherwise ever dream of — to play ballgames, does not do the VERY SIMPLE work necessary to develop a reasonable free throw, and a decent 8-10 foot jumper.
    With all the talent and coaching in the world right there for the asking.
    After 5-6 YEARS(!) in the league.
    Now you see… this just doesn’t compute in my brain. I just don’t get it. Not that he’s the only one, of course. We’re lucky enough to have TWO of these unfathomable types on our team! Grrrr